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Kanon (2006)
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
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Rosario to Vampire
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Sora no Otoshimono
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Nagasarete Airantou
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Kawasumi, Mai
Testarossa, Fate
Tachibana, Kanade
Nagato, Yuki
Mashiro, Rima
Shirayuki, Mizore
Kurio, Nene

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Mizuki, Nana
Mizuki, Nana
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Itou, Kanae
Itou, Kanae
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Noto, Mamiko
Noto, Mamiko
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ZettaiRyouiki | Jun 9, 9:58 AM
I was wondering when you'd reply next xD. Dungeon is fine, but you dropped it before the eps on Ais the kuudere and the cool Bell fights! I agree on Hestia, boo calling her a loli as she hijacked the "loli" tag in Pixiv much to my annoyance :/. To be fair they say busty loli instead, but that's even worse! No, I meant I added to my top favorite animes a new series after a long time, the Yuuki Yuuna one xD. For Nisekoi go check the first ep of the newer season, since Chitoge is not troublesome in it. If you still don't wanna watch it then go ahead, but at least check it now it got better xD.

Go Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura, but boo the horrible mamocentric fanservice ruining poor Fate ;_;. Boo the poor animation, and skipping lots of plot, and the fanservice as said; pretty much the only saving grace is seeing some of our fav VAs again all in one show xD. Yeah, but it's an overused joke; at least they stopped by now. Meh, being honest I can't stand Hachiman as he's an emo twat; if only he had parents to slap on him some common sense xD. Happiness Charge turned out cool so watch that one! Go random Morning Musume, must be from the latest crossover movie xD.

I prefer if traps are characters that happen to be traps, not traps that are there to be traps. Kinda like there's a difference between likable girls who are busty and boring busty girls who are there just for lazy fanservice xD. Boo Testament, it even has another goddamned trap later! Poor World Trigger, if only it was Chrono Trigger instead xD. No worries for Seraph, didn't care for it! Minus for Shinoa xD.

This season sucks! Sadly I'm not watching either, but seems I'm not missing much xD. Cool for Kin'iro Mosaic as I love it too, also Fate UBW and JoJo! Seven Witches has body swap between guys and girls, so I'll pass, sorry xD.

Mini_Lancer | Apr 9, 9:40 AM
Hi there long time no see! Hope you are still doing well :)

I just came back from holiday and started to watch Vivid now. Here looking for another good season of Nanoha :) (although i'm not exactly very impressed by the 1st episode)

ZettaiRyouiki | Apr 9, 9:25 AM
I agree, more leads like Dandy dammit xD. Yeah, Nagasumi was pitiable but Honoka wasn't bad off, so Kasumi got the short end of the stick. The season before the previous one had the epic YuYuYu, so that one was awesome by default <3. The new show in my anime favs xD. Nisekoi was actually very popular as a manga before SHAFT ever considered making it an anime, in fact the manga site I use has it as the #1 most popular manga. If anything SHAFT is losing their touch, they used to be wackier and have more awesome references and now they're just a normal studio with weird camera angles and a foot fetish xD.

Cool! Hey, I know this old Sunrise anime where at the end all but one character die and the one who survived was the director's favorite xD. That's fine, I liked Hilda best and loved her kiss with Ange <3. Censorship aside it was a cool show, so no worries for the high score. LoveCome is looking bad for my tastes, HikiGAYa is even more Saikasexual if that is even possible! The finale will be he comes out of the closet and nobody is the least bit surprised xD. The Miyabi thing was honestly kind of random, focus on Tomoe the TDB if you gotta focus on a busty girl! I liked the "marriage" at the end <3. And that's how Japan is: In one episode of the current Cure season the pink Cure must get every girl to accept to keep the mascot in the dorms since if one girl doesn't want the mascot around the mascot's out because democracy is for weenies. A Japanese friend told me this is exactly how things go in Japan, so yeah xD.

I'm sorry I'm so hateful towards traps ;_;. In my defense the traps shot first xD. Jokes aside they really have a lot of them, and most of the time they're bland. If we had more traps like the Mariaholic one I'd be cool with them xD. Boo CHESTament being terrible and somehow getting a second season! It was my least fav last season too, so agreed xD. Go Vegeta's epic voice! Go Masako Nozawa, I dread the day she dies and the same for Wakamoto xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Mar 30, 7:15 AM
I found Yoru no Yatterman awesome xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Mar 4, 7:26 AM
I won't blame you for forgetting about iMocho xD. Right, I hate it for obvious reasons, there should be more guys into big asses and flat chests! Or at least guys who don't care about that kind of stuff, which I think you prefer xD. I know, and it's not even the first since Negima was also adapted to live action. It had a Setsuna and Konoka kiss before the manga did, that's all I know xD. Well, in San's case that was because 80% of the show wanted to kill Nagasumi or otherwise treated him poorly, so San being so nice and supportive made her look great! Meanwhile Honoka doesn't have that problem and in fact Ayaka caused Kasumi the imouto a lot of grief because she couldn't spend time with her brother any more, and the last thing we need more of are trolled imoutos, so much for them being favored xD. Well, most shows nowadays avoid making girls be useless aside from some shounen and such, so we're doing fine currently. Indeed, but sadly the last 2 months or so of manga chapters have been all Chitoge Time with the arc ending with her, and Tsumugi, going to live with Raku; not biased towards Chitoge at all, no sire xD.

