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Kanon (2006)
Kanon (2006) add
Clannad add
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS add
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai add
Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu add

Favorite Manga
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid add
Rosario to Vampire
Rosario to Vampire add
Sora no Otoshimono
Sora no Otoshimono add
Nagasarete Airantou
Nagasarete Airantou add

Favorite Characters
Kawasumi, Mai
Testarossa, Fate
Tachibana, Kanade
Nagato, Yuki
Mashiro, Rima
Shirayuki, Mizore
Kurio, Nene

Favorite People
Mizuki, Nana
Mizuki, Nana
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Itou, Kanae
Itou, Kanae
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Noto, Mamiko
Noto, Mamiko

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ZettaiRyouiki | 09-10-14, 12:25 AM
I don't think being a trap is like being kuudere; if you're a guy, you crossdress and you look like a girl you're a trap, period xD. I guess you want to say they don't have a feminine personality or something. But meh, either way they're overused xD.

So basically TDBs that are also sadists, good to know. Actually I caught up on ViVid recently, and with circa 50 chapters and an arc being done recently there should be plenty for a season xD.

I really liked the GochiUsa cast tho, so it's not just you. Onee-chan ga Kita is fine, it just needs a second season xD. Well, as said I didn't mind Jibril, it was Not-Tiffa that failed for me. At least Topaz enjoyed her looks and voice xD. Well, for live action it's different. Also that already happens, if Kugimiya does a loli she has a very high chance of being tsundere xD. Maybe the problem with Shiro is despite her and her brother being leads they didn't get that many incest scenes and most came near the end. Also that sounds awesome, have fun at the MorMusu concert xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-01-14, 2:23 PM
I heard from Topaz it wasn't bad, just not amazing xD. Still, if I suffer a Yukarin deficit it might be worth a shot. Personally I only like traps if their personality and screentime doesn't revolve about them being traps, so meh xD.

Satsuki wasn't a seductress but she had femdom appeal <3. I think xD. I prefer cute Yukarin, at least we're getting both this season with Mine tho mostly the cute one. Depends of how many novels DaL has left to adapt xD.

I'm glad, go Chino <3. Well, there are so many character types you can have in a comedy; as long it's funny and cute it's not bad xD. Nourin is pretty dumb, like BakaTest but without the things that made BakaTest worth it. Love Live gets better later on, but I won't insist further xD. Cool for Noragami, and you saw Oneechan ga Kita so go watching the Topaz-show! Probably when the studio wants more money xD. Jibril was okay, but I wasn't big on Noto's girl sadly. Shiro was the best of course, go cute KDEG incestuous imoutos that show their bare asses xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-26-14, 7:36 AM
I'm glad you finished GochiUsa, hope you loved Chino too <3. I also liked Rize, Sharo and Blue Mountain, and Chiya was cool too. Cocoa is the typical main girl but not bad xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-23-14, 6:32 AM
I hope we agree Shiro from No Game No Life is adorable xD.

Archon_Wing | 07-20-14, 2:27 PM
Little Busters season 1 had its great moments, but as a whole it suffered from a lot of issues ranging from production quality to plot movement. I think though, the staff got better as they went along, and it seemed like they were slowly building momentum and finally got it down to a tee. It paid off in Refrain and they're doing a good job in EX as well. In some cases, they really emphasized the friendship amongst the cast, and according to some of my friends, even more vividly than the visual novel which as you know has the multiple route type of storytelling. It's unfortunate the subbing is going slow, but Saya was great I'd say. xD

So in the end, which Little Busters character worked best for you?

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-19-14, 7:11 AM
I'm glad you liked the Nanoha movie ending, tho I liked mostly because of how sexy Demon Homura is xD. From what I got KanoFlag is very generic, but hey, if you like it that's cool. Go NGNL, hopefully you like Shiro too xD.

