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December 26, 1995
London, England
June 3, 2011
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Danimax93 | 05-23-14, 5:24 PM
Your anime list and scores for some of them seemed pretty interesting and similar to my scoring, so I couldn't resist not to send a request. Hope you don't mind it and thanks. :D

JizzyHitler | 12-06-13, 6:02 AM
my 10's are weird, basically a 9 for me is a exceptional show that manages to evoke certain emotions out of me that other shows cant, its something that sticks with me long after its done and is something i can look back on fondly, my 10's are basically the same exact thing but i just enjoyed them more than others. its kind of hard to describe but i just know when i want to give a 10 and want to give a 9, though a bunch of my 10's become 9's over time

JizzyHitler | 12-05-13, 4:05 PM
I dont have any current shows rated low, a 5/10 is a meh/ completely indifferent score for me and 6/10 is a good but flawed score for me

I dont see why you would be frustrated by me giving these lower scores, i realize i have an unpopular opinion and im not taking pride in that, I'm just saying im not a fan while i dont think they are bad i just dont find much enjoyment in either. I barely talk about them on the forum either, kill la kill i sometimes took part of predictions for where the series will go since its suppossed to get serious in the 2nd half but thats got nothing to do with my opinion on the series but rather where you take a blind guess at watchs gonna happen(Mako's sadly probably gonna die)

JizzyHitler | 12-05-13, 4:13 AM
I thank you MR david, I will take it to mind.

Klownzie | 10-06-13, 7:56 PM
You bitch, please stop stalling. Thank you.

Klownzie | 04-11-13, 2:47 PM
Oh, h! What's up, brah?

Klownzie | 04-08-13, 12:42 PM
No idea. I know you are from Hybrid, though. :P

Zumochi | 10-13-12, 3:02 PM

purefmwc | 07-29-12, 7:40 AM
Nah, could be more.. lately only animes I wanna see are airing xD

Chai_ | 06-24-12, 6:07 AM
ahahahaha xD
i was jkz LOL

Chai_ | 06-23-12, 4:02 PM
We're growing apart each day...

Killer2670 | 06-16-12, 2:33 AM
ya, i like ecchi a lot lol XD

Chai_ | 06-12-12, 12:36 PM

its a sign.....O_O

Chai_ | 06-11-12, 11:15 AM
hmm, im really busy so i dont think i can proof-check anime translations. How often do u have to do the work? :)

Chai_ | 06-11-12, 11:14 AM
I never said avatar is an anime! read carefully, it says cartoon. Kiya baat kardi aap ney mr.editor, i thought u were supposed to be very observant. :P

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