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About Danno
I'm here to kick ass and maintain a list of the anime series I've watched... and I'm all out of ass.

I like my anime to be convincing and interesting the whole way through. I've seen a lot of stuff; some ideas got old and boring to me since they are pretty overused.

Here is a list of things I believe to be cancerous (and, unfortunately, quite common) to anime/manga:
-Chibi or cardboard cutout scenes with extremely blatant "humour".
-Silly or idiotic music that plays while characters are saying or doing something intended to be funny. Give us a little credit, we can tell when something's meant to be funny without some music to emphasize "That's the joke, now laugh!".
-Fan service.
-Female characters having huge, jiggly breasts, dressing scantily, posing provocatively, revealing panties, being ecchi, being moe, being sluts, etc. This adds nothing to the story or overall work and just cheapens it.
-Rape or other violation. Honestly, who thought it was a good idea to put that in anime/manga? It is not interesting nor entertaining. It is just porn.
-Harems. Come on, it's so overdone that people consider it a genre of its own.
-"Symbolic" stuff that has been recycled hundreds of times over, such as thunderstorms when a character dies or a flickering flame on a candle that blows out.
-When characters have the exact same conversation/smalltalk I've already heard dozens of times in other anime.
-Storylines so weak they barely exist or seem like they were just made up on the spot by an idiot.
-Even serious anime often has weak humour and/or perverted fan service thrown in.

I'm in despair! This world where anime/manga is an ocean of piss has left me in despair!

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Ben_Omar | Feb 27, 4:58 PM
Thank you for the Sanctuary review. Was looking for some decent old anime and read your review. Surprisingly good to say the least.

And I tend to generally agree with your two complaints as well.

Thanks again.

Riebelt | Feb 4, 2014 6:41 AM
"There is no sound, but I'm sure it'd be awful if there was sound. Sound gets 0/10."


superhanzii | Dec 17, 2013 8:16 PM
You deserve a punch in the dick for not being man enough to appreciate MD Geist.

Xenograft | Nov 26, 2013 5:32 AM
First class ChaoS;HEAd review. I've been uncertain whether or not to watch it because of the mixed reviews but yours has just made my decision.


Nimious | Nov 20, 2013 10:17 PM
I noticed it's fairly long.

The lengthy part is the middle where I explain my thinking but if you don't want to know that just read the top and bottom.

Nimious | Nov 20, 2013 10:13 PM
Oh, I'm not discrediting all of them. I just don't understand how some of these series have attained such low scores when in some cases they are genre defining.

Series such as Higurashi, Mirai Nikki, Hellsing Ultimate, etc are some very good standard bearers for their genres that you've rated quite lowly. Let's use those series as an example in our differences.

I suppose answering the FLCL question will explain the above as well. I always try my best to rate objectively by genre. What does that mean?

Suppose we're talking about a harem. Would you ever rate one a 10? According to MAL the best non-fan-girl inflated harem is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai at 8.52. Could you look past the expected characteristics of the genre? The simplistic character archetypes the heroines have, the relatively straightforward plot points where the protagonist wins their love, the general lack of character growth, etc.

If you fault a series on its intrinsic characteristics then you likely won't be able to see it for what it is. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai for this example could very well be a harem masterpiece.

When I'm rating, I'm rating on how well the series executed on the genre(s) it has incorporated. FLCL is the third highest Dementia series and I very much recognize that. It of course has the unbelievable and rather spontaneous plot, but I knew that when I decided to watch this series, I accepted this. I'm not going to fault a series for being what it is and because of that I'll rate it for what it abides by, it's genre.

It wouldn't make very much sense to compare a rated 9 Action series to a rated 9 Romance series correct? So why rate them by the same standards? What's more why rate a series lowly just because it wasn't enjoyable for you?

That doesn't mean you look past plot holes or clear mistakes however with series like Chaos;Head. All it does mean is that you try and be as accurate as you can with these series.

So with a series like Mirai Nikki for example, it is one of the best battle royale series in Anime. It didn't censor itself like may other shows and touched on plenty of subjects and emotions. There was plot range, depth and the characters did grow significantly. Does it for example really deserve a 5?

I used Mirai Nikki as an example since that's a series I could confidently say such a thing. For series like FLCL I haven't finished yet so I can't confidently answer your question but from what I saw so far it was very much a great series. It's on-hold since I was watching it with a friend.

Admittedly there's a few series in my dropped section that I have not rated properly as they were before I matured as a viewer but I suppose one day I'll re-watch them and give them what they deserve.

Anyways, at most out of the typical review format, I reserve one point for enjoyment. Even if I absolutely loved a series, I would still rate it for what it is +1. On MAL every series no matter how bad, has people who've rated them as a masterpiece. The scores are skewed enough and so I try and be as accurate as possible.

Of course it's your choice what to take out of what I've said.

And no, you don't have bad taste. As I said it's tough to say such a thing since with such high Anime compatibility as I'd also be saying that I have bad taste :].

Link_of_Hyrule | Nov 20, 2013 1:56 PM
You are correct that the Yukiteru 3 would never have become the God of time, but Yukiteru 3 isn't the God who is shown in Redial; that is Yukiteru 2. Yukiteru 3 died along with the universe. It still makes total sense for it to be on the same timeline.

I'll give you that 8th's diary is a bit strange, but it's explained at least. It certainly isn't a plothole.

Hypothetically, say that you were informed that in an alternate dimension, you were a serial killer. Would that make you "tainted"? No. You aren't the person who became a serial killer, the circumstances of the alternate dimension is what led to it. Therefore, Yuno 3 is able to remember everything her a Yuki did together and what they meant to each other, but is not a psycho killer.

