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December 27, 2011
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Hey, I'm DalPuri. I like to eat dal puri, among many other things.

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inzaratha | 12-26-14, 1:59 AM

Merry Christmas!

Groz | 07-23-13, 11:32 AM
The Catastrophe Arc was exactly that, a Catastrophe. The last arc that I thought was any good was the Osaka Arc but even that was seriously flawed and dragged on for too long. A good point, the art really did improve over time its only sad the story devolved in the mean time.

Groz | 07-13-13, 10:21 AM
I will when next I get the chance and am in the mood for a manga with a solid story.

There are quite a few manga like that outside of the shounen demographic, now that I've finished Gantz I'm thinking about setting my attention on Berserk which, if I'm not mistaken, has been publishing since the 90's or longer. I have high hopes for it but I just don't understand how it would be possible to keep such a long running story fresh and entertaining without the plot suffering.

That's exactly what Hiroya Oku did with Gantz, its pretty clear he never expected his work to be as popular as it was and hadn't adequately prepared for such a long running story and that is when the quality of the story started to diminish. The thing I hated was how shot full of plot holes the series was towards the end, he introduced elements to the story but never took those elements any further and never concluded the story in a satisfying way. His work was very unique and original compared to other manga yet by the end it was terribly cliche and little different from countless shounen series. So, in short I think your analogy is a good one.

Groz | 07-11-13, 1:31 PM
I think I have that on my to read list as well, my exploration of the genre continues.

I read both "Monster" and "20th Century Boys" I lost my place in Monster and ended up watching the anime adaption and enjoyed it but even it was long winded at around 70 episodes. I'm debating about going back and reading the manga to see if there are any differences between it and the anime. Maybe, I'll agree with you on that point though fortunately I've never been interested in the likes of Naruto, Bleach, or Onepiece. I have a generally poor impression of most shounen and shoujo because they more often than not come across as really immature or lacking depth, though there are exceptions. I think I'm reaching a point age wise where I don't put up or tolerate that kind of stuff as much as I used to. I prefer works in the Seinen demographic but even those can be too long winded or predictable/lacking depth.

Ok, I'll give it a go! :) I certainly don't mind if it is action-light because I've read too many action series for a while. I finished the Gantz manga (it was a train wreck after a certain point) don't you hate when that happens? You love a series and then the creator(s) ruin it and forever color your impression of it from then on out?

Groz | 07-11-13, 11:17 AM
Hey next time you're on tell me about this manga, I took a look at the synopsis here since you recently read it and it sounded interesting.

Groz | 07-10-13, 4:02 PM
All right, I still need to pick Wings of Vendemiaire back up. I really haven't been reading or watching very much lately. Yep, perhaps shoujo ai would be more applicable though I tend to use the terms interchangeably. The manga "Girlfriends" was one I read, it has a good reputation on MAL and I liked it well enough, it was a nice story. Yeah, I especially hate when a series ends up abruptly with a completely ambiguous or unsatisfying ending (sadly with many anime and manga that has been the case)

I'll like individual manga stories that sound interesting without too much regard for who the author is but if I like their style I tend to explore their other works as well. Naoki Urusawa is a pretty well known and acclaimed manga-ka but I find his works to be really slow and long winded.

Groz | 07-09-13, 5:03 PM
Well whatever may be the case I hope everything is sorted out in your favor. I hate waiting for new manga releases, that's mainly why I try to wait until a manga is finished to read it but I don't always follow my own rules xD Did Kitoh stop writing that manga? I believe I've heard of that but admit to know very little of it. Probably not, I've mostly been re-watching old favorites. I also started exploring the yuri genre on a whim which is strangely out of character for my usual tastes lol. I tend to like horror and otherwise dark series that lack happy endings. Did I ever ask you who your favorite manga-ka(s) were? I've listed mine, I especially like the horror manga by Junji Ito and of course Mohiro Kitoh (mostly for his unconventional and tragic stories)

Groz | 07-09-13, 8:00 AM
Hey DalPuri, it has been a while for sure, I still think its a bit interesting the last time I spoke to you was 12-12-12 at 12:19 xD Hello to you too! How's life? Have you been keeping up with any good anime or manga recently especially Mohiro Kitoh's work? Last time we talked you were reading one of his latest series

Groz | 12-12-12, 9:19 AM
I just looked and it is one of Kitoh's works after all, do you have any idea of whether or not it's finished publishing yet? I tend not to read something until it's finished with Gantz being the only exception.

