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Kanon (2006)
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
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Rosario to Vampire
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Sora no Otoshimono
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Nagasarete Airantou
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Kawasumi, Mai
Testarossa, Fate
Tachibana, Kanade
Nagato, Yuki
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Shirayuki, Mizore
Kurio, Nene

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Mizuki, Nana
Mizuki, Nana
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Itou, Kanae
Itou, Kanae
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Noto, Mamiko
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ZettaiRyouiki | 04-22-14, 2:28 PM
I'm glad you did, go TDB ojous and also memorable Yukarin girls xD. Sounds great, glad you liked Refrain so much and found the ending great, I agree it was awesome too and make sure you watch the EX OVAs as well! Right, I mentioned Topaz we didn't knew you liked Ippo too, and I agree the last part was there a bit mostly to pad the 25 episodes but it was still cool xD. I think I heard about that show, just the name and the premise tho. Sounds cute and glad you're enjoying it, tho I wouldn't call anything from this millenium old xD.

Good, go read it and be wary as the last chapter is LONG! The God Knows manga also ended, but sadly its ending was rushed and the last two chapters shat on the whole series so you're best not reading it and checking Rosario to Vampire instead since that had a better ending xD.

I see, go Chinese action movies and Japanese comedy dramas! Shame about the Chinese dramas, funny since people here are nuts about learning Chinese and no one questions Japanese let alone Korean xD.

Good you remembering it and make sure to watch Kitakubu too! Right, it's not used as much as tsundere but yandere shows up more often than kuudere, I blame School Days and Mirai Nikki being more impacting than anything with kuudere leads xD. Good for you looking more anime! If you accept ideas last season had this show which is a romantic comedy but actually done well and the whole cast is awesome, this series which is the silly club type and is also pretty good plus it has a KanaHana KDEG, and lastly this anime for being unique in a good way and pretty fun to watch; also avoid this crap like the plague xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 03-02-14, 8:56 AM
I don't mind so don't worry, and don't forget about Kill la Kill since it's awesome, one of the TDBs is also an ojou if that helps xD.

Sora no Otoshimono's manga is done, if you care. The ending is, well, fitting xD.

I know, go her awesome voice <3. Credit for that nickname goes to Topaz xD.

Good luck! You watch a lot of live action stuff, but I don't see any Toku series; apparently one Super Sentai entry had Yukarin voice a mecha-parrot xD.

I think you mean Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, with the other two being Kohaku Biyori and that Kitakubu one you added. To be fair tsundere is older and the one all the whateverdere come from xD. Now YANDERE getting used far more often has no excuse :/. I think you thought you did, but it didn't. Sunao means honest, so it's kind of similar at least xD. Right, I'm buying the Medaka Box manga for a reason! Go your hard work then <3. And yeah, the Entry Tag is a bit complicated but a good idea xD.

dolamroth | 02-23-14, 7:09 AM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?

DrMondaiNashi | 01-07-14, 3:46 PM
Kuudere Dandere and Emotionless Girls Lovers
Would like to announce:

To our staff members that we are now required to add an 'Entry Tag' on the KDEGL RECORD THREAD, for every new character we add to the list starting today, this is meant to be a way to keep track of characters and avoid 'stray' girls appearing on our list.

For more information on Entry Tags, check the thread on the forums.

ZettaiRyouiki | 01-05-14, 1:48 PM
I did xD. Fair enough, just noting these two series since Tokyo Ravens has an awesome loli ojou and KLK is about two rival TDBs, so by late March you can go watch them. Don't worry, Kazusa is such an awesome TDB you'll like it regardless, just note the plot insn't done yet and we'll get a second season later on xD.

The series ended in like 2009, so yes. It's a sequel 100 years later starring Negi's grandson, you don't really need to read it xD. I do, since I don't like masochistic girls; as you know I prefer girls that take charge, kiss the guy, abuse him, the works <3. The thing is the author is clearly trying to pair Tomoki with Mitsuki, so for him he's not killing the main girl, he's easing the path for his awesome couple :/. I just read whatever site Google burps out xD.

I forgot you drop stuff, sorry. Well, have a blog about her if you're curious xD. Then go watch Monogatari! If you wanna hear dommy KanaHana here you go, best scene in the franchise xD. Good luck with the topics! I do like her and Topaz too, to each their own I guess. Yeah, the only anime MILFs are in shows for kids xD.

Right, unlike OniAi! True, see the aforementioned Tokyo Ravens xD. Hey, 2002 isn't that long ago, but then again I just started a 1979 show. Aye, Kanon will become 15 this year, cool xD. To be fair KyoAni actually helped instead of making things worse like they do now, but yeah. Indeed, go her nice voice! So basically when she sings xD.

