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May 23, 2011
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I particularly like Assyriology (study of ancient Mesopotamia), card games such as Poker or BlackJack, pool, beer tasting, watching laughably bad movies and animes.

Dumuzi [Dumu.zid means rightful son] is a deep-seated God in Sumerian religion. Previously Lord of Bad-Tibira, he progressively absorbed personalities of Ishtaran, Amaushum-Galanna (spirit of the date palm's bud), Alla, Ningishzidda and mostly Damu, another deity of vegetation, strangely depicted as a child while Dumuzi is always shown as an accomplished breeder and well-grown man.

In Sumerian royal list, Dumuzi is credited as the Shepherd King, the 5th one of antediluvian times with 36 millenniums of reign. After the Deluge, he's even listed as the King of Ku'ara.

His life's main episodes are his sacred wedding with Inanna (Ishtar) and his death.
He has to decease to counterbalance Inanna's resurrection. At that time, she was trying to take over her sister Ereshkigal's kingdom and she ended up impaled on a hook. Her redivivus was strictly necessary as every single beings of Earth ceased to reproduce the pattern of Love inspired by her very existence...

Inanna chose her husband among the divine family because he didn't mourn her death. Of course, Dumuzi refused to make up for a failed conquest, so he attempted to escape his demonic pursuers with Utu's help (the Sun God) who transformed him into multiple creatures to outrun them, and his sister Geshtinanna, who offered her farm as refuge. However, the Shepherd god was somehow arrested and then sentenced by the Annunakis to go to Hell for Autumn and Winter, while his sister will take his place for the rest of the year.

Inanna's descent in Hell's episode remains one of the earliest explanation of existence of off-season and vegetation's cycle rebirth, far before Persephone's myth in Greek mythology. Dumuzi's relation with his wife is also a very interesting study, as it's as conflicting as it's prolific. It's an epitome of Love, in a way, with its part of creativity and destructiveness.

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VampireNaomi | 8 hours ago
Thanks for your comment about my Zorro review, and also for letting me know that the horse was originally white. I had no idea since I've never read the original Zorro stories. Also, I think it would be great if you wrote your own review of the series anyway because I always love to see people say what they like and don't like about my favourite things. The more reviews, the better! :)

Ultioreo | 05-03-15, 6:42 PM
True, humans do love destruction and death.

Ultioreo | 05-03-15, 5:58 PM
>Inhabitants continue to dwell next by because they become dependent of this fusional relationship with their Behemoth.

Oh, I see, but I need some clarification.
Behemoth as the mythical creature, adjective, or the band.

That wasn't really question that I wanted an answer to. I felt that my about me needed more text, so I slammed my keyboard and that appeared. Thanks for the history lesson, though.

literaturenerd | 05-02-15, 10:19 AM
I'm thinking about going into neurology or psychiatry.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 6:01 PM
That sound's really nice! Pikeville is one of the more rural and rustic areas of the US. It is basically the capital of American hillbilly land. That is why it hosts the annual hillbilly festival! It is where the Hatfield and McCoy clans fought. I live here because my medical school is here.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 5:05 PM
Your English is extremely good for someone who isn't a native speaker! What city in France are you from? I live in a tiny town in the US called Pikeville in the state of Kentucky.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 5:04 PM
The helpful/unhelpful around here really does tend to be pretty bullshit. I wouldn't worry about it. All critics struggle with being objective, because anime and all art ultimately is a subjective area, not objective. Unlike in mathematics where proofs and equations exist and can definitively prove something is true beyond doubt, no such thing exists for judging anime. The best we can do is give an informed opinion, stay relatively consistent, and try back up our views with logical arguments.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 4:37 PM
I'm glad you joined my club. I wanted to create a place to escape from MAL's circle jerk environment, where people could actually state opinions that go against the MAL ratings and not get flamed for it. Instead, actually discuss civilly what you liked or disliked about an anime.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 4:34 PM
So where are you from? I'm from the US in the state of Kentucky.

literaturenerd | 05-01-15, 4:26 PM
I'm glad I found somewhat else who HATES that abomination Green Green!

Taito10 | 04-30-15, 4:41 PM
thx that you agree with me

db multiverse is good doujin?

konnakude | 04-30-15, 3:21 PM
Hey! Long time no chat! :D

I haven't been active for a while here on MAL and have been using it recently only to register my watched anime, so I missed your message here. :(

Yeah, basically most of what's left of my energy goes to finish this bloody Tsubasa! lol... We've got 19 ep left to release but it's left to TL only 7 ep. It takes some time when the team has RL troubles, such as exams in the college, gall bladder operation, move to NY from Minnesota and so on. But I'm trying to keep it going and I won't give up so easy! XD

Now, to your request "Nightsong of Splendor." It's definitely not Saizen material but I work closely with Collectr from Orphan subs and he happens ot be Dezaki fan. I asked him why it hasn't been tl-ed and the answer he gave me is cause there are no good raws around to work on. The only available raws are some shitty quality on YT. So... until someone uploads the better quality subs, it'll be unrealistic that we'll see it done.

Actually, I've been seeing the same problem with some other older anime too. There's a willing group to do it, even a tl-r, but there are no good raws. So maybe someone in France has the OVAs hidden somewhere? :P

I have this kind of dreams too...

HikariTenshihime | 12-12-14, 4:22 AM
S-sorry! >.< I just haven't been active here.
Did you give me your skype? I'll add you.

HikariTenshihime | 11-20-14, 3:34 PM
I was playing games and stuff. XD
Gimme your skype! D:<

HikariTenshihime | 11-06-14, 10:34 AM
Yes. x.x

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