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Shinsekai yori
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Mirai Nikki (TV)
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ef: A Tale of Memories.
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
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Pandora Hearts
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Deadman Wonderland
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The Breaker
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Gasai, Yuno
Chitanda, Eru
Makishima, Shougo
Hoshino, Kazuki
Oomine, Daiya
Otonashi, Maria
Tokuchi, Toua
Shiina, Mashiro
Devens, Cal

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Mikage, Eiji
Mikage, Eiji
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Yousei Teikoku
Yousei Teikoku

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SAO:Hollow Fragment [VITA]
Bad game, waste of $40, i regret my purchase until proven otherwise.

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Dating Yukiko

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Tales of Hearts R [VITA]
Fire Emblem: Awakening [3DS]
Freedom Wars [VITA]
Bravely Default [3DS]

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MEanimaniac1 | 8 hours ago
I've been reading wrong lately too, kind of just skimming things, reading and taking notes for an hour everyday makes my eyes tired. But yeah, 2 year difference in school. I thought you said something about my brother :L

Yeah, but I never had a very positive childhood so that might be the reason. Yeah, they don't disgust me or anything, I just don't get it.
Yeah, completely different movies. Well, I don't think I'm seeing it this weekend, but I think next weekend.

I would love to see it!

MEanimaniac1 | 8 hours ago
No he's three years behind school wise. He's in 7th grade, I'm in 10th. I may have been confused before and said the wrong thing.

Yeah same, but you know that already :p I'll never understand the appeal of lolicon. I can understand pettanko, because then the rest of the body is developed, just the chest is a little small. But full on loli, I don't get.
Yep, I think I wouldn't have been able to sit through "If I Stay" if I didn't know the major spoilers.

Well I think that looks good (the model doesn't) but the hair style itself does. I'm not good with judging haircuts at all though :/

MEanimaniac1 | 9 hours ago
Well I just started this year, so about 3. If I was born two months earlier, it'd be 2 years.

Yeah, her personality is that of an obnoxious 5 year old. That might have been what they were going for, but damn, you'd have to be into some fucked up shit to want to screw her.
Eh, with American/English films, I usually enjoy them more with spoilers.

Well, if all else fails, just tell the hairstylist to do what they think will look best.

MEanimaniac1 | 9 hours ago
I still have quite some time before graduation >o<

Yeah, it's pretty poop.
I think it's all because of her VA, just her voice makes me cringe. She isn't ugly, not adorable, but definetly not ugly.
I'll just look on the wiki or something, books like that usually have a dedicated following.

Well, I hope you can find something. If anything, but get a small trim and keep the same style.

MEanimaniac1 | 10 hours ago
Yeah, well it's your last year so you won't have to like it much after you're gone.

It's a new carrier, I think it's a Norther Ohio thing only, I could be wrong though.
Tbh, the reason I put Grisaia on hold is because I don't like Makina (annoying loli) much. Her route is the one with the most plot though so like the dilemma!!
Oh, well just everything...or nothing...doesn't really matter.

That sucks :x Is there anyway to convince her otherwise?

MEanimaniac1 | 09-14-14, 6:35 PM
Yeah it would be pretty fun, I love my school though :/ Yeah.

Well, looking at the website it reminds me of MetroPCS, which is this really bad carrier in my area.
I KNOW RIGHT!? Yeah, I hope they do a good route and not one of the girls I don't like.
I don't know, it just makes English movies more interesting.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-14-14, 5:29 PM
I'd probably hate school if I went to yours, well maybe not since I might know you in person then. That made my day :'D Oh, well who knows what the future may hold.

I guess I don't have to then :o

It's nothing special, kind of shitty at times actually.
HOLY SHIT I FORGOT PSYCHO-PASS 2 WAS COMING SO SOON! Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for those and Grisaia no Kajitsu, even though I haven't been reading it lately...too busy with other stuff.
I've never read the books but it's cool that you have. Can you give me some spoilers? :o

MEanimaniac1 | 09-14-14, 4:48 PM
They sound like assholes. Don't make me too jealous now. Maybe...

Maybe. I'll watch more of his stuff later, to educate myself.