I approved of it, all lolis should wear sukumizu <3. Actually I thought Minori got worse as time went on, since they added more and more terrible jokes and stuff while she never compensated them aside from a weak effort to defend the guy xD. Maybe if they add a kuudere they'll mention them! Oh, not sure if you saw Kitakubu from summer but do so, it mentions kuuderes and also has an awesome TDB gamer xD. But Medaka Box didn't mention the word kuudere either, they got tsundere and yandere but then said some Sunao Cool bullshit nobody uses. And I agree with more since the manga is being published over here and is being cool, they introduced an awesome yandere and Zenkichi's epic loli mom who covers up Medaka's cleavage xD. Thing about NouCome was mostly it aired in a bad day, and then I heard it was censored so if I do watch it it'll be once the DVDs come out, give me a knock in late April or so since the DVDs will be done by then. Also thanks for adding everyone and for the Tsumiki stuff as well xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 01-05-14, 8:45 AM
I'll add you, thanks xD. Tho I just got Bravely Default so I won't play XY much, sorry :/. For Fall there are Kill la Kill and maybe Tokyo Ravens but neither is done, and White Album 2 for the awesome TDB; don't forget Little Busters Refrain either xD.

No worries, just pointing out it comes out cooler in the manga so to say. I overreact a lot so don't mind my words xD. I dunno about Force but I'll take your word for it. Uh, Negima finished years ago, now we have a sequel that sucks a lot so let's not talk about it xD. Momo in the latest chapter flat out told Rito she wants him to be the abusive type, so yeah :/. Hate to tell you but Chapter 76 of SnO shows Ikaros dying or seemingly so at least, unless chapter 77 and last fixes things in a crazy manner the manga is gonna end with a bad score due to the poor ending. And yes, some of the latest chapters were handled rather poorly, but it's better than no scans I guess xD.

I can tell you everything ends well for Saki. Anything else is spoilers xD.

Fair enough, go Pururut being so understanding! And also so dommy when she transforms xD. Well, we already knew her dommy voice from Kamisama Dolls, and you can hear her like that in the latest Monogatari season. Oh yeah, watch that one too, it has plenty of Shinobu and I think you liked her xD. I was hoping you'd do it actually. The joke is you don't expect the Nintendo system girl to have crazy outbursts xD. Vert isn't really a "MILF" tho, more like a busty Oneesan, which is why Topaz likes her. And that it did xD.

I'd say so, is part of why I liked it enough to check the manga. Yeah, never got why shows hide it, for those that like incest is a troll and for those that dislike it is needless trouble xD. Right, another friend mentioned ojou are often busty, even the one in Gundam Build Fighters which is a show for kids. I agree with the ego xD. The next season does show more cards, but not much I think. Aye, she looked great <3. Sounds bad, thankfully over here is not as cold now but still annoying, I blame Al Gore too xD.

Right, it's a really well done show! Oh, definitely, most scenes now are there for the hell of it and even if you like fanservice it gets a bit lazy xD. Of course, there are plenty of 10+ old shows with KDEGs, remember the Kanon game is from 1999. The main mom was indeed the least interesting, the miko one probably gets away with it since she has those awesome sword scenes and her miko moments, plus Kikuko Inoue voices her and that's cool xD. Well, being a bit standard is not bad, another way to look at it is modern shows exaggerate their characters. And shame you didn't recognize the imouto's voice; make sure to watch the 5-episode OVAs because she's most incestuous there xD.

I liked that scene too, especially the awesome old guy who kept on bringing up the sukumizu <3. Actually the Empress was my favorite girl, part for being loli sure but part for being awesome, I liked when she wanted to be a hikkikomori and they had the All Your Base reference xD. The second was Elbia or whatever the werewolf girl was, she had a fun personality, a nice ass and I liked how the main praised her ears and tail since I also love girls with animal ears and especially tails <3. The maid was okay tho; the only one I really, really didn't like was Minori the meganekko, she only existed to have terrible breast praise scenes and unfunny fujoshi jokes and yet she had a crapton of screentime, just awful. Take off all her screentime and give it half to Luna and half to Romilda the lolidwarf, we both win <3. I did like the references too, not just to my namesake but also to no-pan and other stuff, they actually put some nice work on that. As for NouCome I haven't seen it so I can't tell you, sorry xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 12-28-13, 7:45 AM
I wonder what you thought of Outbreak Company xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 12-08-13, 8:21 AM
I need to know your code as well, Nintendo is kinda ass-backwards when it comes to WiFi and the like xD. Well, Killuan told me my FS and sadly it kinda sucks: Hariyama, Mienfoo and Throh. I mean, Fighting type is cool, but why not Hawlucha, Riolu and, say, Tyrogue for the Pokédex or something like that xD. Yeah, MAL ratings are terrible, like I tell Topaz lately it seems all good fanservice shows score poorly and bad ones score high. It's like Armor Class in older versions of D&D, or like golf scores xD. That aside SymphoGAR S2 was awesome, even more epic fights, even more awesome girls and I bet we both loved Shirabe and her cute yuri with Kirika! Yup, Angel Beats it seems; latest for me was with Snow Black but I added her on January this year, so nearly a, well, year xD.

