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01-24-14, 8:39 AM
August 25,
May 23, 2011
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About Dumuzi
I particularly like Assyriology (study of ancient Mesopotamia), card games such as Poker or BlackJack, pool, beer tasting, watching laughably bad movies and animes.

Dumuzi [Dumu.zid means rightful son] is a deep-seated God in Sumerian religion. Previously Lord of Bad-Tibira, he progressively absorbed personalities of Ishtaran, Amaushum-Galanna (spirit of the date palm's bud), Alla, Ningishzidda and mostly Damu, another deity of vegetation, strangely depicted as a child while Dumuzi is always shown as an accomplished breeder and well-grown man.

In Sumerian royal list, Dumuzi is credited as the Shepherd King, the 5th one of antediluvian times with 36 millenniums of reign. After the Deluge, he's even listed as the King of Ku'ara.

His life's main episodes are his sacred wedding with Inanna (Ishtar) and his death.
He has to decease to counterbalance Inanna's resurrection. At that time, she was trying to take over her sister Ereshkigal's kingdom and she ended up impaled on a hook. Her redivivus was strictly necessary as every single beings of Earth ceased to reproduce the pattern of Love inspired by her very existence...

Inanna chose her husband among the divine family because he didn't mourn her death. Of course, Dumuzi refused to make up for a failed conquest, so he attempted to escape his demonic pursuers with Utu's help (the Sun God) who transformed him into multiple creatures to outrun them, and his sister Geshtinanna, who offered her farm as refuge. However, the Shepherd god was somehow arrested and then sentenced by the Annunakis to go to Hell for Autumn and Winter, while his sister will take his place for the rest of the year.

Inanna's descent in Hell's episode remains one of the earliest explanation of existence of off-season and vegetation's cycle rebirth, far before Persephone's myth in Greek mythology. Dumuzi's relation with his wife is also a very interesting study, as it's as conflicting as it's prolific. It's an epitome of Love, in a way, with its part of creativity and destructiveness.

List of overrated/overhyped animes I think they suck:

Plot Elements I consider to be awesome:

~ My tendency: Hardcore Completist ~ Ain't no drop.

MRRA is the list of randomly selected animes I share in common with a handful of partners.
In order to belong to it, you must be validated as friend.

There's only 5 slots. No more or less. This to increase event's turnover, and not to be stucked forever on the same edition. Some series being very long, it might already take me a while to complete it all.

What are the rules ? If you have more than a thousand entries, you're a permanent member.
Otherwise, your slot selection is uncertain, given randomization of members with few title entries.
I don't wangle it at all. I may be very favored by choices coming out. It's also right for the other way around. Got an awful hentai such as Battle can can ? If it drops, I'm on my way ! Got bara with lotsa buttsecks action ? My doom is coming forth. The most sickening of loli sugarness ? If I still live to tell the tale, it'll be behind me.
Now, that's what you call a risky watching experience.

Fish Snek Club for life !


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Daimyo | 01-24-14, 6:09 AM
You really enjoy that weird mysticism black magic shit don't you? (Just passing by)

Kokuoh | 01-21-14, 11:13 AM
Choosing your own path, specially choosing evil, it something unusual in Japanese RPGs. They tend to give less freedom of choice than western ones. Of course, there are notable exceptions, and the Ogre series seems to be one of them.

Recruiting foes is a staple of another tactical RPG franchise called Fire Emblem. Ever heard of it? Those foes are easy to recognise as they have a portrait of their own on their summary instead of the generic solidier image.

Thank you! As for my area...Well, the province of Cádiz, where I live, has one of the highest unemployment rates in all Europe. But the rest of Spain's situation isn't much better. I'll see what to do when I finish my degree. But I think I'll have to take more courses after graduating. The more stuff you have in your CV, the better.

The mobile phone business is good for me. In fact, programming for Android is one of my degree's specializations.

Kokuoh | 01-16-14, 11:22 AM

Well, quite good. I'm finishing my programming studies, I only have one subject left, the 3 month internship and the final project.

I'm sorry about confunding you with my multiple usernames. I think I like the current one, Raoh's steed.

I don't understand that "friendship" collecting craze. I don't see the point in having tons of "friends" which you never talk to.

Ogre Tactics! I know that game series, I haven't played much, though. I know there was a title for the GBA and another one for the PSP, which are the ones I have tried out.

The concept of GoldenTowns is quite interesting. What amazes me the most, it's the fixed amount of gold there is. It's not like your typical MMORPG like World of Warcraft, where gold it's created and destroyed when doing business with the NPCs. Speaking of such, sometimes there is drama on the official forums because of the Auction House and the servers' economy.

Do you translate anime? That's cool! Which one are you translating?

Kokuoh | 01-12-14, 4:22 AM
Hello there, Dumuzi! How it's going?

Just in case you don't remember, I'm that Spanish guy who loves beer once known as Jeigan. I've been inactive here on MAL for a long period of time because, sice I've been a long time without watching or reading any anime or manga, I have barely logged in, just to check a couple of things or something.

