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July 26, 2010
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Time (Days) 258.2
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Time (Days) 2.8
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About Fadeway
I rewatch a lot. Many of the shows on my completed list have been rewatched once, still others twice, and a few even more. Those that have not been rewatched will be, when I get around to them.

My ratings are meant as a recommendations list for my own use. >7 is a solid recommendation, >5 is recommended for someone who likes anime, >3 is everything I consider worthwhile.

Short descriptions:
10 - Masterpiece.
9 - Awesome.
8 - Consistently great.
7 - Awesome but flawed. Great but flawed. Good with some great bits.
6 - Consistently good.
5 - Average. Good but flawed. Good with a stretch of boring episodes.
4 - Below-average, decent. Some good moments.
3 - Bad. Boring. Not nearly enough good moments.
2 - Very bad, but I can see someone liking this because it has decent ecchi or robots or whatever. Consistently boring with no good moments.
1 - I can't find any reason to like this.

I only rate sequels if their quality massively diverges from that of the original, and they are long enough - no point rating a short cash-in OVA, it's a no-brainer watch even if it sucks. Another reason for a show to lack a rating is if I last watched it a long time ago.

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Lopkir | 07-26-14, 10:35 PM




ok. it was an awesome VN.

kyokai | 03-23-14, 12:16 AM
Don't miss the next TM watch on Saturday. We'll be watching Paradox Spiral.

Caraniel | 07-10-13, 6:22 AM
I'll be back in August - not long now! Can't believe it's been nearly a year already.....

Flawfinder | 07-08-13, 3:26 PM
I'll be back next week hopefully. Also, to misquote an MAL recommendation: "If you liked Carnival Phantasm, you will be thorougly underwhelmed by Prism Illya".

RediceRyan | 06-06-13, 8:54 PM
Interesting you have Madoka Magica as your one and only 10/10

Clicking | 05-18-13, 8:34 PM
Eventually! I'll probably be caught up by the end of this week or next, so I'll try to catch you guys.

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