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Kidou Senkan Nadesico
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Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
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Pumpkin Scissors
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Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars
Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars add
Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai-Guard
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Koko wa Greenwood
Koko wa Greenwood add

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Scorpse, Leopold
Benedict, Carr
Bulge, Schawanheld
Bahana, Juli
Subaru, Ryoko
Alice L.
Malvin, Alice L.
Gunther, Welkin

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Ortiz, Lisa
Ortiz, Lisa
Freeman, Crispin
Freeman, Crispin
Kawasumi, Ayako
Kawasumi, Ayako
Hollingshead, Megan
Hollingshead, Megan
Satou, Tatsuo
Satou, Tatsuo

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08-20-14, 3:45 PM Edited 08-20-14, 3:51 PM
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Retro8bit | 08-24-14, 10:58 AM
Cool cool! I love me some burgers! You get your hands on any new games as of late?

Here's something to make your Sunday more musical:

dankickyou | 08-24-14, 1:07 AM
Thats cool. you got any recs to similar shows to ScraPri? :P

Retro8bit | 08-23-14, 10:43 PM
Ah still fighting off all the trolls on MAL eh? Good luck man, as sadly they have grown plentiful lately.

Sounds like you're keeping busy though. If you don't mind me asking, where you working at?

Retro8bit | 08-22-14, 4:31 PM
Hey there buddy, sorry for such a late reply! How goes things with you?

Working_Designs | 08-20-14, 5:34 PM
Now there's a great cover!

I grew up listening to that Andy Kim 45. I still have it, although it's a bit scratched up.

Working_Designs | 08-20-14, 5:19 PM
Some of my favorite covers are:

The Beatles - To know her is to love her

Peter & Gordon - Baby I'm yours

Dion - Dream Lover

I'm not sure which version of "Yellow River" I like better, either the original by Christie, or The Tremeloes cover.

And of course, there are many songs Johnny Rivers covered that I really enjoy.

Working_Designs | 08-20-14, 4:43 PM
I was just thinking about songs where there's the rare case that a cover version is better than the original.

Are there any songs where you find the cover better than the original?

Working_Designs | 08-14-14, 2:10 PM
Those songs are pretty good, although I don't think I've heard of most of them, accept for Mr. Bassman.

joey101937 | 08-11-14, 1:41 PM
nice ;)

and yeah, shame the KnS fanbase is rather small

Working_Designs | 08-09-14, 1:03 PM
That's a line from a song, isn't it?

According to Google, it's from a song called "Break my Stride" by Matthew Wilder. Believe it or not, I've actually never heard it before, but it certainly sounds great!

bakashimizu | 08-07-14, 11:04 PM
Hmmm. Some of the more recent animes like Fairy Tale, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Legend of the Legendary Heroes are similar to that, but I think I know where you're going with it and these may not cut the mustard (whatever that means). Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit kind of has that feel. So does Samurai Champloo (although the group of three is kind of small). If you're willing to reach way back and put up with space ships and mecha, Mobile Suit Gundam and the Space Ship Yamato movies and series have that motif. If you're willing to risk becoming a Judas and suspend any anime purism that you may have, The Last Air Bender series might hit the nail on the head. High School of the Dead will violate your prime directive that it not be a high school setting, but they're only in the high school for the first few episodes. Trigun might get you there as perhaps Full Metal Alchemist may as well (I preferred Brotherhood). Berserk is really good, but is kind of light on the acquaintance/friend requirement. There's probably a crap load more that I can't remember at the moment. As I recall others I will add them to this reply.

chaosdanub | 08-05-14, 11:03 PM
Tsunderes are my all time favorite chars, i love them popular guy/ normal unpopular girl plots and RomCom is my #1 genre. so ya i rly enjoyed maid sama.

i didn't care much about that episode ( looked like an ova to me ) but i found it funny how they said like "wait wait, isn't this another story?" (or something like that) when they were about to go offtrack from the peach story.

dankickyou | 08-04-14, 10:38 PM
A mixture of nostalgia+a setting I like+likeable characters+nice animation+the first anime i watched that wasnt a fighting shonen. Why did u like it?

Working_Designs | 08-03-14, 7:02 PM
I heard Western Union on the radio just the other day. Great song.

Between Blood, sweat, and tears & Chicago, I've never really compared the two, but I think maybe I also prefer Blood, sweat and tears as well.

Working_Designs | 08-03-14, 10:03 AM
The Tremeloes had some great stuff. The song "Suddenly You Love Me," which is an english version of Riccardo Del Turco's "Uno Tranquillo" is also another song by them I really enjoy.

Did you know that when The Beatles auditioned for Decca records in 1962, they were turned down in favor of the Tremeloes?(Then known as "Brian Poole & The Tremeloes.)

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