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Hamatora The Animation

Super powers. Mystery. Witty. Each anime has these elements in spades. Intensity seems to be the main element though. I couldn't help but notice the similarity after the first two episodes. The darkened theme running through the background plot sets up the mood for future events and the protagonists both have sort of that "in your face" approach. If you've seen one, I definitely recommend the other if only for a comparison of the two.

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Bakemonogatari instantly reminded me of FLCL from the first episode. The quirky story and seemingly nonsensical dialogue are an almost perfect fit, but what really does it is, for me, is the somewhat full blast sexual overtones that FLCL was rather comical about. I'm not saying it's a bad anime but it is really interesting and slight bit confusing if you don't really pay attention. If I had to say which is better, Bakemonogatari wins hands down. The artistic stylizing and story depth make it a better anime by far.

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