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Favorite Anime
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Hataraku Maou-sama! add
Fate/Zero add
Fate/Zero 2nd Season
Fate/Zero 2nd Season add
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online add

Favorite Manga
Mahou Sensei Negima!
Mahou Sensei Negima! add
Hoshi no Samidare
Hoshi no Samidare add
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Shingetsutan Tsukihime add
Mx0 add
Melty Blood
Melty Blood add

Favorite Characters
Evangeline Athanasia Katherine
McDowell, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine
Misaka, Mikoto
Dunois, Charlotte
Onizuka, Eikichi
Tanamachi, Kaoru
Toono, Akiha
Nanasaki, Ai
Morishima, Haruka
Kotomine, Kirei

Favorite People
Nakata, Jouji
Nakata, Jouji
Nasu, Kinoko
Nasu, Kinoko
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Takeuchi, Takashi
Takeuchi, Takashi
Fukuyama, Jun
Fukuyama, Jun
Koshimizu, Ami
Koshimizu, Ami

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June 19, 1991
June 18, 2008
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 135.7
Watching 52
Completed 489
On Hold 39
Dropped 149
Plan to Watch 370
Total Entries 1099

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Time (Days) 135.3
Reading 301
Completed 199
On Hold 20
Dropped 20
Plan to Read 757
Total Entries 1297

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Kvakond | 04-08-12, 5:13 AM
Sir, your profile picture is quite exquisite, I must say.

swordofakasha | 04-05-12, 2:06 AM
apparently I still have you lol!

swordofakasha | 04-04-12, 6:25 AM
as always, rizon IRC, and a lot of random programming chats :) -- I do use skype regularly, you should log on some time, I may have deleted you in one of my rage delete every contact fits, so give me your id if you're going to login again :P

swordofakasha | 04-02-12, 9:31 PM
Not a lot, been a long time since we spoke, I found myself missing your warm embrace.

swordofakasha | 02-23-12, 7:35 PM
eddyak sup :)

Oveneise | 12-13-11, 1:58 PM
Lucky Star is absolutely fantastic.

yaru | 07-24-11, 3:16 PM
Edddddyyyyyyyy! Hello!

LightningJC | 06-18-11, 12:01 PM
Looking for card/layout designers to help out with my club! Its called MangaAnimeLeague. Please join and invite your friends too. If you plan on becoming a designer then please post a message on my profile about the application.

Check it out!

Saki-Rebellion | 05-26-11, 9:02 AM
LOL yah I'm gonna check out yumekui merry, onnichan, kore wa zombie, IS, n gosick. I started to watch the zombie one n IS, pretty good so far lol

Ramen | 04-22-11, 3:33 PM
I see. Thanks for the response at least.

Ramen | 04-22-11, 3:30 PM
Would you happen to know where I could read the "Valkyria" (Doujin)? I haven't found it yet and was hoping maybe you would know where I could read it.

cucumbers | 02-09-11, 9:23 AM
Dohoho, your shounen critique makes me giggle.

Saki-Rebellion | 02-07-11, 9:56 PM
any new animes you've watch n liked recently?

master-ling | 12-17-10, 12:13 AM
Eddy that was a freaking awesome episode!!!
Loved the 10 years after thing, just like the Morishima Arc!
But why?!!! Why did my goddess have to cut her hair?!! WHY?! NAZE!!!!!

master-ling | 12-10-10, 1:26 AM
You saw the last epsoide of amagami ss? Ayatsuji is so freaking sexy!!! Now why can't I meet women like that!?!!!

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