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Aoharu x Kikanjuu
Aoharu x Kikanjuu
Nov 2, 7:11 PM
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Comet Lucifer
Comet Lucifer
Oct 9, 6:16 PM
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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
Oct 9, 6:04 PM
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The Breaker: New Waves
The Breaker: New Waves
May 18, 8:21 PM
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Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts
May 4, 7:48 PM
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Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama
Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama
Feb 9, 7:15 PM
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MEanimaniac1 Nov 21, 10:18 PM
Unlikely but not impossible. Monotony can be broken very easily by just one little thing, that could be positive or negative...but hopefully it's a good thing.

Wow I kind of miss that. <3

I'm sure you'd be more than great. You just have to find someone that's worth all of the time and effort. It's not that I'm bad in relationships or unfaithful, I just don't want one right now...putting the work into one would take away from other aspects of my life and I kind of like wher I'm at right now.

Well you're lucky then, minimum wage here is a joke but our economy is already fucked so if it got raised things would just get worse. That's respectable of you. Oh those are actually the worst, my friends and I are trying to get jobs together somewhere we just don't know where.

Akagami no Shirayukihime is good, but short and still ongoing. Good luck finding one, I'm waiting on Haikyuu 2 and Noragami 2 to finish airing so I can marathon them. Ahaha I really do look bad, so I relate.

It really is but I'm trying :p
MEanimaniac1 Nov 20, 11:01 PM
Your opinion could change. But it's not too late for you now or any time soon, you just finished school recently.

Anytime darling :D

That must be it! We haven't spoken like this in so long it's nice. Yeah I'm happier just being with my friends and stuff. I don't need to be sexually or romantically involved right now.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Once you start working it's like an addiction. I'm looking for a new job because I feel like I've lost part of my sense of purpose when I quit but like I said I'm having fun so it works. Doesn't hurt to stay employed, but do yourself a favor and don't go into fast food.

Fair enough, during my breaks at work I'd try to do homework or else I probably would have done the same. I'll get back into it in Christmas break hopefully. Yep, you can snap me any time, just I look bad most of the time so you might get a picture of a wall instead of me lol.

Oh it's fine. Thank you!

Sorry for being so super inactive! >.<
MEanimaniac1 Nov 10, 7:56 PM
Unless you're like 40 then it's not too late.

Thank you, it really is appreciated, and the same goes to you.

I just feel nothing from them and I have no need anymore. I'm happier on my own, and that isn't even an excuse because I can't get someone, people have asked me out and stopped talking to me just as friends over it.

Ah minimum here is $8.10 an hour and it's poop. Congrats on getting more hours though. I did quit, and I'm so happy I did. I have so much more time to just enjoy myself and be with people who I like. I'm searching for a new job but there's no rush.

I can't even read manga, I just can't focus. I pushed my way through a few anime but it was actually hard. If nothing else we have snapchat, feel free to contact me on there if I'm unactive for any extended amount of time.

I'm 17 now :o
MEanimaniac1 Oct 26, 8:26 PM
Going with the flow isn't bad, not everyone has a plan and that's okay. It's hard to decide on what to invest your life in.

Awesome. One supporter so far.

I hate parts of myself as well. Like I hate that I can't be in a relationship, they just make me miserable and I hate myself for that. I try to force myself to like it but it never works. I hurt other people with that problem.

Well congrats on getting a job with decent pay because minimum wage isn't even worth it tbh. Like the only reason I won't quit my job is because I love my coworkers so much. Lots of bins though lmao.

Yeah I'm in the same boat. It's sad. I'm forcing myself to watch an episode a night and it's kind of working but I'm not feeling it. Yeah don't worry about that, they like you for who you are if they really are your friends and they'll stick with you. I'll try to talk to you as much as possible. I'm afraid we'll drift apart as well and I don't want that.
MEanimaniac1 Oct 25, 7:32 PM
Medicine is technically a field of science so yes and no. My primary goal is to be a specialist of some sort. Have you figured out what you'd like to do?

I'm gonna incorporate it into my book when I do end up writing one, which will probably never happen buy oh well.

I understand that very well.

Well good job on that. Do you make more than minimum wage? Another question, what kind of labor is it?

Yeah I'm trying to force it but I can't focus and it makes me so sad. I feel nostalgia almost and it's like anime isn't gone, I just can't seem wo watch it. How did this happen?
MEanimaniac1 Oct 20, 8:32 PM
Thank you :)

Yeah same, instead I took AP physics and now I'm stuck doing homework for 2 hours every single night just for that class. Dammit all.

Well that would involve an accident of some sort which is usually unforeseeable, the concept is nice.

It's okay, just don't look down on yourself for anything...especially the things you can't help.

How is it so far?

