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YoungVagabond | 01-20-13, 8:52 PM
First thing is first; happy 26th birthday, man!

"It was exactly about what you said. A no-name developer taking some obscure cult following source material turning it into a very very good selling video game. And yes I intended that to be kind of unrelated to what you said. Kind of a new topic about a great new development team taking a chance."

Again, this is demonstrably wrong. Even if you want to ignore common sense (a major game franchise is not going to adapt an unpopular book series), the facts disagree with your view;

A series of comic book adaptations soon after the novels? Check.

A movie based on the property (which even I have heard of) as long ago as 2001, and another TV series soon after? Two checks.

More, importantly, from, we have this;

"His first short story, The Witcher (Wiedźmin), was published in Fantastyka, Poland's leading fantasy literary magazine, in 1986 and was enormously successful both with readers and critics. Sapkowski has created a cycle of tales based on the world of The Witcher, comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. This cycle and his many other works have made him one of the best-known fantasy authors in Poland in the 1990s.[1]"

So yes, the books were plenty popular long before the games were a twinkle in any game developer's eye.

Certainly the games made the books even more popular, especially in the US, but they were massively successful even before that.

"I wanted to say that you still rate the stories those movies have. And in no way do games have inferior stories to films. At least in my opinion."

If you want your opinions to be taken more seriously, you should support them with concrete arguments.

For instance, you could mention the games which you think have outstanding stories as good as those of any movie.

"If you don't like playing games and would rather read a book, just say that."

Except this isn't true for myself. I love books and I love games, albeit for different reasons.

Throughout my life, I have probably spent as much (or even more) time on games as I have on books.

You, on the other hand, clearly don't "love" books, and have spent 100 hours on games for every hour you have on books. So yeah, this counter-argument doesn't quite work.

"I'm not pretending I'm giving examples of games with good stories."

The only examples I can recall are The Witcher and Spec Ops: The Line. Both of which are watered-down adaptations of books.

That's not exactly convincing.

"So yeah that means I sell books 7 - 10 hours a day for minimal wages."

Well, you should have mentioned that from the start. Your dislike of books makes infinitely more sense now. :)

"I dislike that those games get as much credit as they do. But well if people do enjoy that kind of stuff and I still get my core single player campaign games... Let them live!"

I'm not a fan of many artsy fartsy games myself, but "Journey" was an exception in that regard.

"There is no such thing as a classic in that genre. I hate to do this but I'll quote Wikipedia now since it has good way of telling what an action adventure is for me."

Okay, instead of quoting Wikipedia and repeating what someone else told you, how about YOU actually play "Dark Souls" and make up YOUR OWN MIND about it?

You just told me how if everyone had the same taste, the world would be a boring place.

If that's the case, why are you parroting what other people have said instead of forming an opinion of your own?

"I personally am becoming an anti-Semite when watching news about Israels politics so I can kinda understand where those people are coming from."

Considering most European news programs (including most notably, the BBC, and shockingly, even Fox News) are largely owned by the Saudi royal family, and various Arab sheiks/oil barons, this is hardly surprising.

They consistently lie and portray Israel in the worst, most criminal light.

The reality is quite different. The Muslims in that part of the world want to see Israel destroyed and all the Jews killed, just as Hitler did, and that includes women and small children.

For instance, a man who killed a pregnant Israeli women and 4 of her daughters, aged 11 to 2 years old was proclaimed a "hero" who killed "Israeli settlers".

Of course, you won't find stories like this reported much in the European or American press!

"A country that posts thermal satellite images of bombs dropping to demoralize it's enemy on Youtube is something that brings out prejudices in me. Of course Jews are no country or race but they fight a religious war under the mask of a country so I guess that counts."

Israel is a country, and Jews are most certainly a race.

Look Chued, while some of the things I write might sound sharp, I'm in a humorous and calm mood about most of it. I couldn't care less what books you enjoy, or whether you think stories in games are great or not.

