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04-23-15, 8:00 PM
June 22, 1988
Calgary, Alberta
May 20, 2007
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About Draendil
I like metal, folk, progressive, and trance music. I play guitar as well as many other instruments.
I want a lute. I want to minstrel in the forest.
I want to minstrel in the forest with my lute.

Please Check out of my Music Projects:

Draendil - Black Metal / Dark Ambient / Folk - Side project of Draendil

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Maglor - Folk Metal / Black Metal - (Draendil and Wayfarer)

Maglor on MySpace - Maglor on Twitter - Maglor on Facebook

Eldensky - Celtic Folk Metal - Side project of Wayfarer

Official Eldensky Homepage - Eldensky on MySpace - Eldensky on Twitter - Eldensky on Facebook - Eldensky on - Eldensky on YouTube - Eldensky on Metal-Archives

I stole Nanami... she's MINE!

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Archeologist | 12-15-14, 6:38 AM

Auron | 10-05-10, 2:33 PM
wow 87%

aaronluis26 | 08-28-10, 5:05 AM
Here are some new updates to the shojo beat! club.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- aaronluis26

taylorrtantrum | 06-04-10, 6:45 PM
Hi (:
this is very random.
but do you like drawing? (:

Wayfarer | 12-21-09, 3:01 PM
Whoa session fest!!

Wayfarer | 11-14-09, 9:01 AM
Session Melancholy?...

Wayfarer | 10-27-09, 8:43 PM
mmmm...definitly a solid series. Quite the ending...much enjoyed.

Wayfarer | 07-16-09, 4:52 PM
Where are you getting brotherhood from? Eclipse website??

Horns Up !..!

Wayfarer | 01-09-09, 12:39 PM
Dude, check out the Joe Hisaishi club....
Sick vid of Joe shredding up the piano.


Wayfarer | 12-03-08, 4:17 PM
How was Mushishi?.....thinking of starting it possibly. When I get through Clannad, lol.

We should hit up the dragon soon, been too long since we conversed over a Guiness...


kyox69 | 11-26-08, 10:28 PM
Dude, Theres a new DBZ OVA, zomg! ne ways check it out.

Wayfarer | 11-06-08, 7:21 PM
How goes sir?.....Thy keyboard singing galiantly?
Must shred soon.

Horns up!!

Wayfarer | 09-30-08, 3:28 PM
Yo....would you happen to have a spare windows OS laying around?....thinking of upgrading to vista simply because I am looking at getting a MIDI keyboard. Been looking at some M-Audio stuff....Axe has a good selection. Theres some not too bad stuff for an acceptable price....only thing is, pretty much nothing is compatable with Media Centre Edition. And I just installed SP3 as well.
I don't know dude....what do you think?

Wayfarer | 09-22-08, 11:24 PM
Oh I know eh.....uber sick!!

Both shows were around 35 bucks. I'll check for sure and get back to you sir.

Wayfarer | 09-22-08, 3:17 PM
Check out Powerglove haha....their coming with Turisas. Its like pwnage metal!!

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