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4/2/2015: I decided to remove ratings from dropped series it appears to mess with compatibilities.

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NTAD | 04-05-15, 9:38 AM

Korrvo | 04-05-15, 12:58 AM
Holy shit, someone who sent a friend request with an actual message. PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST??????

Nice taste in people btw

NTAD | 04-04-15, 11:16 PM
Nah. I got dis.

Working_Designs | 04-02-15, 5:39 PM
I was just looking at your profile, and I didn't realize that you were a fan of Valis III. I remember the first time I rented the Sega Genesis version of it(roughly 20 years ago.) I don't own the Genesis version, but I do own a version of Valis III for the Turbografx-CD.

Yuuko, the main character in the Valis games, is one of my favorite heroines in video games.

I also remember renting Illusion of Gaia for the SNES.

Working_Designs | 04-02-15, 12:15 PM
So, I've decided to stop posting on the main section of this forum permanently.

I'll still post in clubs, and I will still of course talk to you, and my other friends via profile comments or PMs.

I'm sick of the people on the main section of the forums. The shitposting will never end, and I no longer want to be stuck in the middle of it, but I'm sure you can understand what I'm talking about.

Working_Designs | 03-26-15, 10:25 PM
I wish the weather was nicer here where I live. We're having a late spring this year, and the ground is still covered in snow. I can't wait until the snow is gone.

I know your pain about the shitposters here on MAL. I run into it every day, and sometimes I ask myself why I continue to post on the main forum. I guess I do it because I have nothing else exciting to do.

Working_Designs | 03-26-15, 10:08 PM
Welcome back!

While you were gone, a new rule in the Casual Discussion section was put into place, which prohibits sex-themed threads. I'm not sure how well it will work, but hopefully some more serious threads will be created now, or at least we can hope.

Kurt_Irving | 03-15-15, 5:27 PM
Hello, so you like Pumpkin Scissors? well, as for me, I only read sample manga pages of this series in a magazine, before. Nadesico is a really cool anime, too.

Working_Designs | 03-14-15, 12:18 AM
Happy Birthday!

xEmptiness | 03-11-15, 9:36 PM
Have fun with your break :p
It's good to get away from the toxins once in a while.

Working_Designs | 03-11-15, 9:14 PM
Okay then. Hope you have a great birthday!

Working_Designs | 03-10-15, 1:59 PM
So, what are you doing for your birthday?

Retro8bit | 02-27-15, 4:22 PM
For me personally, I've only played the original Pokemon Red, plus Diamond and Pearl. I was shocked to find out how little change there was between them, especially considering the huge gap I took. It's one of the reasons why I never got into the Pokemon games. They just didn't change enough for me to warrant multiple purchases. Although in the new games, you can now sit on benches. That's...something right? XD

Best way to do it. You do any online game at all though?

Ya know, I've never been to ITZ. The closest I've ever been to one is the times I go to that movie theater on San Mateo, it's behind it. Isn't it just like a Planet Fun for the most part?

bakashimizu | 02-26-15, 12:10 AM
Your right about Berserk. I had only felt uncomfortable with the violence in Elfen Lied up until one episode of Berserk basically put some minor characters through a food processor. Talk about gore-fest. Shigurei Death Frenzy is another one that was a bit too liberal with the blood and guts. I think I already mentioned Blood C...if you have a sensitive stomach this one should be crossed off your list. I first noticed the gross-out experimentation in an older title from the late 80's/early90's called Legend of the Overfiend (actually a follow up movie to this title). I didn't realize it was a hentai/horror title when I rented it (yes, I rented it on vhs), the art work just looked cool. An hour and a half later I was just left wondering what the heck I had just watched.

Regarding harems, I find myself going more and more for anyrhing that has to do with everyday relationships, whether it's a primary topic or incidental. I used to be mecha or death type of guy, but some switch in my head went off and made me curious about everything.

It must be nice being able to turn off the anime and manga light. Mine is always on. I feel like I should be in some sort of 12-step program for chronic anime abusers.

Here's an oldie but a goodie you might want to check out. I believe that you mentioed that you liked Macross (my personal favorite). You may want to check out Orguss (the original series). You'll recognize what studio it came from.

Retro8bit | 02-24-15, 1:57 PM
Hmmm since you bought it just to say you owned it, I take it you are a pretty big Pokemon gamer?

Streets of Rage 2 is awesome buddy! What system do you have it on? I too have a hard time finding people to play with when it comes to older games. Assuming you play them online that is.

Hahahaha, well just pretend that you entered it on purpose because you love GTA? XD

Oh speaking of games, you hear about the new Dave n' Buster's arcade room at Winrock? I hear it's really great.

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