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Favorite Anime
Gintama add
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu add
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo add
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Hataraku Maou-sama! add
Log Horizon
Log Horizon add

Favorite Manga
Gintama add
Suzumiya Haruhi Series
Suzumiya Haruhi Series add
Log Horizon
Log Horizon add
Toradora! add
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online add

Favorite Characters
Sakata, Gintoki
Nagato, Yuki
Kanda, Sorata
Maou, Sadao
Binboda, Momiji
Sugisaki, Ken
Tabata, Hidenori
Oshino, Shinobu

Favorite People
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Okamoto, Nobuhiko
Okamoto, Nobuhiko
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki

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February 14, 1991
November 17, 2008
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If an anime makes me laugh, I like it. That is all.

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Crowlage | 08-15-14, 4:45 PM

Cersei | 03-12-14, 9:05 AM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

kanayuna | 02-14-13, 6:37 AM
Otanjoubi Omedetou-gozaimasu~! :D

Cersei | 12-30-12, 11:53 PM

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Ritsu4 | 12-20-11, 10:16 PM

WarlordoftheWest | 09-11-11, 10:48 PM
Long time no hear. How goes it? Stein's gate is ending! We have a crisis!

WarlordoftheWest | 07-12-11, 10:25 AM
Christina? you mean the assisstant/zombie/etc.
One Phrase had me at the get go: Tensai Hentai Shoujo! 天才変態少女!

It is a freaking godly movie; even I paused for a moment at how cute yuki was and went 'wait, I thought I wasn't a yuki fan.' That s a true sign of good development.

WarlordoftheWest | 07-11-11, 9:41 PM
Grah, I was having a "Kyon" moment when i realized I had forgotten my pass codes onto this site. That said, long time no hear. Did you see the "disapearance of Haruhi" at AX? It was filled with nagato-ish goodness. I hate to say it, but I understand why you love her so. Heck, I even took a photo of her while I was at the expo. It was her gift to you =p

Now did I get a photo form Yuu? No, of course not, because I was unlucky...just wanted to drop by my anime/manga sensei and see how you're doing. Prepping for grad school; right now I'm more of a NEET mad scientist than the guy in Stein's Gate, but without the tsundere...well a tsundere not related by blood anyway.

Keep in touch and ~ いっぺん芯で見る?=D

WarlordoftheWest | 03-29-11, 3:10 PM
>.< I'm so far behind on good you have any more reccomendations? I finished Bakatotesttoshoukanjuu and Sore no Otoshimono. >_< I need something to carry me through my "I'm out of things to do" phase.

WarlordoftheWest | 03-28-11, 11:55 PM
Warlord here. Hope classes went well. Yuu finally spoke! I've been waiting for it; and the magic was finally there. No more reading paper airplanes! xD

samiki | 04-19-10, 8:49 PM
what anime is your picture from ?

oo7565 | 03-15-10, 1:26 AM
May i ask you a question what are you thoughts on the anime named Mahou Sensei Negima!.
how did you like and why or why not. no reason for asking this just curious about how you feel please respond if you want ok. also if you want to ask me a question look at my anime list and ask about one i am watching or have already seen and ask about if i like one or not if you want.

KazeFalcon | 02-05-10, 11:35 PM
If you love Gintoki,please join my Lord Gintoki FC:

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