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May 31, 1988
May 11, 2009
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- Rarely have time to watch much anime these days, aside from weekly One Piece & Naruto
- 3D Game Artist is were I see myself in 10 years time
- Currently Studying at college
- Off to University this year!

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Becks | 04-12-14, 9:29 AM
Funny enough, never actually been to one before, and tell me about it. Just one trip in and out of town in a black cab is like £8 - £10 I'd rather use the train instead xD

Becks | 04-05-14, 5:28 AM
I am indeed lol :) And yeah I love rock ^^

Kuromii | 04-01-14, 4:43 AM
Hmmm well I watched the first episode and I hated it. I'm usually fairly tolerant towards sexualisation of women in anime but Kill la Kill was completely overdone. The women are so hypersexualised that its not enjoyable to me. But you might like it, idk haha.

Kuromii | 03-31-14, 2:04 PM
Only passing through on the train between Telford and Worcs :)

Kuromii | 03-28-14, 8:43 AM
By the end of the series I was so sick of Tsuna that I ended up not liking it as much as I had done. He doesn't grow as a character and is a depressingly bad MC. The series had so much potential but due to the mangaka's inability to write good female characters or make Tsuna interesting, I kind of found it very mediocre ;__;

Kuromii | 03-25-14, 1:11 PM
Nah not work, just some other people. Its back now! And I sent you a text!

Kuromii | 03-24-14, 11:25 AM
I've deactivated it just for a little while. It'll be back up tomorrow :)

Kuromii | 03-22-14, 7:40 AM
25 year old Lambo is cool! And I'm glad to see you're enjoying it... well, I assume you are, given how much you've watched in such a short space of time :3

Kuromii | 03-08-14, 9:36 AM
You bloody better otherwise I'll cry ;__;

Kuromii | 03-04-14, 4:30 PM
Yay~ it doesn't get good for about 20 episodes mind, so if you can hold out til then, then yay! :D

Kuromii | 09-14-13, 2:26 AM
Innit bruvvvv

Kuromii | 08-31-13, 1:18 PM

Twinkle | 05-05-12, 10:04 AM

link9us | 04-16-12, 11:15 AM
yeah then multiple allen's personality by 10 and you have tsuna lol. But he does change over time, but before that he is a whiny selfish idiot and all he cares bout is not joining the mafia, not being involved in anything accept staying at his house. Even reborn calls him "no good tsuna" but eventually he does go through some radical changes and it changes his character for good.

D gray man kind of has a mixture of Shonen and Seinen elements. So thier is going to be quite alot of heavy emotional male characters, after all it was written by a lady.

Yeah the manga is moving such at a snails pace right now that it will still proably be a while before another anime adaptation is created for D gray man.

link9us | 04-16-12, 8:35 AM
Well im starting to enjoy it where its heading now, but it starts SLOWWW and i mean really slow. The first 32 episodes or so, 6 out of those 32 are mostly all gag comedy episodes and just doesn't flow with the story so well. Those 6 episodes that you do see are pretty good though. The first 9 episodes are ok because its introducing and development of the characters but episodes 10-19 lol oh boy, you really have to have the patience to be able to watch those. Even though they are gag comedy episodes they still really aren't that funny, i had a few laughs but the writer does no excel at it like gintama persay.

The thing bout reborn is that the mangaka originally intended for it to be a gag comedy, that is why it has such a slow start and then decided to shift gears and create a battle shonen story out of it cause it wasn't getting enough appraise as a manga.

But if you ever seen D gray man, the 1st season kind of had a low start as well, but its NOTHING in comparison to hitman reborn. SO many fans have dropped that show due it to being slow from the start and rehashing the same things plus the annoying protagonist gets on your nerves like no end. BUT if you some how manage to make it to the Varia arc which is like around episode 40 i think, the series finally starts to pick up and remains pretty consistent.

I did make a list in the discussion for pepole who want to actually enjoy the series's main shonen story line, but reborn fans are contesting against and insist that you watch everything because i guess some of them come back in flash backs.

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