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Mirai Nikki (TV)
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Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori add
ef: A Tale of Memories.
ef: A Tale of Memories. add
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 add
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
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Favorite Manga
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
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Pandora Hearts
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Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko no Basket add
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland add
The Breaker
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Favorite Characters
Gasai, Yuno
Chitanda, Eru
Makishima, Shougo
Tokuchi, Toua
Shiina, Mashiro
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Devens, Cal
Kanoe, Yuuko

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Mikage, Eiji
Mikage, Eiji
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Yousei Teikoku
Yousei Teikoku

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MEanimaniac1 | Today, 1:00 AM
Same here. Stupid people piss me off.

I'll watch it soon, probably not next but before the end of Summer break...which is the 25th of August.

That's good then.

I'm just sad to se Re:Remember go, it is literally one of my favorite openings. I just love anything by Nano, her/his voice is perfection (has yet to confirm gender). Me too, that'd like make my day if there was a kiss between them.

MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 11:27 PM
Lol. They sound hilarious.

Yeah, me too.

Like we know that already, but when it's brought to light, it's like "Woah really?"

That's great! I'm glad One Outs re-light your fire, so to say.

Yep. I would give it to you now, but I gave you the lists' codes early last year so :p

I thought the old OP was secure, and there to stay. Then, episode 14 comes along and GODDAMNIT WHY? I was pretty pissed actually. And I love the new Ed, I wasn't even gonna listen to it because I never listen to ED's anyway, but I was skipping through and hear Nano's voice then I fangirled and listened to it, I love it. And yeah, I actually thought this episode was really sad, and I was waiting on Mahmu forever so <3 When they were talking about Raika or Iwato becoming a LIM I got sad, I really like them together but not in a robot+human way, in a "let's get married" way.

MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 10:36 PM
I want to meet these people, they fascinate me.

That was the first time I ever used it, quite frankly I regret using it because it's kind of stupid.

Time goes by so fast :O

Wow, so soon? I hope you like it, though like I said I think you will.

Almost :D I did the coding and everything already :3

By the way, M3's new episode is available subbed now. Have you seen it?

MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 8:50 PM
Same here, though I don't think there's anyone dumb enough to make that excuse xD

My Dad says it to me all of the time I'll say "I wish I had like $20" and then yeah. Very true :p

Yet another example of how well you know me :3

I liked it enough to watch 11 episodes straight, which is extremely rare. I just really like Train and Eve, not as a pairing, but as individuals. I think you'd like it.

MEanimaniac1 | 07-22-14, 11:29 PM
Lol I guess xD

I still laugh when I think about it. That's literally the best thing I've heard all day. x'D

Thank you <3 Yeah, a wise man once said "Shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up sooner" jokes on him, I'm constipated. Just kidding about the constipation thing, I don't want to talk about the bathroom, like ever. And you're right about the dreams and wishes.

Lol I did >.<

Nice. I started Black Cat. It's alright.

MEanimaniac1 | 07-22-14, 9:56 PM
Literally same here :'D

Me either. He was in my friend's crafts class and he had a bunch of hickies on his neck and he told they teacher they were mosquito what?


I wish I could be your someone, but you're in Canada and I don't have a passport >.<

Me too, and I just caught up with it yesterday. I have a really bad memory when it comes to this stuff.

MEanimaniac1 | 07-22-14, 9:30 PM
We really do :O

His attendance wasn't exactly perfect either. He's kind of the perfect example of a delinquent.


I wish I could help you out there, but I really can't :L

Lol it would have been better if she did slap him. I loved that part so much <3 I'm trying to think of another part. Oh, when I though Kazuma died I was honestly on the brink of tears. And when Yato disowned, so to say, Nora I was like "yes yES YES FINALLY!!!"

MEanimaniac1 | 07-21-14, 11:49 PM
Hmm I see. I can understand that :L And thanks!! Oh, I see. Yet another thing we have in common :p

I've only met one person who failed a grade in high school, and he's a senior. It's his second senior school year coming up. He failed every single class.


Start searching then, because it's not just gonna scope you up like some anime. God, I wish it was that easy :o

Oh you read the manga already :$ Well then I can go further and go into spoilers. I hated Yukine in the anime as well, at least until the punishment ceremony thingy. I love how Hiyori made the mini-shrine for Yato, it was so cute, I died. :'D

MEanimaniac1 | 07-21-14, 10:01 PM
Well you can tell me anything. I might not have a reply for everything, but I can try. Ah, I see :3 That sounds extremely sitting at home all day like I do though :/ everyone else has a job so I can't hang out with the :/

Woah really? It happened to my cousin (he's turning 6 soon).


Well that's what they make anti-depressants for.

Even more. In the manga you can really see the relationship between Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine. And Yukine is less of an asshole in the manga. I would definetly recommend picking it up.