Groz | 12-11-12, 11:14 AM
It certainly has, it was a pleasant surprise because I was thinking I'd never hear back from you. :p

Oh I like them too, I just felt Bokurano had more weight and depth than Narutaru. It makes sense to me though that since Narutaru preceded Bokurano that Kitoh's work improved over time. We've already discussed the ending of Narutaru but looking back I think it was a bit rushed or at least could have been better.

If you're looking for disturbing would you ever consider reading Ichi the Killer? It's a bit much for even me at times but I have read it at least twice maybe even three times.

Groz | 09-12-12, 8:59 AM
Hey DalPuri, I haven't said anything to you for a while but clearly you are still around. Its been a few months but I ended up watching and then reading the manga version of Mohiro Kitoh's Bokurano and I have to say I liked it so much more than Narutaru. I also started his debut work Wings of Vendemiaire but haven't gotten very far in it.

Groz | 02-25-12, 6:42 AM
If I can sum it up Akira was close to her father when she was growing up but one day or for a period of time he sexually abused her and her mother didn't do anything to stop it, which she later regretted towards the end of the story. (appalling for sure) and both of them had the audacity to BLAME Akira for being maladjusted to society? -_-

That aside I liked Akira's father and family restaurant when I didn't think or know he was a sicko, I just thought her parents were too harsh or something (they obviously cared somewhat about her because they were worried when she disappeared)

Another character whose motives aren't completely explained is Satomi, I had always thought of her as really rich and stuck up yet when Shiina went to her house it turned out to be a small apartment in a complex of workers housing. I don't think it said for sure but I got the impression Satomi's mother might have had an affair with a rich man and Satomi was the result and he still paid for their living and Satomi's schooling but wasn't a part of her life?

Groz | 02-19-12, 1:32 PM
Yes and that is a complaint I had about the series, both of those characters remained so until the end and it wasn't really resolved. Even Akira's story was pretty ambiguous, I mean I read on this site in her character profile that she had been sexually abused by her father (just how she acted throughout the manga led me to believe it was something like that, but I didn't conclude that it was her father's doing) it makes sense because otherwise she killed her father for no reason. When I saw that in the anime adapation I was like WTF, she just randomly killed her dad?

Groz | 02-18-12, 7:00 AM
Not a problem, its actually convenient when you post as for me its usually at night my time so I just wake up the rest morning and respond. Yeah, I think there was something wrong with MAL yesterday.

I was wondering about that I'd thought it might have had something to do with that rapist but thought it might have been too brief an encounter for anything to come of it. (What was most noticable about that scene was Mamiko's apathy towards her attacker and the event but that was completely in line with her cold detached personality)

Groz | 02-14-12, 4:18 AM
I assure you it was intentional (can't believe I forgot to mention Vagina Dentata considering how much it amused me that Norio called his dragonet that) as for Baba Yaga's Cabin I'd never heard of that, can't say I'm too familiar with Russian folklore and such.
Then there was another dragonet, the one operated by that American woman's son called Tarasque, I'd heard the term before and looked it up just now: A lot of the other dragonets were named after dragons of mythology both Eastern and Western.

Yeah, that's right but even I really couldn't tell you. I recall she died and had post-mortem stab wounds but her cause of death was unknown? I also thought to become a Virgin Princess that you had to be alive to do so as when you die so does the dragonet.

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