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12-31-12, 9:55 PM
October 26, 1997
October 9, 2011
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Im bored most of the time i look SAD most of the time but im happy i hate people when they just come up to me and say are you are right, any thing wrong NOTHINGS wrong some times But not all the time. Im really think of delleteing my facebook but then again i might not.lways people that are more superier and stronger than me.But above all that...i have something that they never will posses...something that just appeared and changed my whole life. alright im redoing this right now im around alright send me messeges guys i will try to respond to most of them youll have a better chance of getting me to respond if you dont send me something generic like "yo sup" i hate those also i dont like HUGE LONG MESSEGES too much they take to long to read haha i usually respond to messeges that take me under 2 minutes to read. well enough about messeges! if you want to talk to me on msn it is but i hate when people try to talk to me on aim thats for my personal friends only or people i know really well from youtube. If i talk to you once and then the next time i dont remember talking to you its because you have to remember i talk to about 300 people the course of a week please keep that in mind. Feel free to comment my page ill respond! well thats about it! bye bye! i am very proud to say that today i had number

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makisek | 10-11-11, 1:22 PM
Draaaaaaaaaaaee :)

Drae787890 | 10-09-11, 1:21 PM
Just Started On My Profile :)

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