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gizmokid2122 | 04-23-14, 1:17 PM
Good One Piece manga review.

zaladinos | 01-01-14, 10:10 PM
I do agree the Tomino cult zealots do bring a repulsive stench to the progress of the gundamverse. Kinda reminds of the Kamen rider debacle that the post 2000 Heisei riders were too faggy(Albeit some honest truth to it none the less).

UsuiZoro | 07-28-13, 6:37 AM
"One Piece would be the boss sitting on a lavish chair smoking a cigarette, while Bleach and Naruto would be the two henchmen standing side by side of the boss"
HAHAHAHA. OMG! You're hilarious. I so agree with that :D

Jeycopp | 05-22-13, 6:36 AM
Hello, I just started reading One Piece manga and I have a question to you:

-Arent Nami should be more sexy? Or its just looks like that in the beginning of the manga?

TakeshiKun | 05-05-13, 7:38 AM
Hey. I really loved your One Piece review! Great job! I smiled a lot while reading it especially during the part where you mentioned Enel's WTF face. One Piece will forever be my favourite manga and I hope that many others get into the series. Thanks to your review, I'm sure that'll happen.

A-ism | 07-18-12, 9:18 PM
Hey there! I found your Gundam 00 movie review to be very spot on. Especially the "enjoyment" segment. When finally finished it I'm pretty sure I took a deep breath and murmured the word "interesting" at least 10 times. Still not sure how else I felt about it, heh.

KumoKojiki | 06-27-12, 11:26 AM
Nice list and fav . Try black lagoon for some of the best kick ass girls . Shiki is great :)

Hyrule_Cow | 04-14-12, 4:16 PM
Funny Michael Cera stuff!

Metty | 03-22-12, 1:39 PM

Amphinobi | 03-12-12, 2:25 PM
Still you can't deny that Michael Cera is quite the fantastic man!

Metty | 11-07-11, 8:40 PM
you lie
thats not boony

Metty | 11-07-11, 7:08 PM
liking GitS :3

Metty | 11-07-11, 5:51 AM

Shadowlegend | 10-11-11, 7:43 PM
Tell that to everyone who has a Mirai Nikki review posted right now.

It's not anything new for a reviewer to edit his review as the series progresses. As a matter of fact, some of the most helpful ones are like that. Anyways, what I'm doing is a review in my opinion.

Queeny | 10-11-11, 5:46 AM
Same Here !
I love ufotable studio ! Specially their work for Kara no kyoukai movies .
I love Ryougi Shiki XD

for FSN , you will know who won in the Fate zero.. but without any deep details. you will need to watch zero to know why . if it's gonna be a problem for you , then u might like to complete FSN after zero .

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