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07-20-14, 1:10 AM
November 23, 1996
underneath your clothes
October 16, 2011
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infactuation21 | 09-10-14, 9:37 PM

Now Hiring!! we are looking for a second layout maker, card makers, seme/uke claim maker, and active Facebook Admins. if you are interested in joining our staff as one of these positions please apply here.

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We reached 2000+ members! lets keep this up the more members we get the more celebrations we will have! Just wanted to give another shout out/thank you to Hisaki13 for making us a layout this month! i personally think it looks great! Also next month start the Holiday Seasons so start looking out for our mystery card events :D!

puppydoglvr | 08-29-14, 7:59 PM

image by tkr

Tenetard | 07-17-14, 12:37 PM
I don't think I ever replied you.
But thank you for your nice wording ^^ :D

sweetangie | 06-12-14, 8:54 PM
OMG, OMG, YES!!!! The preview picture for the next cover (vol 25) of Chihaya x Arata together is finally here and here's the link of the picture ( I bet you'll love so much as I do: SO CUTEE!!!!!!!!)

Dollars_xx | 06-11-14, 4:37 AM

hii hii members! we have gained lots of new card makers this month! so we are currently in no need of any more! will let you know when we are hiring more. However we still are hiring a 2nd layout designer, claim makers, and active FB admins. if interested in any of these positions please check out the now hiring link below and or message Infactuation21.

Sports RE | June LE | June OTM LE | Member Cards | 1800+ LE

Anime OTM | Couple OTM | Manga OTM

Now that IMGs are back i have a few things lined up to for our club! i know we typically only do a banner contest once a year but i figured in light of MAL getting its shit together we should celebrate some how and show off the creativity of many of our members! and not going to lie im going to make use of your talents.. lol >.<'

OK! so BL Addicts! is in need of a new Newsletter Banner..! so to check out the rules click below

Banner Contest!


Now Hiring!!!! | Like us on FaceBook!

rusette | 06-10-14, 3:22 PM
Yees you did XD Congrats haha YOU SHOULD BE PROUD! D:<

sweetangie | 06-09-14, 6:40 PM
OMG, I can't stop from smiling and laughing of excitement for the next cover picture (OH YES, CHIHAYA X ARATA TOGETHER IN ONE PICTURE, I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!). We'll get to see it by next month ( July 11th) volume 25 will be release and yes WE'LL SEE THE WONDERFUL PICTURE OF THE LIFETIME, LOL. I'll let you know since the picture comes out. *_*

Are you currently reading the manga of Chihayafuru right now? :)

rusette | 06-06-14, 4:18 PM

Chibi-Alice | 06-02-14, 11:45 AM
Haikyuu :3 You should watch it. It's like Kuroko no Basket but with volleyball instead.

Mesaia | 06-02-14, 8:22 AM
I looked up in our com to com and realized that I never gave you the texture you asked /o\ I forgot about it, I'm so sorry, but if you still need it, I uploaded it incase.

And well to be honest the season 3 of the anime's already been announced, here's the link and it was been announced last 28th.

rusette | 06-02-14, 4:49 AM
Aw :< Well we all get busy hehe.

rusette | 05-05-14, 6:38 AM
Naisu profile. O_O also we never got the chance to rp D:

Mesaia | 04-23-14, 2:02 AM
sorry for my late replyyyy the ridiculously annoying captcha and the mal's feature of loading forever's currently bugging me OTL
uhhh the bokeh one ahah the orange one right? I got the light effect on deviantart that's where I download stuffs for my layout or other graphics for photoshop ahha and yess knb is just too awesome but how i wish that kuroko and kagami's not the main characters instead the other members of GoM aha

oooo btw, I can give you the image of the light texture maybe later cause im not using my pc right now sorryy

Exo_x | 04-22-14, 2:35 AM
Thank you. Your is pretty good too. :)

Sylinchen | 04-22-14, 1:58 AM
thank you >o< ! Not everything but almost everything, honestly I'm too lazy to make every little thing from the scratch Don't hate me

I think the horrible end is the reason for me why I love her so much, but recently in the manga............... nya I will not spoiler you :P

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