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July 31, 1990
April 22, 2009
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akityson | 09-25-11, 4:34 PM
When you put it like that, I suppose the only way is forward.
To 300.

akityson | 09-24-11, 4:44 PM
that's not good man
you've reached the point of no return

akityson | 02-09-11, 5:17 PM

gettin' up there, apoc

akityson | 12-06-10, 12:55 PM
Looking at your list, I recommend Genshiken.
That's like two seasons!

akityson | 12-06-10, 8:56 AM
Man, I'd kill for that much space right now. I'm pretty much stuck with very little space at the moment.

Also, just download the smaller shows of interest.

akityson | 12-05-10, 8:13 PM
You know, it's funny. After I made my last comment, I kind of realized that I'm in the process of downloading five different batches of anime.

I only have myself to blame.
... Lucky for me, I have a full week to plow through it with minimal distractions (currently airing anime all seem to air around the weekend, or at least the ones I'm following). Maybe I can make some [progress].

Or not.

akityson | 12-04-10, 7:47 PM
Sounds about right. I'm considering it a breather season. Maybe I can catch up with my backlogged anime this time.

... I hope.

akityson | 12-04-10, 6:35 AM
I still don't know what I'm watching yet.
I may have to go back and finish the first season of Kimi ni Todoke if I want to pick up the second season, and... Well, I already have such a backlog.

I just hope it doesn't end up like the summer and I end up watching much more than expected.

akityson | 12-03-10, 7:45 PM
Oh, that would explain why I never saw Val online on PSN. Good to hear Keno's keeping at it, though.
Oh man, it's like we were on the same wavelength or something.

Actually, someone else is handling the charts now. The person who used to do them fell behind. There's a couple of others out though. They've been circulating since October.
Hold on, let me go fetch one...

Good thing I still go to AbyssC sometimes~

akityson | 12-03-10, 6:02 AM
yeah because we're running low on things to talk ab

Oh, so it's more of the usual. Though Warp can be annoying sometimes, with him in chats, people just keep on talking. I never really thought of how important his presence was until the few nights he wasn't on Skype. Though, the crowd you mentioned seems a bit smaller now (Val and Keno absent)...
Lance did what I did? Aww man. I should go 45 minutes to where he lives and--
Oh wait I can't drive.
Oh well. I hope he's able to do something.

My watch list is kind of a mess right now. Once Christmas rolls around, I'm going to be glad when my list is reduced to half its size... I'm certainly not watching as many shows next season.
my god why am i watching all of this anime

akityson | 12-02-10, 12:53 PM
People are talking on Skype again? Oh, cool. It was pretty much dead when I uninstalled it last time.

I'm just going to leave it on my watching list. Formula is a pretty slow group, too...

akityson | 12-01-10, 6:22 PM
oh yeah i forgot you like loli
you and owg
I guess that and no BEAMS mean no Homestuck for you.

Well, okay. I do have things that are happening mid-month which will last until the 27th, but I'll still make an effort to log in and chat with you guys again. Oh, and maybe SKYPE if you guys feel up to it. I'll even write a troll story for Myles if he wants it. Real-time.

Symphonia? It's wacky. I mean, Kratos as Lloyd's dad? I never would have saw that coming at all. Also, Presea is still my favorite and when she got her soul back, that's when I knew it was going to be great. Yeah, they announced that there was going to be a third part to finish up the serie-- Wait, didn't I tell you that when it was first announced? I thought I did... Guess I forgot.
I hear it's going to start being released a month after the second one finishes. I need to double check though.

MIGSWALL EDIT: I was WRONG. The last episode of the second part airs in February. The third part doesn't have a release date yet.

akityson | 11-29-10, 6:35 PM
Homestuck actually took over? Ouch. At least it never bothered me as much as Touhou and I always knew to lay low when an update came around...

Oh, Movip's watching that? Sweet, I'll be sure to talk to him about it when I return. Well, I COULD contact him on The Backloggery... I'll do just that.

Deuce is coming around that time, too? Oh nice! Something else to look forward to. Christmas looks like it's going to be great this year.

akityson | 11-26-10, 2:12 PM
Yo. I finished Tales of Hearts yesterday. For a game that kept me going from start to finish, it has such a crappy ending... I can't do anything with post-ending material because I don't know where to go.

Also, I'll be "returning" around Christmas. I just hope I don't fall back into old habits ("YOU GUYS STOP LIKING TOUHOU AND PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and "HEY GUYS I WATCHED THIS ANIME AND I LIKED IT/HEY GUYS I WATCHED THIS ANIME AND I HATE IT AND SO SHOULD YOU" and "COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN WHINE WHINE WHINE" and "[migswall]"). Probably can't help that last one, though.

I hope things are going alright for you and everyone else in the convo. I miss you guys.

akityson | 11-05-10, 7:44 PM
Well, the ad count is the same, but the ads themselves have gotten bad. The last time I went, they froze my browser. I mean, I've been having issues with ads there for months now. It can't be helped.

I haven't seen much of Narikiri Dungeon X myself, so I'll be looking into that sometime. I just looked around and didn't find anything about the soundtrack either... Sorry man.

Yeah, you actually told me you would have been gone for two weeks before it happened. Though, it sucks that you didn't have access (what if you needed to look up important information on something very important?) I knew you had a lot of things downloaded but never bothered to watch. Actually, I'm in that position right now. After wild download sprees on my sister's connection, I have quite the backlog now. I mean, just look at how much I'm watching now! Not to mention the currently airing series! I'm running low on space now so I ended up deleting most series and only keeping one out of the various 15 or so series...

Well, even though I still have a lot of time to spare, I've been spending much more time playing video games on my PS2 (just finished Tales of Legendia earlier, actually.) I'm going to try to finish Eternal Sonata next.

Yeah, there's not a lot going on with me. Just gaming and anime like usual. Oh, and job searching like the fist of the north star (holidays are coming up, so there are more openings than usual.) If I do get a job, I'm going to try to learn how to drive again. Hopefully, I can do it consistently this time.

I'm going to try harder to get my life on track again. Hopefully I'll have more to talk about whenever I come back to you guys (a lot can happen in a month and a half.)

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