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12-29-14, 11:09 PM
May 30, 2011
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About Chuugoku9023

Hello, stranger. Here are a few points about me for those who are curious...

My name is Lauren and I reside in Canada. I am also half Filipino and half Canadian and well I guess I like to watch anime.
I watched a lot of Pokemon growing up but it wasn't until late 2010 when my friends got me into Hetalia and god I guess the rest is history...
I'm a bit picky when it comes to what I value in shows. I look for interesting plot, pacing, good character development and of course overall use of logic and if the show actually makes sense. I try not to be judgmental when it comes to art style/quality in a show however some styles just really don't appeal to me and that seems to be a problem if I want to watch the show.

I watch Asian dramas and movies sometimes. Although I find that I like to watch movies more than dramas because I don't like how most shows tend to drag on for long periods of time and it gets frustrating and a bit boring to watch. Like please, I don't need to watch the characters play golf for 20 minutes when they're supposed to be doing something actually related to the plot. There are probably some really good dramas out there but I'm sorry. I guess I just got the bad ones but movies tend to be more manageable for me to digest and pay attention to. My list can be found at My Drama List.

I like photography. Another hobby I guess.

I'm also a big gamer. My consoles are Nintendo 3DS, PS3 and PS2. I wish I could play more PC games but my laptop is bricked.
My favourite genres are turn based RPG, third person platformer, first person shooter/adventure, puzzle and anything story driven. I hate racing games...
Some of my favourite series are Professor Layton, Shin Megami Tensei, Phoenix Wright, Zero Escape and Ratchet and Clank.

I'm a IB student and by that I don't mean the game but the education program. It pretty much means that I have a shit-ton of school work to do. So if we end up talking, please do not expect immediate or lengthy replies.

Feel free to drop a comment or something. ^^
Thanks for reading.


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Sanguis | 07-01-14, 10:04 AM
Aye yo add me on skype ya dingus.

My skype name: sanguis.hola
I'll be under the name Sanny Ezra because yeah.

Sanguis | 06-29-14, 5:33 PM
Duh, and I remember you accidentally marrying Chrom. Who would have you married otherwise? I plan on marrying Libra on my next playthrough heuheuheuheuh.

Ah, I think you're probably in the final third of the game, at the very least. It is the longest game I've ever played, albeit I did do some extra stuff to get costumes and titles. Did you get any of those?

Also I finished the original Ace Attorney trilogy, finally! Godot makes me sad. ): But he's awesome, his theme is great. But Franziska will always be the best. "I grow tired of the foolish foolery of the foolish fools of this foolish country..."

Sanguis | 06-26-14, 12:13 PM
Ah, it appears I had mistaken Rhythm Thief for Elite Beat Agents as they are not the same game. Oops. Oh well, let's try Elite Beat Agents then.

Sanguis | 06-26-14, 12:07 PM
Oh... oh my... What the ungodly fuck is right...He has a nice butt though.
Have I ever shown you this? It's quite magical.

Bruh. I've finished Awakening ages ago. I've since played Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, Blazing Sword and Heroes of Light and Shadow because I'm awesome. Obviously, my choice of husband was this guy. Best husbando and waifu of 2k14.
Coolio! Guess I'll put off Tales of Phantasia for this, speaking of Tales, how is Abyss treating you?

Sanguis | 06-26-14, 11:42 AM

There's.... more.

Nah I have my DS, but I'm gonna give it to Shivangi soon so she can play Fire Emblem Awakening.
Black splotches mean nothing when I can play a story about a jamming thief. 8) I feel kinda bad about keeping your DS for so long so like I'll play it as fast as I can haha.

Sanguis | 06-26-14, 11:26 AM

This is the most important video I've ever seen and I need you watch it.

((also can I play Rhythm Thief on your DS?))

Sanguis | 05-09-14, 7:55 PM
Looky looky looky

Unfortunately the original SMT isn't there, I know for a fact there's an English translated torrent of the original SMT for the playstation I believe. Maybe you can get an emulator.

crosby_87 | 04-12-14, 7:31 PM
Haha yeah, also all those stickers....IDK but I like having my cases sticker-free LOL!

Metal Gear Solild 5: Ground zeros, is just the first mission. Metal Gear Solid 5: The phatom pain is the full game lol. Gameplay for the Ground Zeros, is 60-90mins with cutscences lol. Thats why I said the Conception 2 demo was longer than GZ haha.

Ppl behind VLR eh, I couldnt get into that game but I did really like Dangan Ronpa, ahhh didn't pre-order it....the ebgames in my area tend not to overship their vita games, took me 2 weeks to get my hands on Dangan Ronpa. You gonna get it for the 3DS btw?

Ahhh, dw things like that happen, I'm in the middle of finals here lol, muuust resist gaming LOL

Sanguis | 04-11-14, 10:26 PM
I think we can both agree we don't the DmmD anime to turn out like this.

