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03-24-13, 4:26 PM
September 8, 1989
January 5, 2009
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Hey there! i would love to make friends with people in the network of anime because not much of my friends watch anime and it be an honor to meet with some of you that love it! :D

I have been familiar with anime since I was younger with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh being my first interests here, but as I grew up my interest intensified for the more "teen" targeted anime (Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, etc.) I have just begun watching anime and started with the more "mainstream" anime that most likely everyone's heard of because those are usually the obvious good ones. I'm willing to seek out those "classic gems of anime" because I really like the stuff!

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lei- | 11-11-09, 1:52 AM - Enjoy Mifune's FanClub ;)

ThestartingLine | 07-13-09, 11:47 AM
hell yeah it was =] All the charters where so likable.Its so hard to pick a favorite. But If I was forced I would pick Fuu.... I haven't seen it in a long time (since it was on adult swim). Don't they all die in the end?...or something? I'm pretty sure Jin gets killed. He gets sliced up by that old dude...I think '....Do they ever find the sunflower samurai (GIVE ME SPOILERS)...

SO um what other anime are you into? I really like sword/Samurai anime. Have you read/watch Blade Of The immortal? O.O!! kyaa that's my favorite manga ><!! I DO NOT recommend watching the anime. There's only 13 episodes and there's like 21+ manga volumes ?_?

ThestartingLine | 07-12-09, 7:48 PM
um just wanted to say, I thought ur review on Samurai Champloo was awesome ^w^

franco | 05-22-09, 10:45 PM
GO CA!!!!

franco | 04-04-09, 8:58 PM
nothin much man! i just noticed you were from cali, so i had to add!

charliepanayi | 02-05-09, 11:27 AM
Hi there, I am watching Lost Season 5 at the moment, we're seeing the episodes just a few days after the USA does - I like the whole time skips so far, Sawyer's nicknames returning and Daniel's skinny tie lol.

Qvothe | 01-27-09, 1:22 AM
haha no problem. the one i'm really hooked on currently is World Embryo, you should check that out when you get a chance.

Qvothe | 01-13-09, 10:49 PM
hey thanks for the add! definitely check out Soul Eater based on your other favorites.

Indigo | 01-09-09, 1:11 PM
Yo, Welcome to MAL!

Lynalith | 01-09-09, 9:07 AM
Hi ^^
Welcome to you too xD

bubbles20 | 01-09-09, 12:44 AM
hi thanks for the add

Shoumei | 01-07-09, 9:11 AM
Haha, you're welcome :3 I hope you'll like them as much as I did. Yeah, I also got that problem, but then I'll just go and try one xD hehe. LOL, I haven't even watched the classic ones. teehee..

Shoumei | 01-07-09, 9:04 AM
Well, you already have seen Death Note. Death Note is really one of my favs. Do you like mecha? Even if you don't, you should try Eureka 7. I also read that someone liked Code Geass whle disliking mecha. Clannad is good if you're up for romance/friendship :3 there are also fun moments in it, but overall it's touching. Oh, I see you're already watching CG xD hehe. Err.. oh, I currently started GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka. It has a good story, and it's funny. Touching as well xD hehe. Yokazura Quartet is good for the characters with special abilities :D, however the story kinda lacks. Rozen Maiden <3 cause the nice dolls xD and the action :3 Mkay, I hope this is enough for you. Remember it's just my personal taste xD hehe. Besides, I'm still kinda a newb too. ;p

Shoumei | 01-07-09, 6:41 AM
rofl, yes, it does. <.<; but, it's the same to me :D you took the initiative.

charliepanayi | 01-06-09, 2:53 PM
Thanks for the friends add, happy to help a fellow Lost fan! There are so many daft comments in that thread really.

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