I've never had an actual contract phone but a lot of my friends have (T-Mobile is non-contract now). It's pretty great.
Yeah, this season isn't all that great. There are 6 shows that I genuinely enjoy: Akame ga Kill, Ao Haru Ride, Barakamon, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, M3, and Zankyou no Terror. Mind that I'm watching 18 airing anime.
Actually yes, I want to see "The Maze Runner" and "Lucy" You?

MEanimaniac1 | 09-13-14, 8:51 PM
I think that makes it easier, since younger people don't intimidate me at all.

Oh xD

Yeah, it's pretty nice because you usually get a huge discount on the phone. Anywhere from $50-$400 off on a phone. Which takes an iPhone down from like $600 to $199.
I know the feel. Even watching 1-3 episodes of Ergo Proxy on top of the airing stuff feels a little like a chore. But I'll push through anyway.
I wasn't emotionally invested at all, but my friend cried. For me, I just couldn't wait for it to be over.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-13-14, 7:14 PM
Ah, well it's still only the start so don't lose hope yet.

That's the only video I know by him tbh :/

I keep forgetting I don't get an upgrade with T-Mobile, basically with contracts every two years you get a new phone and pay small payments every month.
Alright, but you'd probably start something else so we'd be back to this again, so don't worry about me.
Oh, well good to know. We saw it Friday night instead because she had something to do tonight, she chose "If I Stay" it wasn't all that good.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-11-14, 5:42 PM
Me too. I'm in a math class with all upperclassmen and I'm suddenly friends with all of them.

Lol I love that video xD

I worded that wrong, sorry, it's just elevated so it looks like you can scratch the lens easier. I plan to, but I hope by the time my upgrade rolls around, they'll have the 7 out.
Yes, most definitely. They introduced an adorable new character that I love.
Well whenever you do, just let me know and I can take another break from Gintama to watch an anime side by side with you.
Yeah, she's a girl.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-10-14, 7:05 PM
I get attached to people fairly quick, real and fictional. I could talk to someone once (irl) and consider them a friend.

Ah, well at least you aren't deaf to your own voice like me. I think I sound amazing, but then I sound like a cat getting ran over by a truck.

It does, and I really like the glass on the 5s, but they're taking that away and putting on more fake gold so it just kind of ruins it for me. Plus I hate the placement of the camera. I'll definitely wait for the 7 or switch back to android for awhile. Another great day of conversation then.

Yeah. Off topic, I hope there's a third season of Free! (but I don't think there will be) It's not great, but it's better than Rail Wars or some other shit this season.
Sounds like a plan! But it's gonna take me awhile for Ergo Proxy, my pace right now is 1-3 episodes a day, so take your time. I might not even watch any Saturday night, since I'm supposed to see a movie with my friend.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-10-14, 6:04 PM
Love you too.

Eventually you'll be able to talk to me about it, eventually... Literally same.

Well, was it any good?

Looking back a little bit, we do xD Lol it's completely understandable. Today we talked about the iPhone 6 and how we all hate the way it looks and all this U2 shit showing up in our music libraries.

Oh okay, I'll still watch it in the planned order then...which is P4 then P4G.
That's alright, it was just a minor suggestion. We could always do that later with a later show.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-09-14, 6:44 PM
Thank you dear <3

Yeah, it's so fucking long man, it's amazing, but so long. How does he like it? Because I'm super excited to start it. I feel like I'm betraying them, even though they're fictional.

It's just odd...unless someone is trying to make a career out of it.

That's good man, you and your friends have some great conversations. Me and my friends talked about short-shorts and whores at lunch, it was great.

Oh I see, should I watch the original first, or just skip to it?
Lol well I'm glad that I could remind you of it. You should pick it up and we could watch it sort of at the same of us will probably go faster than the other but yeah.

MEanimaniac1 | 09-09-14, 6:27 PM
Well I thank you very much for that!

Ah I see, I'm still reading The Count of Monte Cristo, well it's more on hold now, until I can get the time to read it without having other hobbies lack because of it....but I'll pick up Hakomari eventually. Yeah, taking characters off is a very hard thing to do, hurts my feels. It's great!

Ah I see, that's pretty common least I think. I'm used to hearing my (talking) voice recorded, but I never sing so I would have no clue.

Nobody will ever reach that level off asshole. God, I fucking hated her.

Maybe I will watch it then, well I'll see, after I finish the first season.
I started Ergo Proxy, I've been saving it for awhile because I really wanted to be in the mood for it.

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