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04-04-14, 3:49 PM
October 22, 1983
London UK
2 B Da No.1 Don
June 30, 2011
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About Donwun
I am pretty much a media junkie who loves good storytelling across all mediums

I ran an anime podcast for about 3 years and now that has matured and turned into an all out
media review show on YouTube called TYROMEDIA - check it out on our YT channel

I have a video where i talk more about myself personally below

and finally another anime profile i have where i'm conversing with fellow otaku

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Vensito | 02-06-14, 11:23 PM
Youtube show huh? When'd you start that up? Sounds interesting. Holy shit yeah, you haven't watched anything in awhile xD.

Not too bad over here. Still trying to muster up the courage and money to get into College and clearing up my backlog of anime/manga while still enjoying some shows with mah fwends.

Vensito | 02-06-14, 7:54 PM
Hey, how you been man?

klasha | 06-25-13, 9:22 AM
I've read it before and it is alot better than the show im always updating this lol

klasha | 06-23-13, 3:45 PM
I saw it back in 07 thought it was good but couldn't see what all the hype was about seen it multiple times now and it is good but its not what everybody makes it out to be if i saw it in your days maybe i would be convinced :P sorry for making it sound like you're super old mate lol

klasha | 06-22-13, 10:05 AM
Good taste in anime mate, akira got a 10 though? that was overrated

gINGEr | 05-02-13, 7:25 AM

roriconfan | 03-23-13, 12:07 PM
Do I sound ok?

stylzx | 03-10-13, 12:19 AM

BDL | 03-05-13, 3:31 PM
Thanks! Yes, the Oldboy movie is way better than the manga. It's uncommon a live-action being better than the book/comics/manga, but the Koreans did it very well. The original ending was very frustrating for me when I read it.

BDL | 03-05-13, 2:47 PM
Thanks, man! I'm glad you found it helpful!
My review is a little limited since it only compares the manga with the movie, but I plan to edit it in the future.

see ya =)

Veronin | 02-07-13, 10:53 PM
Oh man, I definitely agree. Even from the very first episode I was feeling uncomfortable with the horrendous pacing and animation quality. It seems like most of the people who are praising it are simply fans of the game who refuse to look at the anime honestly, taking criticism of it as criticism against the entire series. Persona 4 is definitely a good game but the anime adaptation is a bastardization of that.

roriconfan | 02-04-13, 5:37 PM
I promise nothing XD

Hyperion720 | 12-19-12, 5:17 PM
Thanks for the recombination and thanks it's from my fav series.

KnightRyder | 11-14-12, 3:40 PM
I have not yet watched Les Miz, the anime adaptation you reviewed. But it sounds like this is a victim of Japanese culture with submissive women and often wimpy male leads. I read the novel a very long time ago and have watched perhaps 3 or 4 motion picture adaptations of the story. But, it does sound like the anime is worth watching even with the problems. I would think an 8 rating to be very good and would highly recommend any title I rated at 8. I will continue to keep this on my PTW list and hope to b=get into it sometime next year.

As an aside, I never found French novels to be that great, I much prefer English novelists from the Bronte sisters to Agatha Christie.

BigOnAnime | 11-04-12, 4:27 PM

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