Now that I have come back to my old habits, I think I'll be more active from now on.

ahshimatta | 01-06-14, 8:01 AM
Well I guess what made a difference for me was the fact that I finally had a chance to watch some good pieces. There's nothing worse than having to watch terrible titles one by one and although I always try to select what I'm watching I sometimes fall for the trap of the premise being really good, but then discovering that the anime is not living up to my expectations. But yeah, sometimes it's tough to find time to do it anyway.

That was the risk of playing the shuffle game, right? That you will accidentally draw out something lengthy. Maybe you should modify the rules next time and exclude the overwhelming series. Or decide on several keywords giving one to each person and asking for recommendations based on the keyword. It could be fun to see how people interpret those keywords and still pretty unpredictable what you will end up with. It could work if you also ask people to be merciful instead of giving you a 200+ series "oh yeah, check that out to see what I mean" ;)

iristella | 01-01-14, 4:47 PM
Happy new year dumuzi. :3

ahshimatta | 12-26-13, 3:55 PM
Hey there!
All is good, all is great. Been watching more anime lately, some stuff I really wanted to check for long, so I'm having lots of fun with that. How are you? Are you still playing that shuffle anime game with people? :)
Thank you and since it's a little bit late for x-mas wishes - all the best in 2014, may that be the year, when some of your biggest dreams come true! :)

Anakin1981 | 12-25-13, 2:51 AM
Hello my friend! Thank you for you wishes! We're fine, thanks for asking. I hope you're also alright!

I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year to come! :)

konnakude | 12-25-13, 12:41 AM
Hey! Merry Christmas to you too! :D

It's because we got 2 times hit by a hacker who posted a virus in a pics that he posted on the forums. So the site was down and it took a lot of work to restore it. But you can publish a link to the pic after you've uploaded it to some site like FB, tinypic and such.

Echelon | 12-24-13, 7:25 PM
Jingle Bells!

FGAU1912 | 12-24-13, 3:26 PM
long time yes i doing good

Snowing | 10-23-13, 7:27 PM
It's nothing really, I'm just apart of the society, and so are you. It's what keeps this world revolving for the sake of humanity. The present systems are potentially flawed, and to believe anything and blindly follow is not in the best interests of ourselves or our species. Man once believed adamantly that the world was flat, to later find they were wrong. We need to change and adapt and it is our instincts of human nature who pave the way for future generations.
this process of coming up with new ideas and branching out into the unknown is very tedious, difficult work. It can strain the mind, it is not for the weak of spirit. Especially if you one day hope to have a theory that is so intricate that it is ready for presentation to the greater world.

I suppose your right, but without a line of spirituality to guide its action, science becomes corrupt.
science and religion should not be thought of as foes or as mutually irrelevant. Rather there are several ways in which they can fruitfully interact, that is, if we were to simply put aside all the extremities for both these two.

The video may be a little compelling at times, but it is interesting to watch for the sake of it being...well, interesting.

Snowing | 10-21-13, 7:38 PM
I've only met one other individual who happened to share the same birthday as me, even the same year. We only found out after 4 years despite attending the same high school together since grade 8.

I concur with what you just said, this reminds me of the 'great debates' I had back in high school philosophy class.

Well reality is absolute is the explicit recognition of the primacy of existence. The religious, have subjected themselves to wishes, whims, prayers, or miracles, in other words faith, for a God.
Anyways, as of now I am undertaking nuclear medicine as my major, from what I have learned in my course, is that science can only be accepted by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration toward truth and understanding. Hence the idea of faith does not profoundly make any remarks in science. There is a small banner that serves as a humorous side relief in our laboratory which says: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" Underneath the banner you see a God trying to prove Himself through scientific equations only to be prevailed by the mocking ??? above His head.

ah... What did I get myself into..
the existential crisis that tends to haunt us every now and then. It still hasn't left my mind...perhaps when one truly rests in peace, then, the questions will never need answers, they will simply become a part of reality again.

Snowing | 10-15-13, 7:49 PM
Thank you!

Well I suppose millions of other people would be born on the same day as me so it's nothing out of the norm.

I don't believe in heaven or/& hell, or any other forms of higher entity. Earth exists. And that is plenty to ponder on about.

Nothing in life is a coincidence as they say, take our existence for example, what I believe is that the universe exists for a reason I cannot yet comprehend, and we’re here to discover who we are. The universe is God, in a way, just not taking the form of a being, but rather…. nothing and everything. We are simply a part of this nothingness and everything-ness. And it’s a part of everyone and you as an individual.

I try to be active on MAL, though I tend to slack off a little, since I only come on here to reply and hence I log off immediately afterwards.
My list has not been updated ever since I was still a high thoughts on the ratings has definitely taken a new light. Since when did I ever give so many 9 and 10 so ruthlessly like that...
Oh wells, it not like one sole opinion matters anyways...

konnakude | 10-03-13, 8:43 AM
Shit happens! This is my daily motto! If you live according to this, nothing what happens can amaze you, as it's a part of what's called life.

Sangofe said that he TL-ed to the end himself ep 54, so you don't have to worry. Just come back when you'll fix everything and you don't have to worry. Luckily, we have more than one translator for Tsubasa, so you don't have to be stressed because of that too. Just keep "Fighto!" and come back! :D

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