So far Sora no Otoshimono is considered finished, the other 20 chapters MAL lists are bonuses from volume releases. I wouldn't be surprised if the author wrote a sequel tho, he sure stretched the damn thing like crazy xD.

I'm surprised, I thought Satsuki the TDB ojou or Nui the crazy Yukarin would be top. No worries, Ryuuko is cool too so I'm not objecting xD. Date a Live is not terrible but nothing special, wacky setting aside. I agree Kurumi is awesome and I know Topaz and DarkWish both love her, me too <3. If you're curious here's a blog I did of her, but back in February before S2 started. Changes nothing tho, I would've mentioned her sexy ear bite but that's it xD. Black Bullet I haven't seen, but DarkWish loved it so maybe I'll eventually get to it. Right, when I heard of KanoFlag I thought of Date A Live too xD.

I hope you like it, go cuteness! No worries, after you told me that about Kitakubu I was sure you wouldn't like D-Frag either xD. Actually other than the awesome Yukarin KDEG Nourin isn't too great, so hold your breath because crap smells bad. Love Live is pretty good, sadly none is KDEG but the cast is still good, I like Nico and Maki and Topaz prefers Nozomi and Hanayo xD.

That's cool, thanks! Right, go Japanese music for you xD. Eh, no worries, as said Topaz thinks it was more average than bad, so if you can bear with the trap then go for it. Right, Yuzuru won entirely unopposed xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 06-29-14, 6:57 AM
I see you finished Kill la Kill, hope you enjoyed Satsuki and Nui like I did xD.

Archon_Wing | 06-26-14, 8:15 PM
Welcome, fellow Mai fan.

I see you finished Little Busters Refrain and the Madoka movie; good stuff to enjoy eh?

ZettaiRyouiki | 06-24-14, 6:40 AM
I'm glad you liked it xD. Right, I noticed you saw Madoka movie 3; Demon Homura <3. No worries about the time, that happens! NGNL ends tomorrow, you may as well start already with it xD.

The ending is pretty bad unless you like seeing Keima act horribly out of character and awful unlikable girls being rewarded for ridiculous reasons simply for being the author's type while great girls get trolled hard for no real reason. Rosario ended better as said, but I doubt it'll ever get another anime since it's done and anime is 99% of the time made solely to bolster sales of popular ONGOING franchises; lame, I know xD.

I see, go you watching more anime again as I missed you <3. That explains it for Korean, sounds silly xD.

That's unfortunate :/. Well, if you like moe slice-of-life then this season has a pretty good one in here, it even has a KDEG to motivate you to watch xD. Sounds bad for Mirai Nikki. Hopefully you like them! Yeah, Nourin is pretty meh, it has a nice Yukarin KDEG lead but otherwise it's a really dumb show with overused jokes and annoying characters, the KanaHana one in fact is the worst of the lot xD. You should watch Love Live regardless because it's awesome! Right, but Idolm@ster games are Japan-only xD.

I don't mind your rambling, go BabyMetal for you! From what Topaz tells me it's not, it's a very generic harem with an overexposed trap; if you want more Yukari Tamura stick to No Game No Life or Kill La Kill xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 04-22-14, 2:28 PM
I'm glad you did, go TDB ojous and also memorable Yukarin girls xD. Sounds great, glad you liked Refrain so much and found the ending great, I agree it was awesome too and make sure you watch the EX OVAs as well! Right, I mentioned Topaz we didn't knew you liked Ippo too, and I agree the last part was there a bit mostly to pad the 25 episodes but it was still cool xD. I think I heard about that show, just the name and the premise tho. Sounds cute and glad you're enjoying it, tho I wouldn't call anything from this millenium old xD.

Good, go read it and be wary as the last chapter is LONG! The God Knows manga also ended, but sadly its ending was rushed and the last two chapters shat on the whole series so you're best not reading it and checking Rosario to Vampire instead since that had a better ending xD.

