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08-31-10, 4:48 AM
Hong Kong
November 19, 2007
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About Cartographer
The standard shounen formula is what first attracted me to anime as a kid, when I watched anime dubbed in Cantonese on TV.

Hard Work + Friendship + Strong Beliefs = Victory
The following is also usually true: the cool-looking bad guy will become your friend.

These formula produces glorious results when executed properly, such as with One Piece and Gurren Lagann, but it also often leads to generic and soulless series.

Many years and many shows later, I’ve found that what is most important and most attractive to me about anime, whatever the show is about, is sincerity.

This sincerity is pretty much whether or not I think the creators of the show share the sentiments and emotions they are trying to elicit in the audience. Animation, more than other mediums, often seems more sincere because it lets creators express whatever they want to, without having to worry about budgets or physics.

I find that in shounen series, sincerity is often shown by how fights are won. Does someone win because of a well thought out combat system and the right circumstances, or do characters just get impaled on wayward plot points?

That being said, sincerity is not just about being logical. In fact, many of the best shows excel because the sheer exuberance and passion of their creators overwhelms any possible objections.

Sincerity even applies to shows such as Genshiken, Haruhi, Hayate the Combat Butler and Lucky Star, which are often accused of whoring themselves out to fans by including many in jokes and references. I have no problem with these shows as long as the references are creative, unexpected and I get the sense that the creators are just as big geeks as I am.

I am a 22 year old Chinese American who was born and raised in Hong Kong, and recently graduated as a geography major, and Japanese minor, from Middlebury College.

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Fey | 05-14-08, 9:37 AM

It's been a while. Elliot informed me that you sometimes check this page, so I thought I'd just see if you're still alive and whatnot. :)

RyougaSaotome | 04-08-08, 9:49 PM
We might actually have a free apartment in Tokyo to Crash at as well. A friend of mine has an apartment there that he's not using cause he's in the states. And he says he's willing to give us the key and access to it for as long as we're there.

Damn, no luck yet eh? What sort of work are you looking for anyways?

RyougaSaotome | 04-07-08, 12:49 PM
Hey you jerk, you still alive?!

Me and Erin are going to be in Kyoto from September to April of this year. We should arrange something. Maybe go to a convention in Tokyo together?

KeeperoftheKeys | 12-11-07, 11:26 PM
AHHH plushies! I must have!

Have you watched 'Mononoke'?

KeeperoftheKeys | 12-07-07, 9:58 PM
Haha yeah, and Dan-kun's voice cracks me up.

Moyashimon is also coming along nicely. Microbes=new moe trend??

RyougaSaotome | 12-07-07, 11:38 AM
Dude...I have been waiting on a GL Revoltech figure. Holy shit, I need it. I NEED IT!!!!!

Hell, we need a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann figure as well.

RyougaSaotome | 11-26-07, 6:17 AM
...I'm a Genie in a bottle, you better rub me the right way.

Wow, that came out worst than I expected. Wait... no, that's a lie. That came out just like I expected. OH WELLZ.

So, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? AWESOMETASTIC!

Fey | 11-25-07, 7:38 PM
Hahaha! That's probably why I've wasted more than twice the amount of time than you have. Long series...

You do need to finish Deathnote. It's amazing.

Did you like the Zetsubou Sensei manga? I tried reading it, but after watching the show it just seemed so boring...

Thanksgiving was fun. A little stressful, but fun.

And shrimp dumplings don't count as Thanksgiving dinner. :P

KeeperoftheKeys | 11-20-07, 7:21 AM
Haha yeahhh we can form one big online gang where everyone bitches at once!

I wanted to add Zaraki, but at this rate, I'll end up adding half of the Soul Society captains. So I'll stick with Renji's "Hoero, Zabimaru!!" for now. I'm considering whether adding Pikachu will be lame to the max or just too cool.

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