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May 7, 2011
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Kog | 09-11-14, 7:53 PM
I just watched mirai nikki

it owned

Queen_Yandere | 07-06-14, 8:16 AM

Rene094 | 07-01-14, 3:35 PM
Yeah, I figured I should put on an anime image with my country's flag colors! It is world cup season after all.

Rene094 | 04-24-14, 6:23 PM
It's on my list and I've heard some....interesting things about it. Not sure if I'll ever get to it, tbh.

Rene094 | 04-10-14, 8:59 PM
Apart from what's already on my list, not really

Kototachi | 04-09-14, 9:35 AM
I'm never going to finish it. I'm just going to end up finding other shit to watch and forget about it.

Rene094 | 04-09-14, 8:52 AM
No, I'm sporadically watching episodes of that.

Rene094 | 04-07-14, 6:41 PM
hey, sexy

how are you doing?

Canoso | 02-12-14, 3:05 AM

Rene094 | 01-02-14, 5:40 PM
It was a nice Christmas.

And, yeah, Lucy is just so hot...

Rene094 | 01-01-14, 8:14 AM
Happy new year, Daitrombe! Haven't talked to you in forever, man, how have you been?

I hope you've been enjoying the holidays, buddy

hishou_hato | 12-16-13, 6:40 PM
I'm back ^ ^

Kog | 10-22-13, 7:09 AM

Kog | 10-22-13, 6:13 AM
been watching Jormungand, it's like black lagoon. you should give it a shot.

curse you attack on titan for getting me back into the animes

Rene094 | 10-18-13, 6:36 PM
I'll put that back some time later, but right now I'm trying something else.

I really liked Riko, too.

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