But there are a few things I take seriously, and which genuinely upset me.

The most serious of this is anything insulting my race, and how sympathetic someone is towards people that ultimately want my race exterminated. Which is what you wrote above.

Make no mistake; if you said those same words to me in real life, I would beat the shit out of you without the slightest hesitation. It's no different than a black person beating someone for calling him the "N-word" and saying he understands why black people were made into slaves.

That's not an idle threat, either; my family suffered a lot of death and discrimination fighting against Hitler's Germany as well as in Stalin's Soviet Union, and while I'm not the least religious, I am also a proud Jew who doesn't tolerate racism against his people.

Keep that in mind if you decide to correspond with me further.

YoungVagabond | 01-17-13, 2:36 PM
"A series of Polish fantasy stories no one knew before the game came out, not even a polish originating fantasy reading friend of mine. Where is the story simplified? If anything it's gotten more complex because it can take various ways now."

Firstly, you're incorrect. The Polish fantasy stories about "The Witcher" were bestsellers before they were ever adapted into games.

Why else do you think they were used as the basis for the games' story? You think major gaming franchises adopt the stories of random, obscure books? Does that make any sense? Or does it make more sense to adapt a well-known property instead?

But secondly, what does popularity have to do with this discussion? Who cares? We were discussing the complexity of a story, not how many people bought the paperback or hardcover.

In fact, I'm not even sure what your reply has to do with my original comment at all.

"You say you'd watch a movie for the story but aren't specially hollywood movies based on other sources like books 90% or more now?"

What's your point? Yes, movies typically have inferior stories to books, and when you compare books to their movie adaptations, the book is almost always deeper, more intelligent, and interesting.

And by the way, that even includes classics like "Gone with the Wind" and "The Godfather".

If you don't like reading and would rather play video games, just say that.

But don't pretend that games, by and large, have meaningful stories, or can possibly compete with books in that regard. Since you mentioned movies, I don't believe movies are anywhere close to books when it comes to deep stories, either.

And game stories have a long way to go when it comes to approaching the level of even a decent movie script, nevermind a good book.

"I read that a lot about many Stephen King books, too. Because I sometimes have time to read at work now I read The Stand and the first couple of dark tower books. They were OK but NOWHERE as good as people said. The Stand even sucked. Might be the worst book I ever read. "

I think I recommended The Dark Tower series to you. It's the greatest epic adventure story ever written.

If you didn't like it, while simultaneously praising the stories of dime-a-dozen movies and video games, then perhaps serious literature is not for you.

"But I give Master and Margarita a shot when I find the time to read more"

Well, hope you enjoy it, but I'm not so sure anymore!

"We call that the atmosphere in Germany."

Yeah, that's another synonym one could use. Also "ambiance".

"Often that's what makes games great. I think the game that did that best was Soul Reaver 1. Lately I really enjoyed that in Spec Ops The Line. When I found out that it was from a German dev team I barely believed it. We are catching up a little in game quality!"

Never got a chance to play Soul Reaver 1, unfortunately.

And speaking of story, you know that "Spec Ops: The Line" is basically someone's simplified, modern-day version of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"? (One of my favorite authors and books, by the way)

"Yeah like The Journey that gets nominations for game of the year awards everywhere. Pff fucking non-games!"

I have conflicting feelings about Journey, yes. On the one hand, as you noted, its atmosphere/aura is incredible. Beautiful and evocative.

On the other hand, it's not as much of a "game" as many other titles. Still pretty awesome and unique though...whatever it is!

"Nah I didn't"

Well, that explains it. What you wrote about Dark Souls was completely wrong. It's very much action/adventure, not RPG.

"also many people told me Dark Souls sucked compared to Demons Souls."

These people have no clue what they're talking about.

"It's an Action RPG which is a genre that might have similarities but is the same. I have never heard anyone calling it an action adventure before, either."

