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Favorite Anime
Steins;Gate add
Nagi no Asukara
Nagi no Asukara add
Aldnoah.Zero add
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill add
No Game No Life
No Game No Life add

Favorite Manga
Kingdom add
Orange Marmalade
Orange Marmalade add
Kimi no Iru Machi
Kimi no Iru Machi add
AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei
AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei add
Feng Shen Ji
Feng Shen Ji add

Favorite Characters
Kurokawa, Yuki
Eba, Yuzuki
Akemi, Homura
Matoi, Ryuuko
Kirishima, Touka
Balzac, Angela
Urayama, Minoru
Akitsuki, Fuuka

Favorite People
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Sawano, Hiroyuki
Sawano, Hiroyuki
Urobuchi, Gen
Urobuchi, Gen
Yanagi, Nagi
Yanagi, Nagi

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October 30, 1986
April 7, 2009
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 88.9
Watching 18
Completed 208
On Hold 0
Dropped 85
Plan to Watch 8
Total Entries 319

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Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 85.1
Reading 107
Completed 62
On Hold 2
Dropped 0
Plan to Read 0
Total Entries 171

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Unknown :(

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About DragonBlade
Software QA enjoying Animu and Mangu
Favorite Language: C++
Currently Learning: MEAN Stack

#1 Favorites:
Action: Tower of God
Romance: Kimi no Iru Machi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano
Performer: Nagi Yanagi
Underrated Gem: Shinsekai Yori
Best Girl: Jibril
3D > 2D
Non-Loli > Loli

I highly enjoy anime/manga progressing through the main plot over episodic/slice of life style. There are a few exceptions, like Darker than Black and Nagi no Asukara which completely blew my expectations. I also read my anime based on personal enjoyment over all else.

Feel free to leave a comment, especially on recommendations!

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"Fiat justitia ruat caelum."

"You must become an existence capable of killing those who can never be killed."

"This world will not wait for you till you've got an answer. Although all these doors were correct, after a few moments they become your death. At times, you will need allies who will open those doors for you without hesitation."

"The thing you wished for the most, is something you’ll never get."

"To truly love someone is to always put their feelings before your own... no matter what."

"Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."

"There's something in this world that no one has seen before. It is gentle and sweet. Maybe if it could be seen, everyone would fight over it. That's why no one has ever seen it. The world hid it so that no one could get their hands on it easily. However, someday, someone will find it. The person who deserves it the most will definitely find it. This is how its created."

"That's why people hesitate. In front of all the choices, one could lose hope and try to run away, because no excuse could be used. No matter how dangerous the long journey in life was, or how one admits to being dealt the short end of the stick, everything was the result of one's own choices, it was a road chosen by oneself. Even if this path is hard, and there's no chance of changing past choices, one cannot place the blame on other people. No matter how angry or frustrated one was, one would be alone on that path, for no one to replace you."

"If there was a girl out there who loved you so much that she couldn't control herself... would you... go out with her?"

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guyklc | 08-30-14, 10:48 AM
:o How come the only people who want to stalk me are men?

nx6 | 08-29-14, 11:22 PM
Went out shopping and running other errands, came home just now and the 8.1 update was finishing. Awesome timing.

guyklc | 08-29-14, 9:42 PM
I will never be gay for anyone :)

LOL! I'm assuming he didn't get the job, right?

nx6 | 08-29-14, 9:33 PM
Finally have Windows 8 installed and updated so it will allow me to download and install the 8.1 update. This really is going to be an all-weekend thing at this rate, considering I haven't reached a point where I'm starting to download my own applications yet.

nx6 | 08-29-14, 12:45 PM
Backing up user folder as we speak.

guyklc | 08-29-14, 10:30 AM
Your kouhai just wants you to notice him, senpai :D

nx6 | 08-29-14, 1:36 AM
Computer *successfully* rolled back to August 20th, previous to the Windows Updates before these recent ones, and it STILL is BSODing the same way. WTF.

nx6 | 08-29-14, 12:37 AM
8ms response time?

nx6 | 08-28-14, 11:57 PM
I wasn't scared, otherwise I wouldn't have updated to begin with. :-P

I also tried using Windows Restore. There were two restore points recently. One was made by Windows from just before the updates were installed (!), and the other was from when I updated OpenOffice a few days ago. Windows failed to restore to either of them. -__-

I haven't lost any actual files. The drives are fine and I can boot off the Linux flash drive and still get to everything (I spent tonight watching anime in MPV video player from off the regular boot drive and the NAS).

So I'll just have to move everything over to one of the video storage drives if I have to actually reformat the boot drive to fix this (which is looking likely). It's just a humongous hassle.

guyklc | 08-28-14, 10:57 PM
Lol, that's really cute :D

nx6 | 08-28-14, 10:49 PM
Since all the bad update shitstorm was like two weeks ago I thought the bad updates were already pulled. So I figured I got away with no issues like you did.

I can't fix it using their directions. I'm supposed to boot into Safe Mode but I still get the BSOD in Safe Mode booting, too. I tried booting off a Linux flash drive and deleting the file I was supposed to that way, but it didn't work. I still can't start up normally. So I can't go and uninstall the bad updates now since I have to be able to use the computer to do that.

I found some info on removing updates via the Recovery Console, and I'm going to give that a shot to see if it works.

nx6 | 08-26-14, 11:53 PM
It's been that way on and off for weeks now. Mostly very slow on the quick editor becoming usable and getting gateway timeouts.

Mashiro-Yuki | 08-26-14, 11:47 PM
Yeah. G'night then.

guyklc | 08-26-14, 11:46 PM
I will try that out. Thanks.

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