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09-16-14, 8:54 PM
January 21, 1993
Portersville, Pennsylvania
October 31, 2008
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Time (Days) 74.3
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Completed 180
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Plan to Watch 695
Total Entries 896

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Time (Days) 13.2
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Completed 109
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Plan to Read 731
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About Capitulant

Otherwise meaning, I'm a lazy bitch.

My name is Melissa. I go by Millie.

- I've been wearing the same pair of sneakers for four years. I should have thrown them away at least two years ago.
- My nose is crooked, it leans more to the left.
- I grind my teeth when I sleep.
- I'm haughty.
- My hands are way too big.
- I'm a crybaby.
- I shoplift (almost) every time I go to Wal*Mart. I take things like candy or a box of bandages. I find it amusing.
- I will not stop until you know I'm right, and you have to admit it.
- I'm a klutz.
- I haven't cleaned my room in over a year.
- If I don't agree, I won't listen. I'll do it my way.
- I can't seem to throw anything away.
- I'm blunt.
- I don't act my age. I don't want to.
- I'm really pale. I don't leave my house too often.
- I cuss. A lot. In almost every sentence, in fact.
- I'm lazy.
- I never forget and I won't let you either.
- I duck when I play volleyball.
- I wear my heart on my sleeve.
- I've never fit in.

Could you still love me?

Waka, waka, waka, waka, waka, waka, waka...


Fun Fact: I like apple sauce. A lot.

Quote: "You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?" -George Bernard Shaw

Millie's Awsm Timez Nao: Need help with something? Ask me! I honestly enjoy assisting people in whatever ways I can. You can request my help with anything, however, whether or not I'll be able to do anything depends on what you ask. Don't be afraid though, because even if I can't do something about it directly, I could point you in the direction of someone who can, or, at the very least, provide you with some sort of information. Look, it's either me or Google, and I'm waaaaay more sexy than Google. XD

Random Friend Requests?: Sure, I don't mind. The whole meaning of friendship has always been pretty elusive to me, anyway, so I don't feel comfortable denying people's requests. I don't have the heart to turn anyone away. If someone asks me to be their friend, of course I will. I'm so sensitive. OMG.

I Have Family on MAL, OMG.

- my older brother: Kevin
- my younger brother: Matt
- my cousin: Alicia
- my best friend: Kelly

Video Spotlight: Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Fucking sexy.

He's so cute.

Attack of the 50-Foot Shrunken Apple-Head Woman

I come off as...sensitive, eccentric and delicious.

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Sugar- | 12-09-14, 10:34 AM

EtnaEraclea | 06-14-12, 12:08 PM

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Toshiru | 05-20-11, 7:36 AM

momokuro | 05-14-11, 2:46 AM
monochrome★sanctuary; club updates

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PoeticShadow | 04-07-11, 4:48 AM

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sheena-chan | 03-21-11, 5:24 AM
that's alright..

wow! you're really addicted to candies.. hope you're teeth are still good.. hehe.. for you to eat those much of candies.. hehehehe..

well, thnx for replying.. i really appreciated it..

and also thank.z for being still there ..^_^

sheena-chan | 03-20-11, 6:40 PM
hi hi hi ...
it's been a while since i last opened my MAL...

are you still there?
how are you?
it's been a looooong time....

hope you'd still reply. and be my friends.. :(

-LU- | 02-16-11, 4:42 AM

- Icontest sixteen voting thread is up. Deadline is February 19th.
- Submissions for icontest fifteen are up. Deadline is February 25th.

LittleStar | 02-06-11, 1:50 PM
Here is your card from Barajou no Kiss Fanclub

RulenneClarissa | 02-03-11, 2:19 AM

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Kannei | 01-31-11, 9:31 AM

Yo minna**
--New Voting is up -here-
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--For all bl stuff what starts 2011 or you know some who do look here

And if you whant a lil birthday card on your special day -then look at this
for all who already posted in here and changed your username please tell us
Thx alot have a nice day and Fun voting ;)

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