Dude, why are you arguing about a game you have never even played? Like, how can your opinion be the slightest bit relevant and informed when you have no idea what the game is actually like?

As I stated before, it has RPG elements, and is described as "action role-playing" and "open world" in the press releases.

But it's not an RPG in any meaningful sense. There is no spoken dialogue anywhere in the game. The world of Dark Souls is mysterious and understanding its story is not necessary at all.

It's based entirely around the combat and exploration. It's a classic action/adventure title in every sense.

Again, you would know all these things if you had actually played it.

"I had hoped it was not for political reasons... Damn it. I don't fucking care what a person does in his real life. Man if you wouldn't watch stuff by people that do stupid things and have stupid beliefs, you can't watch anything Disney made for banning anti war lyric bands in their venues and calling their fans undesirable, John Travolta is out of the picture for raping his gardener. Yeah don't forget Will Smith and Tom Cruise because they are Scientologist. Ah yeah and Arnold and Mel Gibson are bad husbands... Polanski is a rapist. Jake Gyllenhaal played a gay cowboy. Want me to continue? The list would become so big that you couldn't watch anything anymore so I long stopped caring about this celeb chatter/political crap thing."

I kind of agree with you, but for me it's a question of degrees.

For instance, I have no problems watching films with or by Mel Gibson, even though he is a racist and an anti-Semite. I'm okay with that.

However, I have a hard time watching Matthew Broderick play the funny, endearing hero in pictures like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" anymore.

Every time I see him, my brain reminds me that he murdered 2 women in Ireland with his car.

Lots of genius artists were anti-Semites too, and that doesn't diminish the enjoyment I get from their work. Dostoevsky and Wagner are other two examples come to mind.

With Oliver Stone, it's three things put together; a liberal idiot who hates the US, an anti-Semite, and being a past his prime hack who has lost whatever ideas and inspiration he once had.

"And as a director and specially screenplay writer he's not that bad. You still have to give him credit for Scarface at least."

Do I? You realize that Scarface was a remake, right? That it was originally a classic 1930's gangster film of the same name written and directed by the legendary Howard Hawks?

Both the premise and base story were done by Hawks, not Stone.

Also, Scarface is borderline cartoonish at times (the scene where Tony kills his former boss Frank, for instance), and a very average script overall.

The only reasons the film was good was Al Pacino's superlative performance and Brian de Palma's outstanding direction.

If you want to give Stone credit for his writing, do so for helping John Milius (whose political views were the exact opposite of those Stone held) with "Conan the Barbarian".

YoungVagabond | 01-16-13, 7:00 PM
Heh, you triple posted on my wall!

"So your books were as complex as this and as good as this games story telling? So your books were as complex as this? Can you recommend me one of those?^^"

Were any "choose your own adventure" books as good as The Witcher 2 in terms of story? Hell no. But were there other books I read that had a much better story than The Witcher 2? Absolutely.

After all, you know that the Witcher series of games are based on a series of Polish fantasy short stories of the same name, right? So this game series, celebrated for its "story", is nothing more than a simplified version of short, popular fiction.

In terms of something you would probably like that has a lot of action, adventure, and humor, check out "Master and Margarita", one of the greatest books ever.

The day a game has a story even one percent as good as that classic, I will revise my views on the medium's ability to tell stories.

"Yes that's the setting which is part of the story right?"

It's more than just the setting. It's also how the music makes one feel. It's how the colors and haziness come through.

That's what I call the game's "environment" or "aura", and if done well, can lure a player inside its world in a very unique and all-encompassing manner.

It has nothing to do with story, either. The game doesn't even need to have a story for this effect to be evocative.

"Yeah but you lose the character you achieved. That sucks!"

No, I don't mean the achievements on Steam or whatever.

I mean bad-ass in-game achievements that players go for, like "killing Oryx the Mad God solo/with only 1 other player" or "Running through the Abyss of Demons solo" or "getting soul drop on Cube God without using the Rogue".