Right, boo haircuts! About Tusk, well, dunno if you saw the latest ep xD. Indeed, go Salako and Hilda as it seems we agree on favorites! The trap muddles the message, but the message was "If a bad thing happens in your life, never move past that point and wallow in self-pity" that is kind of a shitty lesson anyway xD. But Hachiman wasn't all that intellectual, just whiny. If anything if he was smart he'd be aware refusing badly to be with others, girly dudes aside, brings no good xD. The problem with Absolute Duo is the problem most harems have: If the lead girl is awesome they focus on the entire harem and sometimes even ignore her, if she's bland and generic then she steals all the focus and the superior rest of the harem is ignored. I think Japan is too scared of new stuff and nonstandard main characters xD.

I see, that happens. Oh yes, I blame the trap-ish prince because traps ruin any show they touch, less of him and more of the Wakamoto dude please xD. No worries, go Maria and Yuki! Mio is busty and masochistic, might as well give her blonde hair and make her the anti-Zettai xD. I noticed DB Kai, but that's it because I'm not very bright. Poor FUNi, I heard Kai had a better dub than the "mondo cool" original xD. Still, go watching Kai with subs! Vegeta's VA is one of my favorites if I haven't said it before xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Feb 10, 7:20 AM
I noticed 2014 had a bunch xD. Still, I don't think there are that many, especially since they're treated poorly often: if anything was overused were traps. More TDBs is good, naturally xD.

Not really, he left around a big breasts mag and went "GO BIG BREASTS" in the last ep; even if he likes all sizes he still likes big ones more. Well, he was always behind his sister because his sister was acting weird, that's the name of the show xD. Even if she's the reason there is a show that doesn't mean she does good things, a lot of fighting shows stories only happen because bad guys do bad things and they're still evil. I'd rather not watch 3D Ecchi xD. No, that'd be Topaz; I liked the imouto and Ayaka never let her do anything. Saki had more chest scenes, but since you don't carel I'll ditch the topic xD. Nisekoi improves, Chitoge is still tsundere but isn't abusive, just doesn't show her love like Marika or Kosaki do. Doubt Kosaki will win, but she's the most popular girl so who knows xD.

I agree, go long hair <3. Yes, Penny from TBBT cut her hair too; Sheldon walked away, finally a reasonable reaction to a haircut xD. Sadly the show seems to favor more the boring Tusk, I wonder if some higher-up thought people needed a straight main couple and they poorly shoehorned him in. Seriously, his relationship with Ange is awful and yet Ange's with Salako or Hilda is awesome xD. The trap was boring regardless, since it was the same jokes than every other show does with traps. If the show wanted to be original it failed xD. And I personally think the current trend in 2deep4u characters like Hachiman to be disgusting, I always liked and always will favor GAR noble heroes. Tho Absolute Duo was a bit silly with Tor deciding to save Lilith like if she wasn't shooting at them and being a smug jackass five seconds ago, tho I'd chalk that more to the author favoring Lilith if anything xD.

Good, go TDBs! I prefer Maria and Yuki xD. A shame, Yoru no Yatterman is great too, at least I think so! Awesome you're enjoying Dog Days S3, I am too xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 18, 9:19 AM
I understand, I don't like it but to each their own xD. If there is more SAO it won't be until 2020 or so, the author needs to write more first. Well, they mean it more as incestuous little sisters, I agree we've got more of them lately but I don't think that is bad xD.

That's good, Julie is moe <3. I'm very harsh with poor fanservice and terrible censoring, sorry xD. Agreed, the imouto was adorable <3. The lead wasn't too bad aside from his generic cow tastes, at least he cared about his sister! The ghost girl was awful tho, trolling the imouto constantly and making things horrible for her because she couldn't just possess the busty childhood friend and get the guy with her xD. Topaz likes Witch Craft Works a lot, I don't mind it but it was too focused on Ayaka while the other girls felt like window dressing at most half the time! Saki focused way too much on big breasts to the point it was nearly unwatchable at times, not cool. The girls were still good tho, and I thought the same for that miko loli xD. I didn't plan to watch Tokyo ESP so I'll continue not doing so, thanks! Chitoge stops being abusive in the manga and is just a normal amuing tsundere, sadly the anime ends when they're getting to that point so try giving S2 a chance xD.