Part of the charm in the Goddess Arc is seeing how all these captures Keima has been doing for a long time then come together and are part of a bigger plot, and if you skip over half of them it kinda waters down the appeal. That said it's not too bad and I am overreacting as always, so don't sweat it much xD. And yeah, I don't mind if you like Ayumi, Chihiro or both, but you can see how an arc that focuses on them for nearly half of it might be a problem for people who don't like them. Good idea about reading the manga by the way, an arc with lots of Shiori and Tsukiyo just started xD. Darkness had some nice chapters for Yami this year, so even more reason for you to read it. Tho Momo I still don't like, I don't like masochistic girls and she keeps on fantasizing about Rito raping her and stuff, why can't she be dommy like she was in the manga when she first appeared xD.

I see, fair enough. Speaking of Chaos she appeared in the manga recently, in fact the manga looks like it'll finally end for once and all so try to read that one too xD.

There wasn't much time for romance in this season, but so far it's Haruto and Saki still, don't worry. That said be ready for a lot of people dying xD. Right, I figured you'd like Akira since I remember you liked Kona from Robotics, Himawari from Vividred and not sure if Sasami from Sasami-san too. Oh yeah, the Nana Mizuki girl seems to appear a bit more this season, or maybe it's just me xD.

I'm surprised, but nice choice, go Pururut! The translation for the games changed her name to Plutia because they probably thought Pururut sounds dumb, case you wonder why she has two names xD. Personally her regular self is good but as said I like her more transformed, dommy TDB with a thong and KanaHana's voice, I love <3. Well, if they only transformed once or something it'd be a problem, but they transformed fairly often and they can keep the form around for a good while, I'd say they count anyway. So yeah, aside from Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram they can all be added I think xD. Blanc is described in the artbook for the second game as the "quiet" and "multiple personality" types so she's meant to be wacky like that. If you're curious IF, that girl with long brown hair and a side-ponytail, is described as a KUUDERE, and yes, it's an official artbook xD. Sadly Pururut isn't in it since she debuts in the third game, sorry. For the record my least favorite was Vert, she wasn't bad but I didn't like her as much as the others, plus the fact that she's the Xbox 360 but has "useless spheres" like the original Xbox doesn't help! My favorite is Noire, she's tsundere but in a cute way and she has great hair and eyes and a VA I like and she comes with a really cute sister that gets drills when transformed and they're just great in general xD.

Right, Prisma☆Illya was awesome! Censorship aside, but that's what DVDs and the manga are for xD. Besides they still had random shots of their asses in buruma and stuff, so yeah. And yeah, I found Miyu really cute, I like how she defends Illya in a yandere-ish manner in the last episode and stuff xD. Yeah, I think she's in the KDEG club and if she isn't I gotta add her. Right, because of that second season I read the manga, tho it also has a third season I gotta check someday xD. Well, Illya here is a different person, so she can be a cutesy imouto and such. Speaking of the anime says outright Shirou is her cousin while the manga waits until a few chapters in the second season, I dislike when they hide this kind of stuff so go the anime saying it earlier xD. Miyu I already said is great and Rin is awesome <3. Luvia comes from some Fate game or another, and aside from her chest focus I liked her as well, hooray awesome ojous! Tho whenever I hear their name I think they're saying "Rubia" which means blonde in Spanish xD. The fights were nice as well, my only complaint would be they only used the two most popular Servants for the transformations, but both Archer-Illya and Saber-Miyu looked good so who cares. Yeah, go read those two, you can skip the original TLR and go straight to Darkness even, and also Otoshimono xD. Sounds nice, over here is currently 14C or 57F which is kind of cold. The weird part is it was hot until mid-November and a week it suddenly got cold as hell, I blame Al Gore xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 12-03-13, 7:11 AM
I recommend you this show, besides being a fun harem it has an incestuous imouto voiced by NANA MIZUKI! Oh, and there's an awesome KDEG too xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 11-27-13, 6:42 AM
I noticed you completed Neptune, awesome! My favorite girl was Noire and I also liked Uni, Blanc, Rom, Ram and Plutia, tho Plutia is the only one who improves from transforming xD. Not that her regular self is bad, but Iris Heart is awesome <3. Also I bet you loved Akari from Fantasista Dolls xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 11-18-13, 3:03 AM
I see, there was some confusion xD. Right, at least there are hordes now! I think Hawlucha can probably make UU or something, it's a speedy Fighting type with some nice tricks like Roost xD. Anyway here's my 3DS Code in case you have Wi-Fi: 5327-1336-1925. Be warned I'm playing in Japanese, so if you see a black-haired Serena with a Japanese name appear in your Friends List, it's me xD. Symphogear S2 was even better than the first, it had more GAR moments, more moe girls, more better fanservice, more of everything good. Neptune is a pretty fun series and it also has a lot of VAs you like, even Kana Hanazawa playing a slow-paced girl that becomes a dommy sadist when transformed; guess which side I like better xD.