"Yeah that might be true but Metal Gear Solid is better than all those games! So what... If you stick to the best ones you run out of stuff to play very soon I guess! :D"

Never played Metal Gear Solid. However, you asked me for some examples of better stealth than AC, and I gave them to you.

And yes, those games (two of which are recent indie titles that cost $10 compared to AC's $60) are so much better that I don't want to play the inferior AC2 single player.

"Hmm but Dark Souls is no straight-up action adventure its always labeled as an RPG so that does not count!"

Have you actually played Dark Souls?!

It has RPG elements, yes, but it is the best action adventure game of the last 5 years. Its combat system puts anything to AC2 to shame, being far more deep, complicated, and interesting.

"Also God of War III makes that list barely. Biggest gaming disappointment of my life but still OK."

I partially agree with you on that one. The original God of War was a classic. GoW3 was just a decent game.

"Why not? I know he had a few disasters he called movies but is there something deeper?"

That, and Stone is both a brain-dead liberal and an anti-Semite. So all three things, really.

"I somehow hate Ben Affleck but he's not the worst director I guess. And well Matt Damon still sucks a lot more! :D"

As a director, Affleck is quite good. While it had one of the worst endings ever, "The Town" was still a perfectly good crime film. Loved Jeremy Renner's performance, and it's nice to see Jon Hamm in a quality film role for a change.

Have you seen it yourself?

I won't argue with you about either Affleck's acting (average at best) or his shitty movies and reputation before he started directing, though.

YoungVagabond | 01-14-13, 8:23 PM
"One could make that argument but I don't really agree. What makes games a great medium for stories is the option to make branches so that the player can enjoy them the way they want. While not implemented well in too many games. Those that do really destroy books and movies in the way I appreciate the storytelling."

Yeah, that's called "choose your own adventure". I used to read books like that when I was the kid. I don't see the appeal, frankly.

Instead of experiencing one great story, you have the option of choosing between 12 mediocre stories, which is what branching stories in games are closest to. I'll pass.

There are areas where I believe games excel at better than books or movies can. Namely, the whole "aura" or sense of environment is far more powerful in games than movies, and it thus draws a player into its universe easier than a book or movie can.

But that's different than the story itself.

"Yeah but I'm more the achiever kind of gamer, so permadeath kinda works against my preferences! :D"

Oh, there are a TON of cool achievements in Realm!

"Yeah I agree that they are kind of easy to control and specially the first one was kinda dull. But they really improved the gameplay as they went on. But seriously name ONE not ridiculously easy action adventure of this generation!
Or even one that could beat Assassins Creed 2 in any department game critics use to rate games."

In terms of stealth, games like Thief, Mark of the Ninja, and Stealth Bastard are so much better than AC2 it's ridiculous.

In terms of straight-up action and adventure, where do I even begin? The most recent game that was light-years better was Dark Souls.

"I can't entirely agree on the no stealth part, either. While you could easily slaughter your way through most of the missions from Brotherhood onward you get rewarded with 100% synchronization if you complete a bonus objective that most of the time has something to do with being stealthy which rewards you with bonus costumes and a trophy/achievement."

Unfortunately, I'm a mini-maximizer. :)

"No risk no fun!"

Let me know if you are having trouble with their requested ratio. I will send you a "cigar" which, if you "smoke" it, gives currency that you can buy 10 GB of upload credit with.

"Some of his later movies like Casandra's Dream, In Bruges and London Boulevard."

I will admit to not having seen any of those yet.

"By the way I forgot to mention one movie I really enjoyed this year: Savages. Another really brilliant Benicio del Toro performance that easily deserves an Oscar!"

I love Benicio del Toro, but I don't want to see a picture by Oliver Stone.

I probably watched fewer movies in 2012 than I did during any year since I was 7 years old. And only 4 or 5 were actually from 2012.

