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MrHawkeye | 47 minutes ago
I have no idea, i'm tying to revive it.

TripleSRank | 4 hours ago
Nice "if you woke up and anime didn't exist" post. :)

Shiratori-san | Yesterday, 3:52 AM
Ah, thanks. Yes, there are some things that make me mad, but I usually just pretend I haven't read them (^_^)

Also, if you think that everyone has their own tastes, and that they change with age and gender, you can tolerate it better. And I somewhat can see why people would dislike the anime/manga that I like and why they like the genres I dislike. I'm a bit different, that's all.

And some people just say nasty things just to try to be cool...

KyuuAL | Yesterday, 2:59 AM
If you haven't gotten around to Slayers... go watch that.

If you want something silly... try Ixion.

As for anything else, I'm sure there's more. But I cannot remember them right now.

Retro8bit | 07-29-14, 5:39 PM
Wow so many songs, I can tell you have an ear for music. :)

Dude I really wish they would bring back the SatAM Sonic series, it was the only one that had the comic book characters in it. I use to watch that series all the time as a kid. Hey that video wasn't bad, they even got the music tracks and voice overs from the game!I liked it.

Here's another song I think you'll like:

Forgive me if it's on your list already and I didn't notice it.

Working_Designs | 07-24-14, 9:13 PM
Most of my Laserdisc collection is Anime, and with VHS, I also own various live action/western cartoons, along with Anime.

You sure got your Laserdisc player for a great price! I bought my Pioneer CLD-D704 player on eBay in 2010 for $180, and it cost me another $80 to have it shipped! I wish I could have found one for cheaper, but you can't find stuff like that in the small place I come from.

Retro8bit | 07-24-14, 8:37 PM
Yes yes, I know of Gain Ground. A classic title there buddy. I preferred it way more than Ikari Warriors. To me it was the Contra of the overhead style, and that's saying a lot. Never looked into an arcade cabinet price though, I don't think it was a hugely popular game so I wouldn't think it cost as much as others. Unless it's gone rare somehow.

As for XEXYZ, not sure on that one. I looked up screenshots on Google and it "kinda" lookS familiar, but I may be thinking of Ghouls and Ghosts as the level design looks pretty similar to it.

Working_Designs | 07-20-14, 4:12 PM
I also like Sam Cooke! "Twisting the night away" & "Bring it on home to me" are my two favorite songs by him.

Retro8bit | 07-19-14, 4:23 PM
Yeah I heard about it, but can't buy it at present, my laptop hasn't been in good shape for a while. It's one of the reasons why I stopped using Steam. :(

Tachii | 07-15-14, 7:50 PM
I've beginning to notice a lot of users often can't take 18+ threads seriously. There will be people clearly overcompensating, or bullshitting in these type of threads to feel better about themselves, I guess. That said, it's often the opening posts themselves that encourage this sort of behaviour. A key to a good thread is to have an opening post that's knowledgeable and appears serious. That usually involves having proper grammar and longer than a one liner that devoid thought.

Lately, MAL is the only forums I consistently stays on. I was playing GW2 from September to May so I was mostly on their forum for that time slot. Now that I quit the MMO I find myself back on MAL, despite rarely watching anime. Oh, and I usually chat on our MAL IRC channel. It's usually more free-flowing and a troll usually can't even disrupt it by themselves unlike the forums.

Retro8bit | 07-15-14, 6:58 PM
I don't have anything against FPS games don't get me wrong, but all these COD fans go crazy for the "slightest" update, as if it's a whole new game entirely. They are just milking the series.

What? I didn't hear a news broadcast about that? Though I don't have my TV turned on either.

So lately you've gotten more into MMORPGs/PC games?

Dude I was so shocked The Last Story even made it to the states, that an Xenoblade. Even if it was a Gamestop exclusive. Now if Nintendo would only bring Fatal Frame 4 over here I would be one happy camper.

Jayex | 07-15-14, 5:24 PM
Lol, nice post in CD on wealth. genius, man, genius.

Damn, now I can say i'm in the top 5%

Tachii | 07-14-14, 9:49 PM
I was an entry in an older MAL wiki back when I was a mod. But yeah, I wouldn't want to be on such an unregulated site, lol. People usually just make up stuff or try to be funny. Fortunately for me I don't really care what random anons say about me on the Interweb. :D

bakashimizu | 07-14-14, 10:42 AM
I think that's what I'll have for lunch. What's the latest and greatest anime/manga that you're watching now?

bakashimizu | 07-14-14, 9:44 AM
Great. BBQ, Sapporo and fire works. Family and friends having fun. How was yours?

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