No, the problem is they skipped like 9 captures and only gave quick summaries of 3, thus skipping like SEVENTY manga chapters. And giving summaries of those 3 gave away Tsukiyo, Akari and Yui would be important, which ruins a little the first few eps as well xD. Yui is a manly girl and thus the only one allowed to take the lead; in the manga the latest arc had a dommy girl and the show clearly treated him like crap. To the point Keima suddenly channeled Lloyd Irving and told her HE would find a way to make everyone happy as unlike her HE cares for people when HE is still as antisocial as always, OoC much xD.

I'm not saying the anime made it worse; that part was awful in the manga too. In fact the anime makes it look better since you didn't have to deal with Ayumi and Chihiro showing up beforehand every now and then to be dicks at Keima for no good reason and make you be sick of them before this arc starts xD. Also sure Tsukiyo and Shiori were angry, but they were reasonable and quickly made up, plus even when angry they were cute; Ayumi and Chihiro never stop being rude. Not to mention Tsukiyo and Shiori got angry for the Kanon scandal, while as said Ayumi and Chihiro are pissed at Keima well before that! The problem with Chihiro is they tried to make her likable with that song and stuff, but then they ruined it by having her tell Ayumi Keima was using her or something. Sure, in theory it was meant to help Keima, but in truth it didn't do anything but piss off Ayumi MORE and stretch this long arc even more for no good reason :/. Then again had Chihiro listened to Keima and not went to visit him when he was sick he would've conquered Ayumi right there and skip us that overly long arc, so she's fighting an uphill battle there xD.

Right, the main issue is Ayumi and Chihiro's arc being half the season when it has no real reason to be and just feels artificially padded out. As said skipping those chapters is still a problem for this season, since it gives away instantly Tsukiyo and the rest will be important xD. Also the adaptation has issues; for example, the one that stabs Kanon isn't Lune but another girl, which makes far more sense as Lune is high-ranked and wouldn't screw up while that other girl was basically a redshirt. Plus there's how the chances of seeing those captures adapted is now nearly zero :/. Anyway, if you wanna read the manga IIRC the last chapter the second anime adapted was the 33rd or so, so you can start from there and read Tsukiyo's capture xD.

I like more the thrill of the weekly wait, but for each their own. No worries, in this season she didn't look as tall, but maybe that was DEEN being DEEN xD. Right, she was shown as an antagonist at first and then became nicer when a bigger villain showed up, like Piccolo. Actually I'm not big in Kirakishou, nothing against her but she just didn't strike my fancy xD. Third was Astraea, you mean Chaos, and right now the manga looks like it will FINALLY finish soon, so go read it! I forgot what happened to Hecate, enligthen me xD.

Congrats, go finishing it! Glad we agree Saki is the best girl xD. If you liked Akira the hikkikomori girl she appears more in S2, but sadly Saki appears less. Hey now, T. M. Revolution is a cool guy, even if his Gundam characters always die xD. At least with SymphoGAR you won''t have that problem! Alright, I wasn't going to tell you to watch the second season anyway. I'll tell you if she does! True, hope you didn't mind I split the God Knows comments for convenience xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 11-17-13, 2:52 PM
I know, blame Jonathan Swift xD. Odd, you'd think with the super-duper Gen 6 Exp. Share there would be no need for grinding! Also Hawlucha is the best Gen 6 Pokémon and those who disagree will get a Flying Press to the face xD. Awesome, go SymphoGAR, it has Shirabe <3. Also make sure you watch this show since it also has mecha-esque transforming girls, you should like Noire and Blanc the most, I think at least xD. Unfortunate about ELISA! Thanks for claryfiying xD.