Of those, Argo and Skyfall were both pretty good, although neither was anything spectacular.

YoungVagabond | 01-12-13, 6:44 AM
"Yeah but I've kinda grown with games over the time. I enjoy an occasional challenge but I kinda enjoy games more for their story and presentation now."

I have never cared much for "story" in games. If I wanted that, I would read literature or even a thoughtful film instead.

In fact, the two concepts are antithetical to one another. A "game" is, by definition, interactive, whereas a "story" is something one experiences passively.

Also, while I agree that difficulty isn't always needed, Realm of the Mad God lets you progress at your own pace. You can pick and choose which monsters and dungeons you want to do, and with how many other people. If it's too hard, you only have to press a single hotkey ("F") to instantly warp back to the hub area and avoid death.

"Why dont you like the AC games? (I still only finished them up until brotherhood [which i thought was a lot worse than 2 but still quite good]) and I so far only checked the video you linked but i clearly check out the others. Great stuff!"

Glad you enjoyed them!

As for why I don't like AC single player, there are a number of reasons, ranging from the minor (the punch animation is ridiculously awful, like a wild drunk trying to slap the ground) to more significant, like it being a fairly dull, generic action/adventure title with no actual stealth.

"Nah not really... I was until the attitude era ended."

Ah, okay.

"Well I don't know how to really judge a wrestling match since I'm not knowledgeable enough I guess."

Heh, I'm probably not very knowledgeable myself, but I can tell athleticism and execution.

"Is that a torrent page? You have to be careful with those in Germany specially with Asian movies. Those companies that bring them out here have lawyers that hunt people who download those."

It's a very private, well-hidden torrent site. If still interested, PM me your e-mail, and I will send you an invite.

They have a lot of crazy shit on there having nothing to do with Asian movies, too. :)

"I have seen both of them. I just tried to say that Payback and Gringo are kinda similar. But Gringo was a little heavier on the humor part."

Ah, got you.

"I dont think Colin Farell is a mediocre actor. He kinda carried a few good or decent movies but he clearly has a bad agent picking his movies."

What movies did he carry?

YoungVagabond | 01-10-13, 3:06 PM
"Haven't played either of those but I just checked out Realm of the Mad God and yeah it was kinda funny but permadeath games have never been for me."

Permadeath is what makes it so great! Games today lack tension and excitement. If you die, the only punishment is respawning a short distance away.

There's nothing at risk. Nothing at stake.

In Realm of the Mad God, you could have spent a week and many hours fully maxing out your character's stats with rare stat potions, getting the highest tiered armor and weapons in the game, etc...and it's all wiped out in 0.5 seconds of projectiles hitting you.

This makes Realm unbelievably tense and exciting, a feeling I have missed since the games of my childhood. You know that every fight against a powerful God can potentially be your last.

"Well beside that I liked a lot of the obvious ones like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty (up until Black Ops 1) etc"

Heh, I hate Assassin's Creed single player, but the multiplayer is awesome. By the way, check this guy's videos out;

"If you're asking about those Dark Horse Sleeper Hits I can for example recommend Deadly Premonition, (man that game is strange) Alpha Protocol (really cool 80s agent movie trash story) and Clive Barkers Jericho (I never got the low scores, amazing atmosphere)"

I have actually played Alpha Protocol! Fun game.

"Don't judge anime/manga just because they are shounen. Hokuto no Ken is shounen, too and Seinen and Shounen often get mixed up"

Yeah, and I'm not even sure I would like HnK nearly as much anymore. JoJo is an exception, but that quickly became seinen.

"I clearly don't want to watch 80s wrestling matches!"

Aren't you a wrestling fan? Many people consider the Dynamite Kid-Tiger Mask series to be the greatest matches of all time.

Like, not only were they way ahead of their time in the 80s, but they haven't truly been surpassed to this day.