I'm sorry I like fell off the face of the Earth, I've been having a hard time watching anime.
MEanimaniac1 Sep 24, 8:52 PM
I'm just strange :p

Yeah people do things they regret and end up fixing it while they can. My one friend is really good at planning and she's going to graduate with a 2 year nursing degree since we're allowed to take college classes at the college across the street for free if we qualify.

It's been something I've thought about my whole life. Money can be taken, and so can possessions but talent and knowledge can't.

It's inevitable lol.

Thank you.

Okay well you seem rather educated.

OH MY GOD I'M GENUINELY HAPPY FOR YOU! Where? I seriously am really happy for you.
MEanimaniac1 Sep 16, 7:52 PM
I was afraid of that even before hand, I've always had a paranoia of those things.

Most people don't flunk out, they just repeat a year if needed or just a class. Not a lot of people drop out either, just a lot of people failing their classes now because they can't stand it anymore. Same here, like I've made it this far.

I was raised with the mindset that what you know can never be taken from you, so learn as much as you can.

Yeah, we should just avoid the apology since both of us understand by now. It's just the ebb and flow of things.

It's awesome. I get like 6 hours of sleep a night, I feel alive again.

Lmao give yourself more credit than that, at least you're intelligent.
MEanimaniac1 Sep 15, 8:48 PM
Being watched, being followed, someone coming after me, just general things an insane person would be afraid of. Like these things actually affect my life.

Yeah it's just ridiculous the amount that gave up so close to being done, like most people who are mentally done just have less than a year left.

That's my priority; school. If my grades slip then I have to quit my job so I keep up. I balance everything out so I don't slip up. My education is the most important over everything.

I feel like I need to though because I feel bad for being so inactive. Yeah it kind of sucks, but I'm trying to make more time.

Yeah, I trust them more and feel more comfortable around them. Unfortunately.

I make time, I can't let my social life be completely gone, that's one of the things that keeps me from being depressed. I've slept significantly better, like my insomnia is pretty much gone...this is due to exhaustion but gg.

I'm happy you're so understanding
MEanimaniac1 Sep 15, 8:20 PM
You underestimate how paranoid I actually am.

Oh I'm amazed by the low intelligence level of my own school. The amount of people flunking out is insane.

I'm so far behind on all of my hobbies now. I've been to busy for it. AP Physics is kicking my ass harder than any other class I've ever taken.

Yeah I'm so sorry about that :x I wish I had more free time.

A few, which is good. I'm used to the monotony of my day already.

I've been busy with that and work, I hang out with friends after whenever I can.

MEanimaniac1 Aug 31, 8:30 PM
I don't want to like get the NSA on my case or whatever other surveillance shit we have going on, but it's worth a shot. (That was only half a joke)

Yeah most people above the average intelligence are aware of mistakes.

It's the worst feeling ever tbh. Manga Rock stopped working for me so I had to find another app and MangaZone is pretty great.

Exactly, plus I have my job directly afterward so life is very draining. I mean it's worth it, but I'm left with barely any time for my hobbies.

They're boring people tbh, like I don't think they've made me laugh once because they talk about generally uninteresting things...like the school's track team since they're all on it.

So what have you been up to?
MEanimaniac1 Aug 30, 6:31 PM
Well that's shitty. Looks like I'll never get my chance to watch it :/

A lot of people are too oblivious to even realize they made a mistake in the first place.

Oh well. I stopped reading the manga, I don't want to catch up :(

Yeah mine was just because school was exhausting me, I mean it still is but it's killing me even worse now.

Yeah we have 3 separate lunch periods and I was unlucky enough to be in a period with only one of the people I associate with. I made some new friends but whatever.

My pinky looked so weird in that picture lmao, but thank you :3
MEanimaniac1 Aug 29, 10:01 PM
Yeah I'll just wait until they bring it to normal Netflix, whenever that is.

Fair enough, but I learn from my stupid mistakes so maybe it's not a bad thing to make so many.

Well did you start?

That's true, I'm not as active and I'm sorry about that. Also , sorry for the late reply.

Oh it's terrible. I'm in classes with people I generally don't like and all of my friends have separate lunch periods.

I got my driver's license today.
MEanimaniac1 Aug 25, 7:47 PM
Only on DVD and I'm not spending the extra money for it each month.

I feel you on that. Well yes and no, because now I'm more likely to do dumb shit without thinking...oh well.

Yeah I need to force myself to read that soon.

Well the amount of time it took us to get 5,000 is a good gauge.

I started school on Monday and it's so shitty omg.
MEanimaniac1 Aug 23, 7:12 PM
I wish Suits was available to stream in this country. Yes, it's all interesting.

I already regret not doing enough so I might as well have a justified reason to regret something, and who's to say I'll regret anything I do.

I feel, I don't want to read anymore Akagami no Shirayuki because I don't want to catch up :p

Yeah I'm the same way.

OMG THIS IS AWESOME. Let's get to 10,000 :3