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11-12-11, 2:33 AM
December 3, 1989
Zielona Gora, Poland
April 2, 2009
61 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 15.8
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Unknown :(

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Unknown :(

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About Faalagorn
"If I'll follow you to the way to your home, will you take me as your's pet?"

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SableWhiteRoses | 12-12-11, 12:48 AM
I'll take you as a pet ;)

Inalion | 04-29-10, 5:02 AM
Heeej <3 Z góry przepraszam, ale będę teraz perfidnie spamować ^^' Ze względu na panujący ostatnio niedobór miejsc, w których można normalnie porozmawiać o mandze, anime i Japonii ogólnie, powstało forum Pomimo, że poziom rozmowy zależy bardziej od użytkowników niż od administracji, pozwolę sobie go zagwarantować i serdecznie Cię do nas zaproszę :3 Wierzę, że, jeśli zechcesz zostać z nami na dłużej, nie pożałujesz czasu spędzonego na Kyuu :D Zaglądnij, jak znajdziesz chwilkę ;) Z góry dziękuję i jeszcze raz przepraszam za spam >.< Pozdrawiam <3

neokiva | 04-18-10, 4:32 AM
ty sweety *hugs*

DeadMasochist666 | 11-12-09, 7:15 AM
yeah i love them

Denkoha | 11-08-09, 8:23 AM
Kona-chan! ^^

ramona_cat | 09-21-09, 4:06 AM
Hi!! Nice compatibility (81.7%)

Capri-Sunz | 08-13-09, 8:54 AM

Hi there husband, Canada's si;ply GREAT :D
Take care.

Capri-Sunz | 07-10-09, 9:50 AM
Husband, take care from now one, and see you (probably?) on August.
(I'm still a pedobear target , fear is deeply moving inside me D:)
Oh by the way, I succeeded. Yahou.

Capri-Sunz | 07-05-09, 6:16 AM
"Note that the "sexual act" may be even kiss. "

I see....O.O
So you can't even have this (photoshopised?) :

BUT LOOK, THEY'RE HOLLY FUCKIN ALIEN CARRYING VIRUSES ON THEMSELVES TO DESTROY LIIIIIIIFE !!!1!(and by the way, they're 506889441 years old.) = Can they refute THIS explanation? : D *dumb*
In France, you risk around 5 years of jail if you have pedopornographic's pictures, but of REAL childs..
Even if we had this case:

Capri-Sunz | 07-04-09, 5:37 AM
Oh my gosh, congratulations! D : Now, I'm married to a first year (in my country, içt's a case of pedophilia, but anyway hum...) ! O.O

Capri-Sunz | 07-03-09, 2:38 AM
Sure, you HAVE to accept : D

(Well, for me, I have to wait 'till the 10th of july to have my results... We had a mathematics exams... Everything was out of the program of the year.
Like, after only 30 minutes (the exam longed 2 hours), 2/3 of the classroom left...
Hoppefully, I think I succeeded in one-two things...The rest is up to the corrector.D :)

Capri-Sunz | 06-29-09, 11:13 AM

(nice entry, right?)
Long time no see, I guess Poland and France 's exams periods are harsh, let's damn them all.

Capri-Sunz | 06-04-09, 10:40 AM
Well, QUEBEC has a great history with France....Canada too, but I 'm starting to think that a lot of people are mixing Quebec and Canada together...: (
(I've choose Canada, because of the differencies with the USA, the prices, and the religion wich is , I believe, less "idolated" then in the states....I can't imagine the shame I'd feel if I had to go to church every week, as I don't even know how to say a Pater ...XD)

lovley_cowgirl | 06-04-09, 9:57 AM
-looks at u- i have always have

lovley_cowgirl | 06-04-09, 7:58 AM
-smiles- well i like u

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