"I came across this Jee-woon Kim guy a lot lately. I haven't seen any of this movies but I heard good things about I Saw The Devil and he's directing Arnolds comeback movie so he can't be that bad. If I can find it I might give that Foul King movie a try! :P"

Are you on Cinemageddon? If not, I might have some invites.

"Hmm, Braveheart is my favorite movie ever. What I like about that movie so much is that it's very long and might even be slow paced but even after watching it like 15 times now it never gets boring and I still get goosebumps evertime in the "FREEDOM shouting scene""

Speaking of being long and possibly slow-paced, weren't you also the same guy that told me he wasn't that impressed by the immortal Once Upon a Time in the West?

"And you could really compare it to payback. It's a lot like the spiritual successor to that."

Payback is the remake of one of my favorite films of all time (and certainly one of the most unique); "Point Blank", starring Lee Marvin.

Even though the rough plot between the two films is the same, they couldn't be more different. I highly recommend you check out the original.

"You should really check those two movies out next. In Bruges made me forgive Colin Farrell for Alexander and 7 Psychopaths got him close to redeeming himself for Total Recall... Well no I still hate him for that. But hey he actually managed to be in the best and worst movie of the year. Quite the feat I guess."

Yeah, it's funny how even mediocre actors can do good things when they hook up with a great director. Another good example is Vin Diesel in "Find Me Guilty".

"Wow this fucking site just made me type this for the second time because I wasn't logged in when I first tried to post it. And when I press back somehow the message was gone. Note to self: Copy what you write the next time before sending it..."

I've had this same problem more than once myself! It's infuriating as hell, so yeah, I tend to copy and paste longer messages as well.

YoungVagabond | 01-08-13, 6:09 PM
"Wow, that's kinda hard to answer since it might have been more than 150 games I beat since we last spoke. But mainly prequels to or games from this console generation. I kinda set the goal to play through every action/roleplaying or whatever genre else intrigues me game of the current gen. And the prequels I had missed. So yeah it was a lot of crap and a few good ones."

Well, tell me some of your favorites, then! As for myself, I played this weird top-down bullet hell MMO with permadeath called "Realm of the Mad God" that was fantastic.

And of course, I loved Dark Souls.

"Did you give Tiger Mask a try? Thats the classic right?^^"

It probably is, but a shounen that was first published in the late 60s? I doubt there is much for me to like.

In fact, I would probably have more fun watching the classic matches between Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid in New Japan during the early to mid 80s.

"Haven't seen that but other than The Wrestler I never actually liked those kinds of movies."

"Foul King" is very different from a normal wrestling movie. While I enjoyed it slightly less than "The Wrestler", in many ways it's more real and far more relatable of a story.

"Can you ever be too old for a heartwarming story about friendship, and some of the best humor/running gags you will ever find in a TV show? I say NO!^^"


"It might actually be his best movie since Braveheart."

I was never a big fan of Braveheart. Pretty average movie, really. However, you're saying you liked it even more than Gibson's fantastic re-make "Payback"? That's one of my favorite Hollywood action movies ever.

"On another note: I just saw 7 Psychopaths and that might have been even better than In Bruges. I nearly choked in a few scenes because I have the flu and that movie made me laugh so hard. I couldn't stop coughing/laughing."

I LOVE Martin McDonagh. "Six Shooter" is one of my two favorite short films ever. ("La Maison en Petit Cubes" is the other one)

The guy is an absolute genius, and I feel bad for not having even seen "In Bruges" yet! Well, that's yet another movie I'm adding to my queue.

YoungVagabond | 01-07-13, 7:35 PM
"Well, its not that I don't want to watch anime anymore it's more that my focus has shifted to beating games a lot more."

Cool; what have you been playing?

"Fighting Beauty Wulong is so bad it's funny again. I'm watching that with a buddy and we scream "PRO WRESTLING IS REAL" at least twice an episode. The worst part is: The group that subbed it stopped after 16 episodes or so. So there's only HK bootlegs after that..."

