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09-14-14, 5:49 PM
March 14, 2000
Fiore, Fairy Tail Guild.
January 4, 2012
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Time (Days) 106.6
Watching 14
Completed 206
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Plan to Watch 75
Total Entries 305

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Time (Days) 31.3
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Plan to Read 31
Total Entries 163

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About Cuteyabbi
I am born on Pi Day and White Day

My Favorite time of the year would be Christmas and White Day itself

My mom told me that when I was in her stomache, she'd always eat sweets

Thus, the reason for my obession over sweets

I'm a simple average 13 year old with a plain and boring life

Wishinig for a day when something out of the ordinary comes and hits me

I still believe in Fairy Tales and always will

I belive that there's no such thing as The End for me because I want the story to keep going

I always find myself Daydreaming and thinking out side the box

Anime inspires me and motivates me to do lots of different things

Without Anime, I wouldn't have as much of confidents I have today
Some of My Favorite Quotes ^-^

"There are only two paths you can choose. You can sit quietly and be selected out of this world, or you can adapt and change!"-Gai Tsutsugami (Guilty Crown)

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." - Shinichi Kudo (Detective Conan)

"People can really change.When they're far away from each other, their hearts will change.It's so cruel that the only thing I can do is wait." -Mouri Ran (Detective Conan)

'I do not fear death, I only fear that my rage will one day fade' - Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter 2011)

You can find me on:


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Need help
05-08-12, 7:07 PM

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KurumiT | 05-05-14, 4:08 PM

Hiros-lastchance | 03-16-14, 6:54 AM
Welcome to the club! Feel free to ask if you have any questions about anything and enjoy!

Cccel | 08-14-13, 5:01 PM

Cccel | 07-29-13, 4:39 PM

MsKanon | 03-13-13, 11:42 AM
Happy birthday to you...

Aino_ | 01-08-13, 1:36 PM

Hey, everyone :3
First of all, we'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, hope you have nice ones ^^
Also, since our club has more than 500 members now, we've made some cards in order to celebrate it :3
You can request them HERE.

And if you'd like to receive the club's newsletters in the future, you can apply HERE.
Thanks for supporting the club & have a nice day :3

kasumii | 09-21-12, 6:38 AM
thanks for the club invitation:D

puppydoglvr | 09-09-12, 5:50 PM

Akuto | 08-23-12, 11:31 PM

Hey members! :) Hope you are all doing GREAT! I want to thank everyone for their support towards the club! We have 850+ members in the club & a NEW LAYOUT so be sure to check that out! :)

We have opened 800+ LE & Sunglasses LE for now. They both have limits so request your card today! :) There will be weekly LEs as well so keep checking club so you don't miss out on them :)

Also, if you have any SUGGESTIONS for the club, don't hesitate to post in the suggestion's thread :)

Discussions! | Anime or Manga? | Favorite GoM | Better Light? | Kuroko or Kagami?

800+ LE | Sunglasses LE

Stay true to the club & take care!


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puppydoglvr | 07-21-12, 3:31 PM

puppydoglvr | 07-01-12, 12:55 PM

Cuteyabbi | 06-18-12, 6:52 PM

Arinya | 06-10-12, 1:55 AM

Black_Rabbit01 | 06-07-12, 7:02 AM
thanks ^.^

Black_Rabbit01 | 06-06-12, 6:38 AM
Hi :) nice 2 meet u read my blogs eveyday >.<

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