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November 21, 1993
Longmont, Colorado
August 11, 2011
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So, I got 're'-addicted to OSU! Then I stopped again around March 2014

My PSN, feel free to add me up!

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Rift Adventure
01-25-12, 11:42 AM Edited 01-25-12, 11:56 AM

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cool___guy | 09-06-14, 6:53 PM
no u

SSJChris | 08-27-14, 10:59 AM
Colorado Group

Vroknokmen | 08-03-14, 4:43 AM
I dont know much about manga. I'm more of an anime only person

Vroknokmen | 07-29-14, 11:28 PM
actually spice and wolf is my favorite anime

Neon_Horizon | 05-06-14, 7:04 PM
We said the same thing on PSN. I'll be doing the same thing you're doing over the summer.
I also have 4 of the Atelier games but I haven't completed the first one and haven't started the other 3 because of my huge backlog @_@
Dragon's Dogma is one of the best action rpg I've ever played in my life. I want a sequel!
Also, I haven't played The Witch and the Hundred Knight in a while. I plan on getting back to it after getting platinum on some of the games I've downloaded with PSN+
I'm also waiting for ToX2 and Project Diva F 2. Hopefully, ToX2 is better than the first as I didn't really like the story that much compare to the other Tales games.
I mainly play JRPG and MMORPG. I sometimes play BF3 to pass time before I go to my class.

link9us | 05-06-14, 6:29 PM
Absolutely, i have quite a few games on my list, but the ones i am looking forward to the most coming these few months, i would say is Tales of Xillia 2, Mugen Souls Z, and Dragon age Inquisition.

Unfortunately i do not have a ps4 yet. But i will be getting one probably by the end of this year. I do have a vita though and i love that portable system.

Draken Guard 3 I considered. A few people recommended it to me but i am not that big of a fan of the franchise so i really have no idea what the series entails.

I will tell you my most anticipated game that has been announced though is X. This game developed my monolith, the same company that developed xenosaga, xenogears and the famed xenoblade. I am actually looking forward to this game more then Final Fantasy XV.

I will have to get my hands on a WIIU.

link9us | 05-06-14, 5:44 PM
Yeah, your right lol. I don't know you. Where did you find me, in what forum section. Yeah i don't mind having more friends on PSN.

Neon_Horizon | 05-06-14, 12:08 PM
Oops, forgot to add (I thought I did lol) Anyway, what kind of games do you play?

vampire-bite | 03-14-14, 5:24 PM
Oh my gosh, I saw this after a YEAR! *dies*

aeysoi | 03-14-14, 5:42 AM
We would love to have you in our Watch Anime and Talk Simultaneously Club. Please take a few minutes to check the club out and read our FAQ to see if this is the right club for you. We are sorry to bother you if you are not interested in any clubs or social activities.

Shidira | 02-04-14, 4:24 PM
I really like that one. I finally finished the second season of Code Geass today, and now I'm just catching up on the winter season anime I'm behind on lol. I like your list and you too! ^_^

Shidira | 02-04-14, 3:58 PM
Hey, thanks for accepting! It's a random friend request. Saw your profile and thought I'd just add you, as we have quite a few anime in common.

Dragnoer | 12-18-13, 7:37 PM
I am not from Colorado...

Slowpoke_ | 12-15-13, 9:33 PM
Im LittleChocoWolf on Osu!
I can only play hard songs and I'm not that good at them lol.

Slowpoke_ | 12-15-13, 7:06 PM
Oh sure o:
Im not very good though.

I don't do Taiko or anything else.
I just do the plan osu! stuff

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