Haha. It's strange; for a country with such a long and interesting pro wrestling history and culture, Japan's manga, anime, and films on that subject mostly suck.

The lone exceptions are parts of Garouden and Grappler Baki.

In fact, the only good wrestling movie I can think of outside the US is "Foul King"...which is a Korean picture.

"Mainly I've been watching One Piece the last few weeks and I gotta say. After not really liking the last arc and taking a break because of that, the new arc seems to be quite cool again."

Heh, I think I might be officially too old for shounen at this point. :)

"By the way, the best part about 2012 kinda was the sudo resurrection of live action movies. There were a few quite good ones like Get The Gringo with Mel Gibson or The Man With The Iron Fists."

Oh yeah, I saw the trailer for "Get the Gringo", and am definitely interested in seeing it. For all of Mel Gibson's faults as a human being, he is a damn good actor and director.

"The Man with the Iron Fists"? Not so much. Trailer looked awful, and the few things I heard from fellow action junkies weren't good. Did you really enjoy it yourself?

YoungVagabond | 01-05-13, 10:50 PM
Well, 16 months isn't quite "forever", but it is a damn long time, especially on the Internet. :)

I'm quite well, thanks. Cycled through several different girlfriends; did several new research projects. Still alive and well, so I can't complain.

I haven't really watched/read anything in the manga/anime department since "Cat Soup" a year ago, which was really good.

Are you forcing yourself to finish Fighting Beauty Wulong? Or is there an unintentional charm to the series?

YoungVagabond | 01-03-13, 3:40 AM
It's been a long time, but I hope you had a great 2012, man.

How have you been?

dark-freefire | 11-26-12, 12:58 AM
hast du bei dishonered den schleich oder kill weg gemacht`? habs grad den schleichdurchgang innerhalb von 3,5 stunden durchgemacht ziehmlich krass wen man die wege kennt xD.

naja so schlecht fande ich Blops 2 etz nicht wobei der 1te schon wesentlich besser war hatte mir auch mehr versprochen vom zukunftssetting. mulit is aber gut wie immer wenn mans mag.

welche denn z.b? zocke ja auch nicht nur die großen games xD!

find ich etz nicht so.. die meisten games auf die ich mich gefreut habe haben auch die erwartungen erfüllt:).

habe davon nur Gears gespielt und das fand ich eigtl gut. bin aber trotzdem skeptisch was judgment betrifft.

Saints Row ja find ich auch das bessere gta imo.

Max payne hab ich auch nicht gezoggt..

das neue Hitman soll auch sehr gut sein :D.

übringes am 26.12 soll endlich die letze ultimate ova rauskommen yeah nach all der zeit dann kann ich gleich ne komplett watch machen :D.

dark-freefire | 11-15-12, 10:48 AM
ja die phasen hatte ich auch schon öfters hab mal fast nen ganzes jahr nix geschaut nur sporadisch.. und dann wieder ganz viel :D.

ja die hab ich auch :D

Dishonered,Kingdoms of Amalur,The Darkness 2,Transformers UVC,Lollipop Chainsaw,Darksiders 2,Saints row the third,FF-13-2,Mass Effect 3,SSX,Dead or Alive 5,Soul Calibur 5 und das wars so im groben

z.z. bin ich an AC3 und Black ops 2 dran :)

dark-freefire | 10-04-12, 9:06 AM
hey lang nix mehr gehört :)

du bist ja mittlerweile ziehmlich selten hier wie ich sehe :)

dark-freefire | 10-11-11, 12:17 PM
du hast ja endlich Brotherhood zu ende geschaut:D und ihm auch ne 10 gegeben
wircklich geiler anime

YoungVagabond | 08-02-11, 10:25 AM
Indeed, a huge, shocking upset. Time for the legendary Fedor, one of the 3-4 greatest mixed martial artists of all time, to retire...

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