I see, go Chinese action movies and Japanese comedy dramas! Shame about the Chinese dramas, funny since people here are nuts about learning Chinese and no one questions Japanese let alone Korean xD.

Good you remembering it and make sure to watch Kitakubu too! Right, it's not used as much as tsundere but yandere shows up more often than kuudere, I blame School Days and Mirai Nikki being more impacting than anything with kuudere leads xD. Good for you looking more anime! If you accept ideas last season had this show which is a romantic comedy but actually done well and the whole cast is awesome, this series which is the silly club type and is also pretty good plus it has a KanaHana KDEG, and lastly this anime for being unique in a good way and pretty fun to watch; also avoid this crap like the plague xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 03-02-14, 8:56 AM
I don't mind so don't worry, and don't forget about Kill la Kill since it's awesome, one of the TDBs is also an ojou if that helps xD.

Sora no Otoshimono's manga is done, if you care. The ending is, well, fitting xD.

I know, go her awesome voice <3. Credit for that nickname goes to Topaz xD.

Good luck! You watch a lot of live action stuff, but I don't see any Toku series; apparently one Super Sentai entry had Yukarin voice a mecha-parrot xD.

I think you mean Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, with the other two being Kohaku Biyori and that Kitakubu one you added. To be fair tsundere is older and the one all the whateverdere come from xD. Now YANDERE getting used far more often has no excuse :/. I think you thought you did, but it didn't. Sunao means honest, so it's kind of similar at least xD. Right, I'm buying the Medaka Box manga for a reason! Go your hard work then <3. And yeah, the Entry Tag is a bit complicated but a good idea xD.

dolamroth | 02-23-14, 7:09 AM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?

DrMondaiNashi | 01-07-14, 3:46 PM
Kuudere Dandere and Emotionless Girls Lovers
Would like to announce:

To our staff members that we are now required to add an 'Entry Tag' on the KDEGL RECORD THREAD, for every new character we add to the list starting today, this is meant to be a way to keep track of characters and avoid 'stray' girls appearing on our list.

For more information on Entry Tags, check the thread on the forums.

ZettaiRyouiki | 01-05-14, 1:48 PM
I did xD. Fair enough, just noting these two series since Tokyo Ravens has an awesome loli ojou and KLK is about two rival TDBs, so by late March you can go watch them. Don't worry, Kazusa is such an awesome TDB you'll like it regardless, just note the plot insn't done yet and we'll get a second season later on xD.

The series ended in like 2009, so yes. It's a sequel 100 years later starring Negi's grandson, you don't really need to read it xD. I do, since I don't like masochistic girls; as you know I prefer girls that take charge, kiss the guy, abuse him, the works <3. The thing is the author is clearly trying to pair Tomoki with Mitsuki, so for him he's not killing the main girl, he's easing the path for his awesome couple :/. I just read whatever site Google burps out xD.

I forgot you drop stuff, sorry. Well, have a blog about her if you're curious xD. Then go watch Monogatari! If you wanna hear dommy KanaHana here you go, best scene in the franchise xD. Good luck with the topics! I do like her and Topaz too, to each their own I guess. Yeah, the only anime MILFs are in shows for kids xD.

Right, unlike OniAi! True, see the aforementioned Tokyo Ravens xD. Hey, 2002 isn't that long ago, but then again I just started a 1979 show. Aye, Kanon will become 15 this year, cool xD. To be fair KyoAni actually helped instead of making things worse like they do now, but yeah. Indeed, go her nice voice! So basically when she sings xD.

