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04-20-15, 5:46 AM
May 18,
Canada Québec
February 3, 2010
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Meh. Ask away if you want to talk, I' m actually quite social now, I guess. Eheheh.

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yazio | 12-24-14, 6:28 AM
Joyeux fêtes de Noël, comme chaque année.

Tu sais quoi ? Je suis en train d’appliquer pour un visa de travail au Canada et j’ai besoin de ton aide. Je voulais aller au Québec, mais on sait que mon français n’est pas le meilleur. Donc, connais-tu quelques sites web pour chercher des hébergements en les autres provinces ? Je veux y aller vers juillet ou août (il peut être après, si j’ai des problèmes avec le visa)

Mes sentiments les meilleurs pour la nouvelle année.

NB : Si je te dérange avec mes commentaires, n’hésite pas me dire. Je peux les arrêter.

Mladen | 09-30-14, 3:30 PM
Thanks for the request! It's nice to see there are more Morenatsu fans around here. Such an awesome VN!
Love your avatar as well. Torahiko is the best <3

yazio | 05-18-14, 12:57 PM
Bon anniversaire, que tu puisse être heureux encore de nombreuses années!

Il y a des animes que tu aimes cet saison de printemps ou des séries que tu veux voir le prochain été?

AndrewSmith | 04-26-14, 9:42 PM
Hi, what's your name?

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-22-14, 6:46 PM
Aww too bad. But just imagine a big Bara-guy dressed as a Tiger...i think it would look cute. :>

Oh okay. I just wanted to know. ^^ What other genre you like, except of Bara & Furry? :)
Cool, i'll read them later....i hope i have the time for it. >.<
Yeah, i know his manga are really depressing, but the art is nice at least. :D Oh my.....i know that feeling too. If you want something from another country and realize how expensive the things are will be. ;w;
Mentaiko and Gai Mizuki are one of my favorites too. I love Priapus by Mentaiko. *___* He's the sexiest guy i've ever seen in a manga. xDD And its nice that he's top and bottom. :D
But my absolute favorite is Takeshi Matsu. *.* His works are so damn cute. :D Do you like his manga too? :D

I dont have any Furry mangaka that i like yet. Since i'm new in the Furry world, i'll check them out. Thanks for this!!!~

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-19-14, 7:21 PM
Then someone who's dressed-up like him. xD

Oh i'm into so many things. ;D

Seriously? xDD Thats awesome. Do you read Shota too? :O
I didn't read all things on this site. I'm new at the Furry side, can you recommend me some cute ones? :> Oh i see~ since when you like Furry? :D Gengoroh Tagame's works are awesome and sometimes a bit sad. ;w; Is he your favorite Bara mangaka? :>

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-18-14, 5:51 PM
Cute hasubando you have~
Really? Thats so awesome!!! *.* But instead of the pillow, it would be more awesome to have a real one in your bed. hehehe~
I don't think that you should be ashamed. :>

Thank you very much!!! It always makes me happy when someone likes Bara and stuff like this. :3 Since i'm a very open-minded and a social person (and narcisstic too xDD) i'll talk to you...dont worry about that. You can write with me about everything you want, no need to be shy. What you don't bite? :O
Ah you can send me messages whenever you feel for it~ and you can be sure that you never will bother me. :3
I like your tumblr account!!! Thanks for following~ <3 i'll follow back of course ;DDD

Ah yeah btw...i'm a person who loves to share manga that i've read. So can i share some with u too? Like this one? did you read this already? :D

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-17-14, 8:54 PM
Cute profile pic~

Suratu | 04-10-14, 10:33 PM
Haytin is a pleb so I just says it how I sees it.

Suratu | 04-06-14, 11:58 PM
I asked the admin to reset it so I wouldn't get so much attention to my profile, it's actually at around 5 million now :^)

Grale | 03-27-14, 11:48 AM
That's one gay ass profile pic.
I like it.

Subpyro | 03-18-14, 12:45 PM
Haha, that would be grand. So specialized, lol.

Subpyro | 03-15-14, 1:14 PM
Ruu-chan, the best cleaner ever! :P
Hey there.

Melyy | 02-28-14, 2:39 PM
J'ai ADORÉ l'épisode 16 de Samurai Flamenco *o*

Mais l'épisode 17, la fin... QUOI?! XD

Melyy | 02-05-14, 6:40 PM
Pokémon XY, c'est bon? J'ai lu de très bonnes critiques, mais je me demande si... C'est trop orienté pour les jeunes?!

J'ai commencé la saison 2 de Gin no Saji! J'adore déjà ~

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