I guess that's just how Sunrise rolls. At least we don't get silly animation gaffes like in the original Gundam series, I swear in a battle scene they forgot to draw the Gundam's lower body xD. I know, I was just annoyed because 2014 had a lot of haircuts. Sadly the latest eps had no Hilda, but I'm sure you'll like the TDB too xD. Go Ange's great voice, of course! Cool you liked Momoka too as she was one of my fav girls, go her being loyal and not a superpower racist xD.

Go Nanatsu! Tho I'm more of an older shounen shows fan to be honest, I just like silly heroes who win with guts and persistence xD. Being different doesn't equal being good tho. I'm sure an umbrella made of bread is very original, but I would rather have the normal kind of umbrella in a rainy day xD. They still treated him the same than every show with a trap treats a trap tho, so same thing with a different hat. Also the show is a harem, even if it tries to be a different one; it's right on the title! As I said before bread umbrellas don't deserve any credit xD.

I'd appreciate that, thanks <3. That's odd, ep 1 only had a scene but ep 2 spent a good while fogging Mio up xD. Awesome, Maria is love and Yuuki is amazing too <3. Right, sadly Mio is tsundere-ish AND looks like a surefire winner, boo xD.

Mini_Lancer | Jan 16, 3:35 PM
FATE isn't bad, but i (and a lot of other ppl) were kinda expecting more, since it is the 7th song in the album, and also because Fate :P basically it is supposedly the most Nana song of the album, hence we were expecting something more epic! The songs were received well though, judging from the placings here.
Now that I think about it, Inside of mind is probably the dance song for Live Castle... the live is much more impressive that the studio version :p probably because she improved her singing so much since 2005!
About rankings, you can actually just keep a top 77, since it is such a good number for us anyway :P i kept 20 purely because that is roughly 10% of the songs by her that i know at the moment.

Speaking about merchandise, King Records (her record company) actually make really nice CDs and BDs, so extra incentive for keeping these :P

Rika is great, but i still haven't read the finale of Higurashi (too busy lol). Loved the plot so far though (i think i stopped at the timeline which Rika actually remembered things).

I love ELISA's voice but didn't have much time to catch up with her songs anymore :( 'tis a shame.

Nana is actually fairly popular in Japan. She is actually starting to have overseas concert, but yeah traditionally Japanese artists do not go outside of Asia so that is a problem. Well there is always the option of flying over...

Cross Ange is great. Last year we got Kakumeiki Valvrave too so actually not that bad. Nana is quite selective when it comes to anime roles these days so we don't get to hear her as often as, say, 2008. Vivid is airing in April though, so all is good!

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 12, 8:20 AM
I liked the kiss, but her calling him Papa wasn't as good; imoutocest is love, dadcest is terrible xD. There may be more SAO, but I think they adapted most of the novels so far so until the author writes more Aniplex will have to twiddle its metaphorical thumbs. Oh yes, traps are freaking everywhere! To my knowledge 2013 had 27 traps and 2014 had 32, so yes, there are too many of them. And people say imoutos are overused xD.

Good news, Absolute Duo's first two eps were pretty nice and Julie the MAIN GIRL is an adorable KDEG loli of moeness <3. KyoAni realized they can sell big by adapting light novels with 1 volume from Kadokawa newbie contest winners and adding a bunch of their usual jokes because, hey, they're KyoAni and have more fanboy power than a boy band xD.

I do agree MAL viewers are impatient, the current Gundam series is a bit like that but with more than one girl and it seems to get a fairly negative answer. No worries about Terraformers, it's not like I tell you to watch every show I enjoy either xD.

That's awesome, go Cross Ange being so good <3. Sunrise has its ups and downs, but in general more ups I think xD. Personally I could've done without the "haircuts are THE BEST THING EVER" one since last year had a lot of haircuts, but otherwise I agree the previews are awesome! Hilda is my favorite girl actually, I love her hair and her dommy side and her cute side and her past and everything about her <3. Well, Ange is also awesome and has a better ass, let's be fair xD. Indeed, go a different Nanoha and Fate combo! I noticed that too for Yukari Tamura, nearly all her roles lately are minor characters, evil, or both :/. Hilda is one of the few exceptions, so there is that. Salia better end well, Topaz likes her! And again, glad you're enjoying it xD.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, it's not epic or anything but not bad either. Diane is the best, of course xD. The thing about HikiGAYa is what works in reality doesn't work for fiction, so even if he was "realistic" like you say he just plain comes as annoying. Also he doesn't like the girls not even physically yet he's head over heels for the "trap" to a point the "trap" looks like the harem winner, what the hell kinda harem lead you are xD. Sorry, lately the blogs got longer and as a result I've forgot about the non-KDEG clubs, sorry :/. But yes, Esdeath is a TDBlue all the way, you can tell this is from the author of KimiAru and MajiKoi xD. The lead is goofy but he's fairly reasonable actually, I think he was one of the best leads in 2014 easily. Funny, I liked Chifuyu and her friend best and Topaz liked Sayumi, go you agreeing with us xD. Testament had an annoying moment with censored panties, who the hell does that :/. Otherwise it looks fine and Maria is cute and awesome, so I agree about it being good xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 11, 6:53 AM
I thought Inou-Battle was pretty good, hope you liked it xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 6, 2:08 AM
I'm surprised you're watching Yahari Ore no Seishun blahblah or LoveCome as Topaz and I call it; Yukino is cool, but I couldn't stand the male lead xD.

