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02-13-14, 4:06 AM
May 30, 1991
Orting, Washington
January 12, 2012
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Well im just your typical funny guy who enjoys anime. But hey you'll find out more about if we chat why bother posting what i think of myself lol

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policetoed | 02-12-12, 9:18 AM
ahh, sorry i haven't been on i while! haha.

but that sounds cool :D i wish i could play an instrument lol

policetoed | 01-31-12, 7:26 PM
umm nothing in particular haha. and you? xD

policetoed | 01-28-12, 9:10 AM
lol yup xD it's fine

policetoed | 01-27-12, 8:59 PM
nah, my best-internet-friend is a 21 y.o. guy LOL

policetoed | 01-27-12, 5:24 PM
lol yup ;-; um i'm 15, sophomore in hs

policetoed | 01-27-12, 12:01 PM
ooh. my brother's the same year as you haha. but oh i see. i just keep playing that mmo cause it's like addicting Dx

policetoed | 01-26-12, 3:04 PM
ooh, that's cool. i wanna get more into console games but i don't really have enough time D:
what grade are you in?

policetoed | 01-26-12, 11:43 AM
um, well lately i just got back to playing an mmo that i had quit for a while. otherwise all of my time just goes into school work >.< and you?

policetoed | 01-25-12, 11:55 AM
lol yeah, but they still really annoying lmao xD and yeahh, wolfwood. i like those two the most too

policetoed | 01-23-12, 7:07 PM
yeahh, i'm getting to the more intense parts :D (i'm on epi 21)
the insurance girls really annoy me though, lol

policetoed | 01-22-12, 12:06 PM
yeah, i really like trigun haha.

and i just looked it up, it sounds pretty interesting

policetoed | 01-21-12, 11:26 PM
ooh, yeah i understand, haha.

just trigun pretty much. only cause i like to watch one at a time. and yeah that's true with conan lol.
is Nisemonogatari new? how is it?

policetoed | 01-21-12, 9:47 PM
oh, i'm a girl lol. it says under my details

policetoed | 01-18-12, 4:17 PM
yeahh, same here. and i avoid those, too. haha xD

lucjan | 01-17-12, 9:37 PM
It was a completely sarcastic comment (it's not an anime). I imagine that's why the moderators deleted it.

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