Nimious | Nov 19, 2013 8:20 PM
The elaborate explanation was an incredibly flawed jumble. The sheer lack of logic and rational about the powers was what made the story as bad as it was. It wasn't something I got lost in having gone over the lines numerous times to make sure I was understanding it.

Even then it just made it more apparent that it was senseless. There were also several plot points that did not conclude at all believable or even in line with the build up.

It's not a question of taste, it's a question about the thought process of the reviewer. There's plenty that goes into that including objectivity, subjectivity, reasoning, understanding, etc that fundamentally build up the review. It's simply far easier to trust a review's accuracy if you understand how they arrived at their conclusion.

Establishing that trust is an important part of any review. For example if you've listed and weighted highly all the good from the small amount of positives a series has, you may rate it highly despite it generally be considered otherwise. Would you be believable? Now regardless, if someone did place enough trust into such a review and watched the series they may very well come out disappointed.

It'll be tough to say you have "bad taste" necessarily seeing the high Anime compatibility. However going back to what I've said, you have generally good series rated lowly and generally lowly series rated highly.

I think your personal preference may have overly skewed the ratings of your reviews. That's why I mentioned Chaos;Head and questioned your thought process.

Link_of_Hyrule | Nov 19, 2013 6:33 PM
It is possible for Yukiteru to be in future because, assuming that we are dealing with a one-world theory and not a multi-world theory, Deus 3 never had the contest and therefore never chose a proper replacement. So when Deus 3 died, the universe was destroyed. However, Yuki 2, the winner of Universe 2's game, is a god already, so he and Mur Mur don't get destroyed with the universe. Yuki does not stop the universe from being destroyed or attempt to create a new one because he is depressed about Yuno. This part is never out right explained, but you can infer it if you pay attention (I'm not entirely sure if Yuki is billions of years in the future, but definitely the distant future where the universe has already been destroyed).

Therefore, not only does it make sense for it all to be on the same timeline, that is the only possible explanation.

I guess I'll have to rewatch Redial at some point and look into this Marco and Ai thing, but I really think there's been some sort of mistake.

Just like you could physically pick up a phone and see someone else's diary, you can log onto 8th's server and access her diary. Again, I really don't see the problem here.

Nothing you are mentioning is a plothole, you simply misunderstood the show. Yuno 3 getting her memories from her past life back isn't spitting in anyone's face at all, its merely the ideal way to end the anime on a happy note, which I can appreciate out of a physiological thriller (No shit there are multiple Yunos, that isn't even a question. The question was if there are multiple universes, and the answer is pretty clearly "no"). Yuno 3's personality was not completely overwritten; she simply gained knowledge of her past abuse and horrible life; she never had to actually go through it and therefore never actually went insane. She simply knows that it happened now. I was content with Redial.

Nimious | Nov 15, 2013 11:59 PM
The most distinct memory I have from ChäoS;HEAd was turning it off on the 11th episode to resume studying for my Law midterm.

It was that insultingly bad that I cut my break early.

In any case I mentioned it rather than point out a review that I have an issue with because I'd like to establish first that you're a reasonable person. Even if the reviews are independent, the constant remains the reviewer. There is no point in disputing things if you happened to be "off base".

Link_of_Hyrule | Nov 15, 2013 2:54 PM
There is nothing to suggest that time travel in Mirai Nikki is a parallel universe theory. I know that they are named universes 1,2, and 3 for simplicity's sake, but that alone doesn't imply that they are creating entirely separate universes. When it is showing Yuki 2 in an empty universe of nothing, that is billions of years in the future, when the universe had ended. He just never bothered to make a new one because of his depression. It wasn't a separate universe, just the remains of the "Universe 3".

I am still quite certain that there is never anything to suggest that Marco and Ai never met each other. If my memory serves, the exact opposite happened; they lived happily ever after.

I don't understand your comparison. The other contestants kept their diaries on their phones, so their future diaries were kept on their phones. 8th kept her diary on her server, so her future diary was kept on her server. What's the problem?

How would sacrificing herself for Yuki's immortality be "becoming one with Yuki"? And even if it was, Yuno never suggests that that's something she wants; it is quite clear that her only goal is to be with Yuki.
As for immortality, supposedly the whole concept is better explained in the Manga. Apparently, if you make someone else immortal, you automatically die. I still fail to see how any of these things are plot holes.

Valik93 | Nov 15, 2013 7:31 AM
Higurashi... Some people told me that studio DEEN kinda butchered it (which it did with so many VN adaptations) and also focused too much on the gore instead of the mystery itself. I think it is because of a meh execution that the enjoyment while watching it varies pretty much from person to person.
I'd really suggest checking out the original material. I am also going to do this when I get into a small vacantion. But, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (talking only about the Visual Novel here) was really a masterpiece.

grymdylan | Nov 15, 2013 2:35 AM
>refers to things as "cancerous"
>Favorite People; Hitler, Adolf
>shit taste in the animays

hello and good bye

richter3456 | Nov 15, 2013 1:14 AM
Loved your reference to Illusion of Gaia in your Higurashi review. Of course, the review itself was good too.

Nimious | Nov 14, 2013 8:51 AM
You know it'll be hard to take your reviews seriously when you consider that convoluted mess ChäoS;HEAd a masterpiece.

You would have to be intentionally ignorant to miss the overwhelming amount of crud that series throws at its viewers.

Consequently, I can't see myself understanding your thought process.

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