Mini_Lancer | Jan 4, 8:50 AM
Hi there. Happy New Year!

Sorry I was away from my computer for a whole week (went for holiday during the New Year break) so the reply comes really really late this time ><

I am a bit ambivalent when it comes to the 2nd half of Supernal Liberty. Egao no Yukue (I think it is the 4th song in the album, don't have it here to check now) is good, I like it, but FATE is too mellow (kudos to Nana for still making it sounds good though). It sounds really good live but I think the song order in the album kinda killed it. The album started out too strongly so the song sounds out of place :(

Yeah I have listened to Inside of Mind. Actually I didn't remember its name lol (so ashamed >///<), good song. Etabure is actually a very good single to buy (some are more hit and miss).

I bought Live Fighter, Grace I, Grace II + Union and the latest Live Circus. You can watch parts of Union and Circus on here youtube channel I think, as for other lives you can try to get them on nyaa, or better still buy the DVD/ BD. If you are in Japan you can get 2nd hand copy for very low prices at a few stores. Or just order new copies xD i usually get them from cdjapan.

For my fav list, actually only the first 4 are more or less permanent xP the rest changes every now and then. Both HanaKana and Itou Kanae were there some time back.

Higurashi anime is quite... ugly (the colouring looks really off to me) so I just stick with the manga, which has incredible art. The plot is great though.

I really like ELISA, but don't have that much time to delve into her music anymore (hence i only bought here greatest songs compilation) :(
Her Railgun songs are really nice, a pity she doesn't sing for the series anymore.

I don't watch JDrama much, but still like Aragaki Yui nevertheless lol

Nana appeals more to the older fans (>20 yrs old mainly) so it is natural that they are too busy to engage much with the fandom (again, sorry that this reply has come this late, shall try to be quicker next time). There are Nana fans gatherings in Japan (international fans only of course) so you can actually fly over for that xD MAL community is practically dead anyway so the ones that stay are usually quite passionate :) anyway feel free to write on my wall about anything (if you want to). I took one whole anime season off, and not sure about following anything this season aside from Cross Ange though.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 3, 1:07 AM
I'm surprised you're watching Nanatsu no Taizai, Diane is awesome xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 2, 7:28 AM
I was told the VN sequel is like the anime in that it assumes all the routes and none of the romance happened, so Yuuji is more like his anime self in it xD. I would like it more if she didn't call Yuuji "Papa" and then kissed him, but otherwise Makina is fine. I liked Michiro and Yumiko the most tho xD. That's fine, I'm not an Asuna fan or anything, just that I liked her a bit more after that arc. Still, I find that more the author improving than Asuna herself xD. Tetra being a trap is annoying, but he wouldn't be as bad if he didn't have that awful trollish egocentric personality. That said I assume he'll go back to being a guy at some point, since they explained in one ep you can get stuck in a body the wrong gender and I don't think he wants that xD.That's fine, I like Minori too <3. Though I still prefer Akatsuki, of course xD. I agree, go the girls saving Rito! Or at least Rito not saving them by acting like an abusive pervert xD.

The studio is important, each has their own style and if a lot of duds come from the same guys it'd be wise to avoid them. Like you with 8bit xD. Eh, personally I've found most KyoAni animes lately to be underwhelming, but to each their own. Amagi and Chuuni S1 were the exceptions, but honestly they need to try harder again xD. Right, people act like if Disappearance made E8 disappear, it was awesome but I wouldn't go that far! Satelight is cool, they should handle it well xD.

I only know of Terraformars DarkWish hated it, and the other one doesn't look much like my kind of show but who knows so thanks! My bad for Cross Ange, it's one of these things you always forget to bring up but I think you'll like it since the Nana Mizuki girl sings several times; she also has a special relationship with a girl voiced by Yukari Tamura and I find that funny, it's like Nanoha and Fate but different xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Dec 30, 2014 3:04 AM
I'm reporting in Mondai's name he wants us to check once a year whenever a KDEG is fit of remaining in the club or not, this year the girl is Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina. I think she's more of a badass TDB tsundere than any sort of kuudere, but if you think she should stay I don't mind so vote as you see fit xD.

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