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arek999999999 | 03-07-15, 10:36 AM
Yes, Natsume Yuujinchou is boring. This anime hasn't got plot... some stories abot Natsume which helps stressed youkai ... really intresting... eeh... I can't watch this too.

Masanori | 09-20-14, 4:28 PM

xhanaru | 07-08-14, 11:53 AM
hi there =w= oh, too bad, i still do watch it :pp
my summer break started week ago, tho i was away, anyways im finna. into sth new? :)

Flip_Side | 07-06-14, 2:42 PM
Which anime is your signature from? Or is it just a random fan made thing?

Jewlitt | 07-03-14, 3:48 PM
Hey! You remember me? :D Now I'm back ^^''
I miss our talks! :')

Hystery | 05-16-14, 7:03 PM
nothing much. Just got back into watching stuff and thought Id hit ya up with a comment. Been good, just on summer break.

Hystery | 05-16-14, 5:23 PM
Its Cassper. I changed my name

Hystery | 04-10-14, 3:09 PM

xhanaru | 08-29-13, 5:22 AM
oh lord, i wants online for so long... that i didn't reply to you and many others. not sure if u remember me, changed the name from new_hanabi... anywyas how have you been? i see we started to talk about OP... still watching it?

imperlast | 07-28-13, 2:49 PM

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AZNsensation24 | 07-23-13, 3:57 PM
Welp mostly been playing PS3 games. I beat Tales of Graces f coop with a friend and I'm close to beating Ni no Kuni. I also played through the first 2 Uncharteds with my cousin as well as the new Tomb Raider and Borderlands. I beat the first Sly Cooper for nostalgia sake. Played some Valkyria Chronicles, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Disgaea 3. Also been playing some osu! on the computer and you started League eh? I haven't really gotten into MOBAs. I am more of an MMO guy but even then I get bored which is why I love JRPGs since they are like interactive anime!

And alright, I'll def finish Gargantia but I guess not any time soon. Amazing anime hmmm. From last season, Hataraku Maou-sama is my favorite completed series. Maybe check that out? It's pretty dang funny. And can't wait to hear your reaction to Free! AMAZING TRICEPSUUUU!

Masanori | 07-22-13, 10:02 AM
No, nothing. I've barely watched any anime this year. Maybe a few episodes at most...

Masanori | 07-18-13, 11:04 PM
I've been just fine, yes, yes. You?

AZNsensation24 | 07-12-13, 4:13 PM
For teh past 2 months I've been working, watching anime, reading manga, and most of all playing a bunch of games! What have you been up to? :P

Oh, how was Gargantia? I have it on hold but Ledo is a pretty funny dude :3 And oh man, I am excited for you to watch AoT. I recently marathoned the first 13 episodes with a friend since he hasn't seen a lot of anime and it was still amazing the 2nd time through! And have you heard of Free! yet? Lots of hawt dudes and swimming! Only 2 eps out atm though :/

Masanori | 07-10-13, 8:30 PM
Your logins are so erratic...It's impossible to have any kind of exchange with you >_>

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