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Michiko to Hatchin
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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
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Berserk add
One Piece
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Hoshi no Samidare
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
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Spiegel, Spike
Malandro, Michiko
Asuka Langley
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Kougami, Shinya
Sakata, Gintoki
Higashikata, Jousuke
Yonsa, Balsa
Monkey D., Luffy

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Sakamoto, Maaya
Sakamoto, Maaya
Sawashiro, Miyuki
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Kajiura, Yuki
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Araki, Hirohiko
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Watanabe, Shinichiro
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snufflesxx | 5 hours ago
And why is that? :l

Its business. We have to accept that its still the driving force for a production.

Me tell the reason that what? O_o When I tell them my take on it, they'll tell me I won't understand coz I'm not much of a MMO gamer. no use talking to close minded individuals, I'll just let em fanboy on SAO. Yeah, that was good. But it lacks conflict, climax, denouement(hahahaha, ignore me). Will not urge you to watch :P ep3 was bad IMO, I was rolling my eyes during the game. ugh. but it can be entertaining anyway. And that's true! hahaha ep2 has that Dio reference and IDK who's line was it on ep3 but apparently the two siblings love Jojo.

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID NOT. :( ep3 in a few hours! And Mahouka was so boring. Even Brynhildr had entertained me more.

Nei-san | Yesterday, 3:01 PM
I see you're reading Hokuto no Ken. How do you like it so far?

snufflesxx | 04-22-14, 11:23 PM
I see :D Putting something original is better. I'm not familiar with his life. If ever I read it, I'd rather not know about it anyway xD

To each of its own. :D They're not successful compared to others anyway.

Oh...well, that's the only reason I could think of :S I'm not much of a gamer anyway so they always tell me that its the reason that I don't enjoy it. -___- But even log horizon is boring. I don't know where the story is going really...I don't know what they want to achieve. Only thing I liked about NGNL is the game theory aspect, that author seem to have background or he researched about it and I'm glad, lol. Anyway, the two are so OP which makes me think that they're superhuman robots.

snufflesxx | 04-22-14, 12:15 PM
You must be happy with the HxH news ^^ and ugh, the raws are out...waiting for the subs.

DystopianLove | 04-20-14, 10:08 PM
Whatever Wayne. *eyeroll*

snufflesxx | 04-20-14, 8:13 AM
p.s. Happy Easter :)

snufflesxx | 04-20-14, 7:22 AM
lol. I see xD So its somewhat faithful to the history then?

LN adaptations I love so far are Baccano and Drrr! :3 Hope we get those stuff again :( Most LNs nowadays are written by otakus.
And there won't be a possible season 2? and would you recommend it? :D Ah, I think I'll watch it but not soon :D
Maybe because of the target audience? There are plenty of online gamers so that's why. I've noticed that there are people who haven't watched anime before but an MMO player would watch SAO(I know based on an experience).

haha. I see xD

Maaan, ping pong! Smile shows his true ability last episode xD

megaan | 04-16-14, 11:12 AM
Its weird that the manga artist made a spin off manga, like towards the end of the original soul eater manga you could tell all the effort, care and motivation was gone.

he did not give rats ass anymore, either that or his imagination just disappeared!

happened in Maid-Sama's manga too. such a shame. :(

snufflesxx | 04-16-14, 1:45 AM
Probably. Or the mangaka changed plans and had more ideas with the story xD

Some originals are not good, like Galilei Donna :P
Yeah, right. >:) So you're done with Star Driver. How was it overall? And you're already at the half of Honey and Clover xD

If ever it gets another season, let's hope that A-1 won't do it anymore but.
Well, SAO and SnK are very popular. But its not simulcasted like Space Dandy xD

Guess he's really popular worldwide.

megaan | 04-14-14, 10:20 AM
Defiantly watch it! its pretty good :)

How come you're not happy about Soul Eater Not? is it because they got rid of the gothic art style? that got to me as well - I miss how creepy the moon and sun looked!

Not to mention those epic fight scenes!

DystopianLove | 04-13-14, 10:46 PM
<3 the love never ends.

Also, did you start Elfen Lied 2?

DystopianLove | 04-13-14, 10:24 PM
Watch Utena already

snufflesxx | 04-13-14, 2:27 AM
lol. We'll see how Mekakucity goes. :)

I don't know, that's why I asked.

Yeah! I'm excited for it actually :D Its original so I hope this won't be bad.
Right, the animation is nicely done in no game no life :/ Diamond no Ace T-T
What the. You always make the first move on my plans(spotted your updates)! gah. Well, enjoy it. Tell me if its better than Golden Time(but i know it will).

I really don't get how A-1 would decline its quality in the second half. If that usually happens, they should just do 1 cour! Like how they did with Gin no Saji. :/ Just bad adaptation.
So I've read in the news, not affected since we don't have toonami, lol. So the English VA is bad? How can he score Kirito and Eren? :O Kirito is too different from Eren too. Checking the VA's other roles...he's done Kida? I've watched the english too since Johnny Bosch's Izaya was nice. He shouldn't do Eren!

lol. can't blame you with your work load and anime/manga you're watching/reading and thanks for clearing it up! xD

Ack. Sucks. Wait, what. You know about Pacquiao? XD

snufflesxx | 04-13-14, 12:14 AM

snufflesxx | 04-12-14, 11:47 PM
Oh right, looking at the synopsis it doesn't seem like the psychological as is in One Outs. But it does sound good. Maybe I'll read it in the future. and were now in 2014....

I really can't say. I like P. A. Works though. But some of their stuff are meh.
haha. There will always be flops. :/ I should watch the rest of Noitamina's like Hachimitsu to Clover xD

Right! Not really worth your time xD and its not a must-read

lol. I really thought Kuroko would be 26 eps long. The ending was wrapped up badly...I should lower it to 7. haha
I want to see those djinn equips in the anime so I watched. But ugh. At least it was better than season 1's adaptation.
Do what on purpose? Lisa's? I like her song in Fate/Zero though! :( but maybe its intentional. haha

I read it. I thought you hate him since you forgot about him :p

Awww. I thought it would be broadcasted in the U.S.! Oh okay, pay per view is the only way huh. We have free broadcast but it airs on a later time. Pacquiao won anyway.

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