Great you liked it! Well, I have several reasons, but my main issue is they skipped a lot of chapters with loads of great plots; don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Tsukiyo get captured originally, for example xD. Anyway, to be fair most of the arc is cool even if the anime isn't the best adaptation overall, but still Tsukiyo and Shiori's recaptures are great, Yui's too if you ignore trap-Keima being wtfpopular and the latest manga chapter making it look retroactively worse, all the goddesses are lovable characters, Lune is an awesome crazy loli, Haqua has lots of cute moments and in the manga she shows her thong-clad ass as she has a great choice of underwear; the list goes on. The problem is AYUMI AND CHIHIRO'S TERRIBLE ARC! First, as a background you need to know in the manga they both have a lot of terrible cameos when other girls get one or none post-capture appearances, and every single appearance of them is the exact freaking same: both acting like unbearable jackasses at Keima without a reason other than being unlikable terrible characters. Well, their arc is basically this but lasting THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS or HALF A SEASON depending on the medium, with both of them acting in a dumb manner and dragging a boring arc to ridiculous levels, if they ever get a good scene they quickly ruin it later, they don't change at all or even get anything to tell them apart aside from their designs and voices, and so on; their arc is basically the rotten apple that makes you throw away a good basket! No, I do mean it, their arc is THAT bad, there was zero reason for it to last like Tsukiyo, Yui and Shiori's re-conquerings PUT TOGETHER AND DOUBLED and yet it did :/. But yes, go read the manga <3. Good idea with Mercury, and I'm surprised Akari and Vulcanus aren't already, I think Tsukiyo is tho xD.

I think it's an adaptation of a manga sequel, but there was some "remake" to it so agreed! I concur, it was one of the best shows in the season, too bad SymphoGAR was in the airwaves too xD. Hey, now, Suigintou is like the tallest doll! Just kidding, you're right she is and I'll go add her to the club. Valvrave has its moments, and while it's only a bit mecha you should watch Galilei Donna from this season since it's great, you'll love the middle and younger sisters I think xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 10-14-13, 12:42 PM
I haven't seen that many, and thanks as I might check these two! Also over here Laputa is missing the Laputa part since it means "Thewhore" in Spanish xD.

Good plan, go Pokémon XY! I'm playing X in Japanese for practice, go me xD. Prisma☆Illya and SymphoGAR should be your main aims, besides their main girls both series have a cute loli KDEG and are thus worth seeing <3. Yeah, Nana Mizuki is back but I forgot if TWOGK had ELISA. I dunno what Terraria is, sounds like a MMORPG xD.

I just think Saki is awesome but it takes her a bit to show it, but she's one of my fav girls this year for a reason. If "realistic" means Ayumi and Chihiro then go fantasy xD. Of course, she's the best character! I'm going to assume you mean WataMote xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-23-13, 2:27 PM
I dunno, I liked Porco Rosso and Nausicaa so if they resemble those I might watch them, but I don't watch that many movies so don't expect it to be next day xD.

Fair enough, that was just a list of the Summer anime you'd probably enjoy; definitely watch Prisma☆Illya because it has a great Fate-esque KDEG, a funny ojou, Rin and Illya, can't go wrong <3. Right, can't wait until it comes out, I'm totally playing them in Japanese for practice and shit xD.

I just finished ot and yeah, the anime isn't bad but the manga is better overall. The male lead isn't all that great, but Saki and the rest of the cast should make up for him; Saki gets MORE screentime later so at least try to watch a little more xD. Realistic girls are personally kinda boring in general, there are exceptions of course, but remember that I saw Haruhi because I heard Haruhi was weird! Cool for the movie, and you should go watch Railgun S2 then because it has more Ritsuko Kongou, glad you also like her xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-27-13, 7:06 AM
I see, I'm not interested in Ghibli stuff but glad you're having fun xD.

Hey, at least it has girls that do stuff, it's way better than the average shounen at least. For shows from this season you could like Neptunia, Prisma☆Illya, Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, Kin'iro Mosaic, Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku, Love Lab, Monogatari, Rozen Maiden, SymphoGAR of course and Watamote; at least I think they are the most "Ether" shows of the lot xD.

I see, unfortunate as I like the manga better, for all its flaws. Because Manglobe is a terrible studio xD. One is dandere and another is the older sister of the TDB from the second season and thus means more of said TDB. Yeah, Ghibli hates moe, at least Porco Rosso has the only anime girl I know of proud of having a big ass xD.

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