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04-26-13, 11:13 AM
March 16,
The Crimson World (England :P)
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November 11, 2010
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About Cheek16
Ahhooyy World :P, I'm Jack, Pleased to make your acquaintance :D

I'm love Anime, Manga and My Playstation/DS with a passion x3
I will watch and read almost any Anime or manga but it seems I mostly like watching the Shonen ones (yes Typical boy), but I do have room for other anime. So far my all time favourite has to be Shakugan no Shana or Naruto <3 Love them both lots.
My favourite games Include Pokemon, Tekken and Naruto UNS2 but am very much getting into Blazblue and Street Fighter.

I do many anime/manga/game related things like play card games (Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Duel Masters), Cosplay (which I have only recently started doing) and Drawing.

Have fun on my page, hope you like it, and I'm up for any suggestions that I should change about my page :D.

I'm also just up for any random chats, if you comment on my page I will reply back ASAP :D

See you all

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Nasty001 | 10-26-11, 12:46 PM
ur welcom

Nasty001 | 10-26-11, 12:23 PM
Nice review for "Dragon Crisis."

Lemon4Life | 04-27-11, 2:12 PM
hihi, just realised i never bought in those d.gray man books =S do u still want to read them atm? coz exams r coming up and stuff. i could bring them in tomoz if u wanted to read them =D

Lemon4Life | 04-11-11, 12:13 AM
yeh no worries =D do u want me to bring in the next 5 books? just tell me when you'd like to borrow any of them, I don't mind letting you borrow them coz i know you'll take care of them =)

MiniMopHead | 03-11-11, 10:30 AM
oh yeah its not scary it is just spacked up XD
i know the ending is amazing right XD

Lemon4Life | 01-20-11, 1:10 PM
hihi =D howsit going?
oh remember that anime I mentioned today Level E =D tis awesome takes all the cliches you'd expect from that kind of anime and throws them out the window =)
also started watching an older anime called Rahxephon which is awesome (kinda like Evagelion, if you've seen that, but soo much better)

Lemon4Life | 01-13-11, 10:13 PM
apparently there's a ride at the end of the dungeons I'm going to die lol

Lemon4Life | 01-13-11, 10:40 AM
Well at least it's on a friday but still a really long day lol =D I'm not scared either, I love horror movies so it seems like the dungeons will be my sort of place lol though I'll probs get scared on the ride coz everyone else will be scared, unless it's a huge disapointment haha =D

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 2:15 PM
Yeh can't wait till the summer holidays so I can just relax =) but at least this is the last few months before school finally ends yay!! lol
I'm going to london as well =D I've never been to the london dungeons or madame tussauds so I'm pretty excited =) tis going to be a good day allthough 6:45 in the morning sounds painful lol

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 1:25 PM
Yeh the art is quite unique for a slice of life anime =D I get what u mean about the girl she's way too indescreet to really make an impression but admittedly it is better then having her be a bitchy tsundere =) I guess I just wanted it to be more about manga then romance but oh well

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 1:04 PM
yeh I think I enjoyed the bits about manga but the romance was a little annoying coz the female lead was super annoying lol

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 10:49 AM
oh awesome =D I watched bakuman up to about ep 3, can't remember why I stopped but its rlly hard to keep watching something when the eps only come out once every week =( might pick it up again though

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 9:24 AM
not rlly except a few superhero comics i got for xmas =D Im trying not to watch too much so I can get this art out of the way lol
and you?

Lemon4Life | 01-12-11, 7:56 AM
fine thx =D allthough there's a huge pile of art coursework to do lol
how are you?

Lemon4Life | 01-11-11, 1:03 PM
hihi =D thx very much well don on urs too =)
the anime of tegami bachi is rlly good except that it has a load of fillers =S I'd recommend reading the manga if u dont like fillers but both of them follow the same story so it depends whether u prefer watching or reading

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