I approved of it, all lolis should wear sukumizu <3. Actually I thought Minori got worse as time went on, since they added more and more terrible jokes and stuff while she never compensated them aside from a weak effort to defend the guy xD. Maybe if they add a kuudere they'll mention them! Oh, not sure if you saw Kitakubu from summer but do so, it mentions kuuderes and also has an awesome TDB gamer xD. But Medaka Box didn't mention the word kuudere either, they got tsundere and yandere but then said some Sunao Cool bullshit nobody uses. And I agree with more since the manga is being published over here and is being cool, they introduced an awesome yandere and Zenkichi's epic loli mom who covers up Medaka's cleavage xD. Thing about NouCome was mostly it aired in a bad day, and then I heard it was censored so if I do watch it it'll be once the DVDs come out, give me a knock in late April or so since the DVDs will be done by then. Also thanks for adding everyone and for the Tsumiki stuff as well xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 01-05-14, 8:45 AM
I'll add you, thanks xD. Tho I just got Bravely Default so I won't play XY much, sorry :/. For Fall there are Kill la Kill and maybe Tokyo Ravens but neither is done, and White Album 2 for the awesome TDB; don't forget Little Busters Refrain either xD.

No worries, just pointing out it comes out cooler in the manga so to say. I overreact a lot so don't mind my words xD. I dunno about Force but I'll take your word for it. Uh, Negima finished years ago, now we have a sequel that sucks a lot so let's not talk about it xD. Momo in the latest chapter flat out told Rito she wants him to be the abusive type, so yeah :/. Hate to tell you but Chapter 76 of SnO shows Ikaros dying or seemingly so at least, unless chapter 77 and last fixes things in a crazy manner the manga is gonna end with a bad score due to the poor ending. And yes, some of the latest chapters were handled rather poorly, but it's better than no scans I guess xD.

I can tell you everything ends well for Saki. Anything else is spoilers xD.

Fair enough, go Pururut being so understanding! And also so dommy when she transforms xD. Well, we already knew her dommy voice from Kamisama Dolls, and you can hear her like that in the latest Monogatari season. Oh yeah, watch that one too, it has plenty of Shinobu and I think you liked her xD. I was hoping you'd do it actually. The joke is you don't expect the Nintendo system girl to have crazy outbursts xD. Vert isn't really a "MILF" tho, more like a busty Oneesan, which is why Topaz likes her. And that it did xD.

I'd say so, is part of why I liked it enough to check the manga. Yeah, never got why shows hide it, for those that like incest is a troll and for those that dislike it is needless trouble xD. Right, another friend mentioned ojou are often busty, even the one in Gundam Build Fighters which is a show for kids. I agree with the ego xD. The next season does show more cards, but not much I think. Aye, she looked great <3. Sounds bad, thankfully over here is not as cold now but still annoying, I blame Al Gore too xD.

Right, it's a really well done show! Oh, definitely, most scenes now are there for the hell of it and even if you like fanservice it gets a bit lazy xD. Of course, there are plenty of 10+ old shows with KDEGs, remember the Kanon game is from 1999. The main mom was indeed the least interesting, the miko one probably gets away with it since she has those awesome sword scenes and her miko moments, plus Kikuko Inoue voices her and that's cool xD. Well, being a bit standard is not bad, another way to look at it is modern shows exaggerate their characters. And shame you didn't recognize the imouto's voice; make sure to watch the 5-episode OVAs because she's most incestuous there xD.

I liked that scene too, especially the awesome old guy who kept on bringing up the sukumizu <3. Actually the Empress was my favorite girl, part for being loli sure but part for being awesome, I liked when she wanted to be a hikkikomori and they had the All Your Base reference xD. The second was Elbia or whatever the werewolf girl was, she had a fun personality, a nice ass and I liked how the main praised her ears and tail since I also love girls with animal ears and especially tails <3. The maid was okay tho; the only one I really, really didn't like was Minori the meganekko, she only existed to have terrible breast praise scenes and unfunny fujoshi jokes and yet she had a crapton of screentime, just awful. Take off all her screentime and give it half to Luna and half to Romilda the lolidwarf, we both win <3. I did like the references too, not just to my namesake but also to no-pan and other stuff, they actually put some nice work on that. As for NouCome I haven't seen it so I can't tell you, sorry xD.

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