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November 20, 2007
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My Conversations with God. What you didnt see
08-03-09, 5:51 PM Edited 08-03-09, 5:52 PM
My Conversations with God
07-31-09, 4:37 PM Edited 08-01-09, 8:24 PM

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Realalist | 12-31-13, 7:20 PM
My page rules

Monkeytaillo | 06-09-13, 5:59 PM
O: !!! Dude are you serious? How generous! You still live in G.burg? I visit my sister up there sometimes...

Monkeytaillo | 04-30-13, 2:59 PM
"Damn young?" Hahaha, I still have the Jump(s) you gave me! :D

Monkeytaillo | 04-10-13, 8:39 PM
Haha same, school's library had... OHHH! Do you still get Shounen Jump!

Monkeytaillo | 04-03-13, 6:50 PM
I thank you for making me join this site, though! Durarara is good, too! Psyren I got mixed up with this manga called Waq Waq... Barely started on both.

Monkeytaillo | 03-24-13, 12:30 AM
Dude, finish Baccanoooo! And Psyren sounds familiar, were you the one who told me to read it?

Yuki_chan3 | 02-18-13, 4:02 AM
You have amazing anime and manga and... ano...I'm sending You a firend request.
I hope you'll accept my request xD

Valentiln | 05-21-12, 7:27 PM

DarkRoseOtaku | 12-18-11, 7:01 PM
i have no idea.

DarkRoseOtaku | 11-09-11, 12:06 PM
dun come all over ur self

MotokoAramaki | 11-08-11, 3:39 PM
I know, no news for ages, rite? But there are a whole lot of CGI anime movies that are being pushed as high profile aside from Appleseed in the near future, someone might have renewed interest in the project soon. I for one look forward to the new Harlock movie, it looks like it'll be pretty epic.

DarkRoseOtaku | 10-09-11, 7:38 PM
gosh you're really not paying attentions to me T>T

well whatever! i have news u may be interested in. Remember the yaoi one shots you liked about a guy who was sadistic and liked this dude who had a burn fetish? then there was a sequel to it? well there's another sequel for the sadist guy whos now a yakuza.

DarkRoseOtaku | 10-07-11, 9:29 PM
My god. this woman. i'm speechless. there's art still left in this world.!

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