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10-28-10, 8:38 AM
May 7, 1994
DXB - دبي
November 24, 2008
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AwesOMest vID EvA

Don't click here

i don't know what happened 2 meh profile, somethin screwed it up TT^TT
now i have 2 start over TTnTT, its soo tiring (i know, m lazy.....)

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Mask_Head | 07-11-14, 6:28 PM
Miss you my old friend. This is for you.

taylorrtantrum | 05-08-11, 12:04 PM
Hey. I'm reactivating Studio☆ D

& would really appreciate your help in doing that. We need to get back out there, and show off all our great drawings. To submit your drawings. Click HERE

Also, while you are at it, Check out the new forum for us to reconnect with each other. Click HERE to visit that new forum.

I can't wait for the club to be active again.

Mask_Head | 02-16-11, 3:00 AM
hey where r u and whats with the creepy dancer?

Eruhan | 10-22-10, 2:50 PM
Aaah jamming stuff in the head works too! xD BTW ain't I awesome for leaving school? ...DON'T answer that!

I hope you're right! ;)

"Trolling is throwing a plastic bone in a cage with hungry wolves - they'll fight for it to the death just to find it's not edible." By dunno who.
Trolling is fun! xD

Eruhan | 10-10-10, 8:01 AM
All of school was hard if you ask me!...Oh I didn't graduate...I left at the 12th grade after some 3-4 months! xD which "road" did you choose in your studies? >.< (scientific maybe? xD)

Fine thanks! :) Hope Ramadan was worthwhile for you too! :p (I miss it T.T),...and as long as I'm living I doubt I'm finding anything new to seriously sucks...even traveling isn't fun for me anymore! D:<

Hey...Do you enjoy trolling as much as I do?

Eruhan | 10-02-10, 2:08 PM
Hey!! wassup!! Did school start for you again? :p

lalami02 | 09-17-10, 7:14 AM
lol tabeen 3ediya meni?!! yala borooo, ana bas a5e'd ma a36ey (bekl 9ara7a LOL) :P hahahaaai 8D
and lol saroo xD well I really miss hanging out with her -_- nori is fine, got her addicted to sushi now xD btw heard you are looking for a tablet to draw =3 *poke poke*

lalami02 | 09-11-10, 1:44 PM
Hola! :D
3eedch mbark :P sh5bar your 3eed?? 7addi 5a6ri fi '3ada yoma ;_;... '3ada el 3eed eli kaletah kan fast food >> akser el 5a6er la? XD lol
sh5bar yr sis saro? salmi 3aleha wayed ok x3

Krad-sama | 09-06-10, 6:16 AM

Noi-chi | 08-18-10, 3:37 AM
Stop bashing my characters or I'll start bashing yours!!! D:<

R-kira | 08-10-10, 6:27 AM
i like shounen anime's ..

ماذا عنكِ ؟ :p

R-kira | 08-09-10, 8:27 PM
Thanks 4 accepting my add ^^

nice 2 meet you ..

lalami02 | 08-05-10, 9:17 AM
omg as if she is not a threat to the other kids already O_O... I feel sorry for them now xD lol

haha I can't believe it she is joining forces with hanoda and balona (still wearing their hair long, no?) xD I don't think I saw mayody D: or maybe I did but I forgot =\ how old is he now?

oh and I'm currently enjoying Hetalia axis powers xD teaches ya about history and world war.. in other words: yetmes5ron 3ala kel el countries in a clever way! xD check it out you might like it ;D

Noi-chi | 08-04-10, 6:36 AM
She is not annoying, she is just way too happy :]

lalami02 | 07-26-10, 12:46 PM
You haven't watched anything in ages!! you should do your homework by watching more anime D:< (if ya wanna practice art that is ;) ~

how is it going? I really wanna see pix of reemo if you have any ;_; (the other day we were talking about those who bite and yr sis popped into the convo XD lol) does she still have a short hair?

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