Sanguis | 04-11-14, 10:12 PM
Guess who doesn't have PSN.
): This lonely fuck right here. Although I'm going to borrow Cameron's PSVITA so I can play Persona 4 Golden and Arena! Woot woot. My dream of playing all the SMT in the universe is slowly coming true. Imagine a 3DS port for Nocturne, like the chances to those are zero but like 3DS is the only working console I have. Do you know how much tables I would flip? Probably like 7.

Why yes hello there is a punk Luke Triton in the house.
Also, look at this. LOOK AT IT.

Ghost Trick looks sooo good though man, granted I've played like 5 seconds of it but I can't wait to try it out again after I beat ToA because I seriously have heard nothing bad about it. I'm pumped.
Tales of Vesperia was great man. The protagonist, good old Yuri Lowell is like the best Tales of protagonist because he's the biggest deadpan snarker ever (plus he's actually an adult! Woah!). Well, not as big as Jade Curtiss here. They're practically the same person... Except Yuri isn't quite a sociopathic necromancer like Jade...
Yeah Tales of Fandom is.... special. They're like really depraved fans who go in absolute hysterics and cry over everything. But hey man who I am to judge I'm one of them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Hey you know about the skits in Tales of games? They're like the highlight of the whole games sometimes. Seriously.

He can "classmate" with other male students? As in... He can do the do and make babies with their hands behind the curtains?? That'd be interesting, beware of mpreg. Although if you're just hanging out with male students, and this being Atlus here, they'll most likely be like Yosuke "no homo" Hanamura.

Enough of Micheal Bay, you know what's hot? Goat Simulator. That's what. I surely hope you've been playing it because if you haven't and if it's not the best thing then we need to reconsider our friendship.

Oh. Well let's lookie here... The animation studio is a new one that's only done one anime (that aired last season) and a music video. The director hasn't done really anything but he worked on.... End of.... Evangelion...Oh.... oh man this is going to be something else let me tell you! Oh yeah I've heard of Togainu no Chi but I never watched it, the only thing I heard about it is that the anime is horrendously boring. I don't get it? Why don't anime adaptions actually go for a character's route/ending? Are they trying to appease to all fans? Well if they do no route then they'll just end up with boring dribble.
>You'll never want to pick up the game again.
Dude like I would want to pick up the game again after seeing the robot's route? I don't caaaaare about everyone else. Give me all the robots okay.

Pupa was something else entirely. It was an experience. Episode 6 though man. I watched it when I woke up one morning because I thought to myself "better watch some Pupa for this lovely morning!" and all it was that sister eating her brother for 4 minutes straight. I broke into hysterics and cried.
Although seriously death by excruciating anal fisting is a better alternative to watching this shit. And that's why you should watch it.

Sanguis | 03-28-14, 4:29 PM
Honestly after playing Devil Survivor I'm a tad bit disappointed that I didn't get hilarious dialogue options that you get in Devil Survivor 2. At least now I can finally fulfill my dream of being an idiot in a SMT game, and then scoff at the anime.
Ah yes luckily for me the SMT fandom is hella dedicated so a group of them actually managed to translate the gameboy advance version of the thing, and that's how I was able to play it. There's an official English release for it on the iOS though. It's what you expect from a SMT game, Law vs Chaos and Neutral in the corner wandering what the fuck happened when the Angels decided to a hold a disco dance party and the demons holding an 18+ rave.

In TWEWY there's a lot of slicing and dicing I take it. Gotta go fast and swerve my stylus across the screen and pray to god I don't accidentally press to hard and break it. Do you also have a game called Ghost Trick?
Hah well first I've gotta blaze through it and I've no idea how long it'll take me to play it. I dunno if you know I'm a pretty big Tales of fan but I never played any of the games so I just watched a bunch of walkthroughs so finally being able to play one of them is a godsend. You can also watch Tales of the Abyss' anime which wasn't half bad actually. Oh, and if there's one Tales of game you must play, it's Tales of Vesperia. Best Tales of game from what I've seen.
The fandom is pretty insane though.

True true, and I've played some pretty superficial dating sims (don't ask me why). Atlus knows how to write characters, or at least they know how to write characters in a 50+ hour game, dunno how long Conception is but hopefully it's long enough to make your suitors more than just woman who give you babies. Imagine if they have "And who is the father?!" segments that's like the courtroom drama in Dangan Ronpa...

Dude. I think you're confusing Kawaii with Kowai because that shit is terrifying. Speaking of turtles, look what I found.

