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11-16-11, 1:17 PM
May 6, 1987
June 7, 2009
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Well I'm here to find and watch amazing Animes!
My friend showed me this site and I haven't used it much.
Now I'm away from home in college and have time to kill so I hope to find some new ones to enjoy! :D

Feel free to add me! I love meeting new people!


Everyday CNyle


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My newest addiction!
10-08-10, 12:35 AM

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Illayvser | 12-24-11, 5:46 AM

Illayvser | 08-22-11, 1:58 PM
Os, sup? long time no see o0o

link9us | 08-18-11, 1:12 AM
Glad you liked FMA.

know alot of people say oh its filler, filler filler, don't care. But i personally think the original story that studio bones constructed, was very well thought out in my opinion and in some cases, i would go so far as to say its better then some parts of the manga story.

The whole story they constructed bout the humunculi, is kind of more on a personal level. In brotherhood, there pretty much just monsters plain and simple. There is no relative reasoning behind there existence, (aside from them being created and how they are created, or who created them) but like how they used to be human and all that shit. Like it shows in the first series. I kind of like how it went in that type of direction.

What i dont like though is the military does not play a central role hardly at all in the first series, like it does in the manga and in the brotherhood series. For starters, they really kind of turn the military characters into comedians so to s peak. There really don't show there worth in the show, i mean from watching the series, you would think ed is like on the same level as most of the highest state alchemist in the show. Where as in the original manga, some of the characters like bradley, cournal mustang, kimblee are just a force to be reckoned with. If you don't believe me, just watch the first episode of brotherhood and right away you will notice the difference. Also there is many unexplained story elements that are clearly missing from the first series.

If i had to give you a comparison from FMA to brotherhood, it would be something like this

Episode 1 = Episode 3 brotherhood
Episode 2 = Episode 3 Brotherhood
Episode 3 - Episode 2 Brotherhood
Episode 4 = Filler
Episode 5 = Filler
Episode 6 = Half filler half manga
Episode 7 = Episodes 4 Brotherood
Episode 8 = Filler
Episode 9 = Filler
Episode 10 = Filler
Episode 11= Filler
Episode 12 = Filler
Episode 13 = Filler
Episode 14 = Episode 6 brotherhood
Episode 15 = Episode 5 Brotherhood
Episode 16 = Filler
Episode 17 = Episode 6 Brotherhood
Episode 18 - Episode 7 Brotherhood
Episode 19 = Episode 7 Brotherhood
Episode 20 = Episode 8 Brotherhood
Episode 21 = Episode 8 Brotherhood
Episode 22 = Episode 8 Brotherhood
Episode 23 = Episode 9 Brotherhood
Episode 24 = Episode 9 Brotherhood
Episode 25 = Episode 10 Brotherhood
Episode 26= Episode 11 Brotherhood
Episode 27 = Episode 12 Brotherhood
Episode 28 = Episode 12 Brotherhood
Episode 29 = original story
Episode 30 = Original story
Episode 31 = Original Story
Episode 32 = Episode 13 Brotherhood
Episode 33 = Episode 13 and 14 Brotherhood (manga story altered)
Episode 34 = Episode 13 and 14 Brotherhood (manga story altered

Full Metal Alchemist 35-52 (Original Story)
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 15-64 (manga story)

Just bout the first 13 episodes construct the first 33 episodes of the manga story line with filler in between, before it actually deviates into its own original plot with the 2003 FMA series.

One thing i can say, is the original series was more heavily focused on ed and al's journey, where as the manga story is on a much grander scale, focusing not just on ed and al's journey to get his al's body back but also the entire military organization, everything involving ishbal and pretty much a huge world war. There is alot more at stake in brotherhood and over all i would still say brotherhood is the superior series, cause it ties things together nicely and your not left with an open ending story or confusing questions.

I would really recommend though that you watch brotherhood if you liked the original series so much, you will probably consider brotherhood to be far greater.

Illayvser | 05-15-11, 3:00 AM
Good Morning ;)
..ahh i am so tired ( usual) just wanted to say hi, and mention that i might get disconnected around 18th of May for like 2, or even 5 month's? can't be certain; and it's because i am moving to new apartament so ...
If it wasn't for BT i would be connected in a moment, but i have broadband from o2/b2, and they indeed like to take their's time.. as they did before when i got my current broadband/router. Took them about 2 month's to check my line and 2 month's to activate router ... scary ^^

Anyway, how are you doing?! ; )

Illayvser | 04-24-11, 3:17 AM
hey, how is it goin'?
was busy lately so didnt had enuff time to login here ^^ " neither to update my myl'st haha.

Cheers, have a good day Matey! *sneez [bit sick]*

Illayvser | 12-31-10, 11:22 AM

Illayvser | 12-25-10, 11:03 AM

Illayvser | 10-18-10, 1:00 AM

Illayvser | 10-18-10, 12:50 AM
oh boy, brotherhood is an epic anime, because its purely based of manga :) i love it :3
and.. i dont :3 WoW =P thought, as we speak im lf some good MMORPG

Illayvser | 10-16-10, 5:12 AM
hai, how is it going? =P since im very bored, just watching random animes, eating some bad stuff and drinkin beer's.. nothing to brag about huh, besides i noticed; lately.. that myl is so laggy that even signatures dont feel like being up'd to date.. (forum sig's) esh, harsh times huh

mikuruhi | 10-10-10, 1:16 PM
oh i see, that's really great of you to do so =D i hope it all works out for the best for you :D

mikuruhi | 10-09-10, 6:48 PM
that's good, and really? D: that really sucks =/ is there still time to turn it around though?

mikuruhi | 10-09-10, 6:36 PM
lol, that sucks but i definitely understand xD but you are doing it right? :3

RaeBies | 10-09-10, 1:53 AM

Illayvser | 10-08-10, 9:59 PM
well, i can always help You on in exchange for some nice tea or black coffee P:>

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