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MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 5:44 PM
Yeah, one of those two. Speaking of Reborn, I really need to pick that manga up, but I'm already getting busy with school so it's gonna be hard. But even if I can get one chapter in a day I'll be making some progress. Ah, poo.

It's true, because there are three people I know who are really irritable, so when they start to get tired they start to piss everyone else off so yeah it kind of sucks.

Yeah, but it'd matter to me because the admission is relatively cheap. $18 for unlimited rides.
Yes, yes it would.

Most likely, I mean it's pretty much the most annoying thing when it comes to manga.
Oh, sounds pretty legit.

Well that's good, because I feel the same way >.< Yeah, yesterday was my first day.

I just did too. Thank God that asshole died. I feel like the writers were trying to get us to pity him but I hated him so much at that point that I was smiling pretty widely.

MEanimaniac1 | Yesterday, 4:35 PM
Yeah I remember you telling me you're a quick reader. Have you gotten any farther? Okay :3

Oh I see, yeah usually me and my friends play the same sport for a few hours then get sick of it (or each other) and go home.

It really would, that'd be a tourist attraction and a half.
It is an amazing place! (Well there's only one in the world, so we're most likely talking about the same place). The world would be a better place man, well in my head.

Yeah, I think it pisses everyone off.
Oh, sounds convenient. Do you have to download the manga? Not the app, but the actual individual manga.

It's fine. I'll miss talking to you as much, but I can understand. I started school anyway so it's pretty hard to stay really active when I start to actually do work and stuff.

And did you watch the new episode of M3?

MEanimaniac1 | 08-24-14, 5:34 PM
True. To me, quite awhile is like an hour or so of reading. But then again I saved it like 10 minutes after the first choice and then went to bed, so my time could be slightly disoriented. It's true man, and there are a lot of them...too many...we need a new plague... I DON'T WANT TO HEAR :x

I can stay out all day if I'm at any of the places I mentioned. With sports, 2 hours is my limit, I get bored of that too.

I wish :o
Yeah, I've been there before too, it's pretty much the best place on Earth. Once again, I WISH :O

Especially when they put out that crap like "U gaiz r retrdid 4 knot b-ing able 2 read japnece" Images like this: (Fan) "Can you please hurry on the translation?" (Translator) "FUCK YOU MAN I CAN'T DO THIS SHIT IN ONE DAY" We've discussed it already, but it still pisses me off.
Yeah, I still just use Google Chrome for manga, even on my phone.

MEanimaniac1 | 08-22-14, 8:12 PM
Oh, damn I'm already forgetting :/ Yeah that's what I hear, I'm just in them to escape the stupid swaggots. Oh, well then, that still sucks, but not as much :L

I know right? Like 2-3 hours is my limit, unless I'm at carnival, amusement park, or something else that usually costs money.

Yeah the indoor amusement park is an annual thing here as well, the IX center is something that people probably pay millions to rent for a month or so, and then an event is hosted there.
Though, we have Cedar Point which kicks ass. It's a long drive from my house though, at least 3 hours. The Top Thrill Dragster made my cousin pass out because it was so fast... (120 mph; about 193 kph)

Yeah, I don't understand the logic in doing that, but translators don't make much sense to me.
I didn't forget, it was just on the back burner for awhile.

MEanimaniac1 | 08-22-14, 5:44 PM
Lol, well finally, from what I remember, it's gonna be quite a while before you get to make another choice... Yeah, but only if you're in Advance Placement, and I'm unfortunate enough to have AP classes. Yeah :L this is gonna be so long. Woah, that sucks. Did you get any spoilers for Michiru?

Yeah, that's just being a hypocrite, they actually do that stuff though. ._.

I guess so. I made my layout already, I'm gonna upload it next Tuesday. What do you think? Should I add or change anything?

Oh :o
Yeah, it is huge, the thing is a fucking giant.

Oh wow, why are translators so stupid? Stupid doesn't even cover it, that's retarded. ._.
No, no, it's fine, I would probably rant about the same thing to you. Speaking of waiting for releases, it's been like 6 months since I caught up with Hiyokoi and....actually they just released the new chapter 3 days ago :O BUT STILL THERE WAS A 10 MONTH DELAY GODDAMMIT. Chapter 42 was released November 7th 2013, chapter 43 was released August 19th...

MEanimaniac1 | 08-22-14, 1:44 PM
Yeah, I didn't play at all last night, because I didn't feel like it. I was busy trying to cram in my summer reading project...they assigned this horrible book called "Ethan Frome" which might just be worse than "Romeo and Juliet." I don't think it is, her route is probably just really long :/ I mean it did say on VNDB "Length: Very long (> 50 hours)"

That's literally my Dad and brother, which kills me because they're always like "Why don't you ever want to go for a run or ride your bike for 6 hours straight like we do?"

I think so too, but I've seen some gifs and stuff, so I think you're hyping it just the right amount.

Exactly, even though I didn't like Sasame, him manipulating her to become a LIM is pretty unforgivable.
Yeah, that place. It used to me a bomb factory in WWII >.> so it's pretty huge, like it's big enough to fit 30+ carnival rides, a ferris wheel that's 125 ft (38 m) tall, and a roller coaster and still have a ton of space left over. According to Wkipedia, it's this big: 2,200,000 square feet (200,000 m2)

MEanimaniac1 | 08-21-14, 4:32 PM
Yeah, it's such a long common route, it killed me to get through it. That's what I heard too, that's why I went after her next, but I have barely gotten any plot yet, it feels just like the common route so far :/

Anyone who says they don't is probably lying. I hope so as well, and good luck with picking and stuff.

I most likely won't be let down, most anime that you recommend me are very entertaining.

