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October 31, 1985
The Deepist Darkist Pit
March 1, 2008
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Wants to take over the world with a army of tiny robots

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WavieDavie | 10-10-13, 6:02 AM
aye virgin media the way forward.

WavieDavie | 10-07-13, 7:18 PM
lot of amazing animes out :). You have some catching up to do heh. Hope it gets fixed soon mate.

Arina | 01-05-12, 10:19 AM
pretty awesome tbh :-) Hope your good!

Arina | 01-03-12, 10:44 AM
still kicking?

bashed_monkey | 06-25-09, 2:37 PM
i actually discovered patlabor yesterday, i wanted to look for the first OVA series and got sidetracked by...stuff. seems pretty cool, patlabor. very cyberpunk. apparently.

bashed_monkey | 06-24-09, 6:29 PM
never thought this would happen, but here i am, telling you to watch an anime that isn't even on your "Plan to watch" list: you need to watch "Tentai Senshi Sunred". unless of course you don't wanna see the most hilarious super hero/villain parody since "venture bros.". but then, you'd be crazy. and not the cute kind of crazy, i mean the kind of crazy that needs to be treated with antipsychotics and electroshock therapy. if you catch my drift. (i'm not even sure i do right now. so tired.)

bashed_monkey | 06-10-09, 2:57 PM
but...but...I GOTTA SEE 'EM AAAAALL! i can't imagine the sidestories being less awesome, i'll just watch them eventually. i'm taking it real slow though, because i'm running out of HD space again. ahwell. thanks anyway. ;)

bashed_monkey | 06-02-09, 9:01 AM
once again i have to bother you: say, is there any particular order for the LoGH sidestories and movies? i have no idea if the sidestories contain spoilers to the main plot or anything. i know some are just prequels, but i'm baffled by the sheer number of them all.

bashed_monkey | 05-22-09, 4:01 PM
ah, many thanks. although, i got three notification mails about your pms, yet there is no actual message to be found when i check my inbox. spooky...WHO YOU GONNA CALL? °_°

bashed_monkey | 05-22-09, 4:56 AM
oy chaos, i know if anyone, you're the man to ask (^_^), so pray tell: did i miss any essential anime highlights in late 2008 and 2009 so far? i already caught up on higashi no eden and now i'm watching Kuroshitsuji, but there has to be mooore. would be grand if you'd update me.

bashed_monkey | 05-18-09, 12:47 PM
yea, it was about time. my anime trauma wore down plus most american tv-shows are on hold for the summer. geek needs stuffz to do, you know?

PML | 04-30-09, 3:40 PM
and i steal beat u in manga :P

PML | 04-30-09, 3:33 PM
yhea i stopped watching for a while :(
anywayz am startin again so prepare to be surpassed xD

PML | 04-05-09, 4:56 PM
D: from 85 to 69 % :((

bashed_monkey | 06-28-08, 6:44 AM
oy chaos, i found something that comes close to black lagoon (not quite as good though probably, i'm not through yet). "Coyote ragtime show": it's basicaly "black lagoon meets cowboy bebop", i.e. pirates in space. lotsa shootin' and so on. not bad. not bad at all. you probably heard of it i guess.

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