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06-20-11, 8:03 PM
March 12, 1996
who cares
April 15, 2010
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About CC_chan15
My name is Sierra. My friends call me CC
I am very fun and random at times...I cant really explain me or my personality so u have to talk to me to find out about me. any questions please feel free to ask.. and i do accept random requests


* Rock music
* Monkeys
* Friends
* and i have alot more *

* Clowns
* Depression
* Drama
* Haters
* Cheaters
* Liars
* I have alot more *

Status: Happily Taken <3 <3
Im Bisexual
Im 5'6
Favorite colors : Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, And Red
Im a Sophmore in HighSchool :)
eye color: Blue
Natural Haircolor: Blonde (blonde jokes do not hurt me because i am now a brunette)

& Sierra <3 <3 <3

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My poems :D
07-26-10, 8:48 PM Edited 08-28-10, 8:28 PM
MAL family :3
07-26-10, 8:53 PM Edited 08-27-10, 2:41 PM
07-28-10, 6:58 PM

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Ichi-chan | 03-12-13, 1:12 PM
Happy Birthday

laketica | 01-10-12, 2:04 AM

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SerasAshley | 12-18-11, 10:26 AM

phantom-wolf | 08-20-11, 6:13 PM
hey there, im just letting you know im removing you from my friends list for one or more of the following reasons;

just cant be fucked
dont talk

Hayato_Matsuo | 06-20-11, 8:25 PM
what have you been up to?

Hayato_Matsuo | 06-20-11, 6:05 PM
hey XP sorry for late reply lol

phantom-wolf | 06-20-11, 4:57 PM
wowwwww? o.O

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:53 PM

phantom-wolf | 06-20-11, 4:48 PM
i was abandoned and haven't been able to move on yet >.>
of course o.o then again, occasionally i will insit i will make all of my elaborate, and tottally plausible (if i were up for the task) plans happen, if that happens...i have probably been drinking o.o XD
but i do intend to live my life fighting towards such a goal o.o the way i see it, wanting a change and waiting for someone else to make it is pathetic and weak :s so im joining the army to start with o.o i occasionally think i might go into polotics after, but all my plans would involve radical change and no one really wants thatg,m they just want things to magically fix themselves >.>
and by the time i finish with the army i will probably want to relax for the rest of my days XD especially if the world keeps on the way its going, i can see a world war 3 happening. i want to write a novel in a few years about it o.o could be fun.

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:48 PM
*eat a lil n runs around*

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:45 PM
share soome? :3

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:42 PM
its ok~

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:40 PM
dont have any sadly

Ichi-chan | 06-20-11, 4:38 PM
dont mind the flavor just as long as i havesome. xP *licks ur cheek again*

phantom-wolf | 06-20-11, 4:35 PM
no :/
rofl xD i said thats the dream o.o
okay to put it simply, i have two dreams, a better world and a happy family right? >.>
i aim for a better world because the higher you set your sights the higher you will go o.O
so even if i dont come close, you know you will have done your best o.o
its philosophical >.>

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