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09-21-14, 6:11 AM
September 11, 1986
Trieste, Italy
July 31, 2007
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Time (Days) 66.6
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Completed 227
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Plan to Watch 11
Total Entries 245

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Time (Days) 13.3
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Completed 44
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Total Entries 53

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About Eredir
I'm a graduate student at SISSA in Trieste, studying theoretical physics. This means I'm pretty much a nerd, but I also have several artistical interests.

I love music in most of its forms and I'm particularly interested in experimental acts. I've been playing guitar since I was thirteen, and I'm somewhat decent with other instruments too. Writing music is also a big passion of mine, even if nowadays I don't have that much time to dedicate to it. You can check some of my songs here. If you are interested you can also check out my RateYourMusic profile here.

I enjoy watching anime and reading manga, as in music I usually prefer series that try to do something inventive with the artistic medium. My favourite genres are somewhat divided in three categories: dark series like Serial Experiments Lain and Elfen Lied, slow paced and reflective series like Kino's Journey and Mushishi, surreal humour series like Azumanga Daioh and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

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__HellGirl__ | 09-04-12, 9:41 AM
Ciao, ti dispiace se ti aggiungo? :D

Fransu7 | 11-10-08, 1:44 PM
Eredir around the academy D:

Mi fa piacere! Dai stammi bene, bello!

Fransu7 | 11-05-08, 7:29 PM
Il magico Eredir é.è/
Esisti ancora oh mistica creatura.gif? XD

Alek | 08-19-08, 8:34 AM
FUCK YEAH anche qui, direi x)

Koyuki-Kakashi | 08-12-08, 1:12 PM
Grazie per il consiglio! Ho già messo la serie di ONA di Diary of Tortov Roddle nei Plan to watch, appena lo guardo ti fo sapere! ^^

Koyuki-Kakashi | 08-12-08, 10:04 AM
Grazie mille per aver accettato la mia amicizia!!!
Ho notato che hai tra i preferiti Serial Experiments Lain, bellissima serie! Inoltre ho notato anche che hai visto due lavori del grande Makoto Shinka e hai in programma di guardarne altri due! Mi raccomando non dimenticarti di The Place Promised in Our Early Days!^^

Nicchan | 08-08-08, 4:34 PM
La versione vivente di Yuno non può che ricambiare il saluto = P

Nice avatar sisi

Aleuuu | 06-04-08, 10:16 AM
Ciao Ere sese XD

Rem | 05-09-08, 8:02 AM
Grazie per l'add ;D

Rem | 05-04-08, 3:31 AM
Accidenti, abbiamo quasi l'80% di compatibilità °_°

fabrikun | 01-13-08, 7:44 AM
Grazie ! Anche la tua non è niente male. Se cerchi aiuto per ampliarla, disponibilissimo ;)
Dai iscriviti su Otaku Club, ti accoglieremo a dovere XD Oltre a me troverai molti altri utenti italiani di MAL

fabrikun | 01-13-08, 2:39 AM
Ciao ! Grazie per la friend request !

UltraTien | 11-20-07, 5:16 PM
According to your list you completed Virtua Fighter, may I ask where you obtained Season 2? since it is literally impossible to find besides VCD Versions

antokio | 10-23-07, 7:19 AM
se vuoi posso darti qualche cosiglio :D

Molon_UK | 08-02-07, 11:50 AM
That would be because I've only done the series I actually own, next are the films I own, then it is time for the ones I downloaded.

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