MEanimaniac1 | 07-21-14, 6:31 PM
I do too, well for the most part. Anything that's embarrassing or shows emotional weakness I keep to myself. Ah I see, I'm the opposite, all of my friends have (or are getting) an Xbox. Hmm, that's quite the dilemma.

Everyone that's older than me (at least like 10-15 people) failed a year or had the same problem my parents did.


I wonder why. Maybe you really should go get checked for depression.
Yeah, oh well.
Poo :#

I caught up on the Norgami manga...

MEanimaniac1 | 07-20-14, 10:33 PM
Nah, if it bothered you a little then might as well address it. Well you have to pay for online with PS4, so I might as well give Xbox a shot. Yeah, I think I'll follow it though, since I always end up doing it anyway.

Yeah, I'm one of the oldest people in my grade.


Hmm, I wonder why this happens. I don't lose interest, I just have a really hard time finding stuff to be interested in.
Well they wouldn't have to move far to escape a bad neighborhood :/
Celebrities or people you know? Because I'd like to hear some of the names, if they're celebrities xD

MEanimaniac1 | 07-20-14, 9:51 PM
Me too >.< Hm, I see :p Well, I won't have one until around November anyway...or even later.....depends on if I can find a job or not. That's what every keep telling me :/

I am, but my parents enrolled me too late for Kindergarten so had to wait an additional year....or something like that, even I'm not sure on the details.

Fucking headphones, I swear to god.

True, very true. It's hard to find enjoyable things though >3<
Yeah, pretty much everyone is that way though.
It is, it's so true xD

MEanimaniac1 | 07-20-14, 8:56 PM
It saddens me as well :/ Yeah, and I plan to get an Xbox One, so I could add you on live when I do get around to it.....I'll just have to save for awhile. Thank you! Though, I have almost 3 years to decide.

I did like it, I'm not sure how I feel about it now....haven't seen it since before Durarara... I'm going into 10th grade :L

I'm a money hoarder, so I never have that problem. I literally have money from my birthday just sitting in my wallet.

Me too, I want to enjoy anime, not watch it just for my list.
Well there are two things I'd move a long distance for: 1. College scholarship for some far away college (unlikely)
2. Job offer (for my career) in some far away place (again, unlikely)
Deep V-necks are ridiculous anyway, I don't care what some magazine's like a douchebag alert. Well thank you <3

*Dies of happiness*

MEanimaniac1 | 07-20-14, 8:08 PM
I don't really want to think about that. But if that happened, chances are we wouldn't talk anymore....though we are friends on PSN, so maybe there's a little hope. And I hope you do good with that.

Yeah, that does help a lot more than the friends initially think. I had a friend who recommended me Mai Hime, which is my real gateway to anime. I haven't talked to him since like 6th grade though, so yeah I'll never see him again.

I can see why. I buy my own, so my parents don't care.

Pretty much :/
Yeah, moving far away (again) is just a bigger hassle than it's worth.
Sounds nice. I can't wear V-necks, they don't look right on me...but I don't really like anything that exposes my chest (even if only a little). I don't know, I'm weird :/ That's pretty cool :3

What do I get in return? ;)

Nice :D

MEanimaniac1 | 07-20-14, 7:28 PM
Hm, seems like we're in the same boat. I want my life to move forward but I have no clue where to start, I know I want to work in an emergency room but I don't know exactly what position or where to start.

I see :3 Well at least you had somewhere to start from when you decided to watch anime.

Woah, you're just as, if not more, unfortunate than me with headphones.

It does!! Same here, I mean I have enjoyed some along the way but when I don't enjoy them I'm like "eh, at least I'm closer to 300 now" which seems to be happening more and more.
No, I think I'll stay in Ohio for a long time. The cost of living isn't very high here, and taxes aren't that harsh in the suburbs so it's sort of smart to stay here. What about you, are you planning to move anywhere when you're older? Hm, I wear a dress almost every Friday. Basically a pair of skinny jeans (usually with a design or some sort of weird thing that makes them look cool) and a tee-shirt from like Hollister, Abercrombie or something. In the winter I usually wear a pull-over hoodie with a design on it. In the summer I usually wear jean shorts with pretty much the same tee-shirts. I rarely wear crop-tops, but when it' like 90 degrees I will. I like my clothes to be "snug" so yeah....they're tight on me. Yoga pants are taboo though, I'll never wear a pair in my life. EVER. As for shoes, I wear anything from flip-flops to combat boots. I absolutely love combat boots. I have a pair like this except they're tan.

Well that's excellent ;) I'll look forward to it then :D
I'm glad you're happy <3

Nice! I'm probably gonna finish Kimi ni Todoke tonight, then I'm gonna start Tamako Market.

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