I feel bad for hating Minashi so much now, I still dislike him, but not as much...
Funny thing is, I've been there before (That's where the indoor amusement park I told you about was).

MEanimaniac1 | 08-21-14, 12:57 PM
Oh that's good. Makina's route is so long :L I'm about 5 and a half hours in and yeah still not done, I feel like it's barely begun. LOl oh well xD

I do too :3 Oh, yeah that does sound like quite the struggle :o

Alright, I'm probably gonna go directly to Hunter X Hunter after I finish it.

Yes OMG. Natsuiri is seriously fucked up, I never liked him, but now I officially hate him. I felt really bad for Minashi, because of the first MA VESS being his sister, that was a plot twist and a half. When Raika and Iwato mentioned how much Akashi had changed, it made me realize that he went from this asshole to this person that I genuinely like. I don't even know where to begin with Natsuiri's past, his "test subjects" went through some seriously horrifying stuff. I'm dying to see the next episode.
And sort of off topic, but there's this building near my area that's called "The IX Center" IT'S A CONSPIRACY MAN!! I literally forgot it existed until yesterday when I was watching the episode.

MEanimaniac1 | 08-20-14, 6:52 PM
It is really interesting. Yeah you already told me that o.0 Okay :)

Yes, yes we will :D

Sometimes it is, but most times it's advantageous. Yeah that is pretty scary :o

Ginatama is really good once you get into it, just saying.

MEanimaniac1 | 08-20-14, 3:48 PM
Lol xD his past is really good too, though I haven't put it together completely yet, I'm still working on it. Ah I see, I'm doing it in this order: Michiru (done), Makina (halfway there), Sachi, Amane, and Yumiko. Ah I see, well tell me when you do :3

Yeah, i can see that :/ I'm so happy :'D

Hm, I think so too, but you know me...I'm too lazy to confirm it. I like school and dislike it for all the same reasons as well, besides it being my last year. That is really scary :o Have you decided on a college or career to pursue?

Ah I see, well no worries, I would have found out today xD

MEanimaniac1 | 08-20-14, 3:05 PM
They are really interesting, I'm more than halfway through Makina's route (I estimate, it's been about 5 hours since I got on it so I'm hoping). The protagonist is probably the best harem lead to ever exist, he's fucking hilarious. Yes Michiru <3 I don't really like Amane, I don't know why. I was most interested in Michiru and Yumiko, and I did Michiru first. Have you gotten on a route yet?

Pretty much xD Oh well, I can only guess what it was... I'm okay with that, but then you have to be only mine as well.

Really? Never really looked at prices in Canada so I wouldn't know :o I guess it pretty much levels out then :L Same here, which is good but sucks at the same time, I personally like school, but other than that I like going to bed at 6:00 AM.

I didn't know until just now :/

MEanimaniac1 | 08-20-14, 2:35 PM
Well I hope you like it! I guess so :o

Yeah, it's like once they stopped playing on the radio everyone (besides their fans) forgot they existed. Lol that's most likely true xD Ah <3

You guys are lucky, my Dady pays $600+ a month on healthcare for me him and my brother. So yeah. Well you're lucky :p I always feel like break is cut short.

Well SnK season 2 is underway... :DDDDDDDDDD

MEanimaniac1 | 08-19-14, 7:20 PM
Ah I see, well there's no rush to read it. Lol I'm glad, at least you like them.

Yeah, now nobody cares. Oh well, good for 1D, they might have gotten a good fap out of all of it ;) though they could have pretty much any woman they want with the amount of money they have, so who knows. Not particularly, I did at first to escape the strict rules, but now I'm used to it.

Yeah :/ I honestly think Canada is superior to the USA, just because of the healthcare. I guess, I started to fix it literally two days ago so I wouldn't worry unless scholl startes next week for you. Yep, August 25th is the first day :/ Yeah, but these things take time.

Ah well, hopefully by this time next year there will be an announcement.

MEanimaniac1 | 08-19-14, 6:49 PM
Oh, since it's tomorrow now, have you started reading it yet? Yeah, I guess we'll have to wait and see. And if it's shit then I have another thing to rant about, and that's always fun.
Yeah :/


Pretty much, like if you listen to the Backstreet Boys and One Direction, it's the same thing for all intents and purposes. Hm, helping 1D go to jail for pedophilia, since they're all like 12. Yeah, oh well, I just got stuck with an overly strict school district...and my family can't afford private school so :L

Ah I see, my parents try to avoid doctor visits because of the price, but when it's a serious issue they take me. Not really, though I changed my sleeping schedule from midnight to 8 Am, just to better prepare myself for school on Monday :p I still get about 2 hours a night, I slept for an hour straight last night then woke up, then passed out for another 20 minutes. And yeah, pretty much that cycle.

Wow, I never knew that :o That's kind of sad, because I was looking forward to seeing it for a long time and it ended up getting cut short. Do you think there will be a continuation like there was with Fairy Tail?

MEanimaniac1 | 08-18-14, 7:38 PM
I have yet to find out anything other than Michiru's, but from spoiler-free reviews, all they say are good things. I think that would work, but I'm not sure how enjoyable as a whole that would be. Ah I see, well tell me when you get to it.
Not anything in particular, it's just so shady.

Yeah, that's pretty cool. All I have is baseball and I'm just average at it.

Yeah, I don't understand why. I used to, but as I grew up a little, mentally, I lost that understanding. That's retarded, and who knows what the hell the creeps on the internet did with those pictures...I mean the deep web is even scarier so I can just imagine. From my experience, no. It just depends on the individual school district.

Wow really? I have to go to a specialist for my insomnia every 6 months, but other than that my doctor visits are very rare.

Oh wow. That's unfortunate. Is is getting axed, or just ending regularly?

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