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December 3, 2011
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Guilty Crown review;

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Dysoth | 11-17-12, 4:20 AM
a guy with no clue about animes writing a review... gj

nate23nate23 | 07-28-12, 6:17 PM
what this guy said, lol. XD
| |
| |

RGaspar | 04-02-12, 11:36 PM
Your review of Gulty Crown made me laugh :P

It wasn't that great of a review by itself, but was it fun to read? Hell yeah :D

(And even then, it wasn't that bad either, said the core points. Pros and Cons considered).

Oh, btw...I haven't watched Guilty Crown but I've found your review useful :P

Kryzean | 03-06-12, 6:45 AM
I need an autograph to this guy, for making a splendid review of Guilty Crown. ^.^

mosaic | 03-02-12, 11:53 AM
They putted your review down braw...


Klabautermann | 02-28-12, 9:21 AM
I never saw Guilty Crown. Oddly enough, your awesome review inspired me. I will go and watch it right now to see if I'm still lacking good taste.

tastychainsaws | 02-27-12, 11:12 AM
The review for Guilty Crown was spot on, my man. I love the people trying to defend the anime in your comments here, it's good fora laugh.


Once I force myself to finish the series (I'm a masochist) I'm going to write a more in depth review pointing out everything wrong with Guilty Crown. What keeps me watching it is the fact that it's so ridiculously bad on all fronts that I'm amazed that the script was even approved. It's laughably awful, like Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Monokoi | 02-26-12, 9:30 PM
Awsome review for guilty crown!
love ur picture too hahaa
really good manga :)

Kira09L | 02-25-12, 9:50 AM
so other people see the big ass flaws in guilty crown?
i thought i was going insane on the anime forums i frequent lol thanks for that awesome review

KyonSmith | 02-22-12, 10:09 AM
Haters gonna Hate

Nozoming | 02-17-12, 2:05 PM
I loved everything about your Guilty Crown review and I think we should be friends.

VioLink | 02-17-12, 1:10 PM
Nice guilty crown review. And nice avatar New waves ftw!!

CharmingIce | 02-17-12, 8:29 AM
About your review on Guilty Crown... I am far from mad but you're review is cocky, based on nothing and dramatic in a hater way.

Firixizu_Mint | 02-17-12, 4:52 AM
Sigh... Your review have a lot of subjectivity and a little harsh. For me, you look like you were just complaining, not reviewing. And looks like you didn't watch it anymore and it's a problem because i hate if someone reviewed a show without finishing it.

ryoangus | 02-15-12, 6:24 PM
u gav GC a massive rating as 3..keep up d good work.. i hate Ouma fucking shu.. My rating 4 :D

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