Is the true route when you fuck the dog? Because that's what Susanne told me, that would be.... interesting. Although the anime gives me an excuse to actually play the thing because that's been something I've been meaning to do. (C'mon it has an adorable robot I gotta check this shit out)

Also, I double dog dare you and watch and complete this anime.

crosby_87 | 03-27-14, 8:19 PM
I remeber once buying an "recylced" game, think it was NHL12, anyways when I got home it stinked like cigarettes, like really bad, since I already opening I couldn't return it but yeah, reallly turned me off from buying used. Stiking to amazon or kijiji. And yeah, shoping from the USA seems like the better deal now espically since they get a much faster amazon service lol.

Read somewhere that they had problems compressing the demo so the quality was off and maybe thats why more wasn't added to the demo. I played through some of the vita demo, it is a good length demo lol.....could be longer than MGS ground zeros LOL. The dating sim aspect of it....I didn't find it fun at all, the girls just look wierd, with stars in their eyes and what not. Also the fact the character models look like their from some cheap flash game, imo it will have beeen much better with a cutout lol. I just really like the 3D dungeon exploration and battle system hah

crosby_87 | 03-27-14, 5:25 PM
Yeah, the online stores havn't upped the price yet, but I do know sony has limited some promos, like I think the spend 60$ and get 10$ back promo isn't available in canada. Obviously, ebgames will be the first one to do that....all that what is your money lol, can't count the amount of times they tried to pressure me to buy their stickers-filled used games.

Checked best buy and they upped the price of conception 2 too. How you like the demo btw?

Sanguis | 03-27-14, 11:48 AM
>I have Devil Survivor 2
DUDE WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?! For some reason I've had it in my mind that you didn't have it so I've been asking Cameron if I can burrow his copy but he lost it haha. Sure I would be chuffed to burrow it if I can, you can bet your ass I'm going to pick the silliest dialogue options for that game.
Yeah I know. As much as I love the SMT franchise (I've played the original SMT game and Strange Journey on an emulator) its battle system can make a grown man cry. No wonder this franchise is notorious for being unnecessarily difficult. But hey, at least you don't have to unlock the easy difficulty from dying so much like in SMT 4 haha. At least you don't have the option to negotiate because honestly I would lose my shit everytime I would give a life stone to a demon, they join my party and as a token of their gratitude they give me the life stone I just gave them.
Yeah DeSu is pretty strict when it comes to grinding which is a shame is anything. As annoying as hell Midori may be, I'd recommend talking to her at times mainly because strangely enough she provides a really useful optional party member no matter what route you pick. Atsuro is such a bro though, he sticks with you no matter what route you take. He's Atsubro.
Enjoy your dumb cool new game, Europe >:C

And Australia >:C

And whoever else is in the PAL region >:C

Oh man oh man I have TWEWY on an emulator but playing the real thing physically seems like a much better idea but I'd feel guilty of borrowing of these games from you. ; v ;
ah who am I kidding give me all those games gimme gimme gimme
Oh and yesterday I bought the Tales of the Abyss 3DS port and today or tomorrow I hope to get Soul Hackers so if you ever want to borrow those you can.

One reason I'm approaching Conception with such trepidation because, yeah, it's so totally "anime" and it just sounds and looks like some of those shitty harem shows that come out every season. I've heard Persona 3 and 4 referred to as "dating sims." In my view, that description is not quite accurate. Yes, dating is part of it, but Persona 4 is as much about platonic friendship as it is about romance. Even if you don't end up dating Chie or Yukiko, you still learn their innermost secrets, and eventually become very close friends. In Persona you become close friends with people of both genders while in Conception you're here to make some sugarbabies. But I digress, this is Spike Chunsoft and Atlus we're talking about here afterall so it's probably going to be so outlandishly silly and so over the top that it having a silly premise will be the least of our problems. I guess as long it's well written with no bad characters and not misogynistic I'm cool with it. Honestly, this is probably exactly what Atlus and Chunsoft wanted haha, people so confused that they're drawn into this game.

What the friggity frack is that. It.... exists.... Sonic went so fast he went into a game that's not his...

Ah well it's not it's a race or anything. You can start on volume 4 since the first season of Drr!! animated the first 3 volumes. (if anything just read the 6'th volume because good god it has the best scene in the entire series and it's just so beautiful oh god)

I'm curious how the anime will go though since there's multiple endings and routes. In the end Aoba might end up going with no one for the fans' sake and it might end up being no homo at all. Which in turn would make the fans angry, huh. Oh in other news, Mushishi is getting a sequel. Yeah, you get on that and watch the first season.

crosby_87 | 03-27-14, 7:02 AM
EBgames here in Canada raised the prices of games to match the "low exchange" rate of the Canadian Dollar in respect to the American Dollar. So, 40$ dollar games is given a 5$ boost and 60$ games are now 70$. Amazon still is selling some games at the old 40$ prices but they do have some 69.99 games, so won't surprise me if they matched prices of ebgames. Pretty stupid since when the CDN was wroth more than the American, there wasn't a price decrease....consumer always are the ones who take the fall eh

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