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05-22-15, 1:42 PM
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December 8, 2008
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If you missed it above, my website's Lotsa reviews and essays and whatnot there.

My current rating system:

1 – Actively angered me. Not just a negative experience, but one that I considered actually hurtful and a negative influence on the world.
2 – Terrible. Nothing good about it.
3 – Bad. Maybe it has one or two spots of light, but the negative heavily outweighs the positive.
4 – Mediocre. Nothing I'd recommend, and maybe just mundane, but it's either not actively inept or it has some good things mixed with bad things.
5 – Has potential. It doesn't achieve the point where I'd recommend it, but there are definitely interesting things about it. Normally pretty uneven, but clearly made by someone who has ideas.
6 – Solid. This show is a respectable version of what it is trying to do.
7 – Good. This show is noteworthy, and probably has some inspired ideas. I'd recommend it.
8 – Excellent. This show is a stellar example of its genre, and most people who share my ideas about art would find it compelling.
9 – Exemplary. This show is either a flawless execution of its genre, or it does something utterly unique and inspiring.
10 – Transcendent. Why evaluate shows like this according to some chart of aesthetics?

I actually consider my 10 a pretty broad category at this point - it's just the point where overt flaws no longer become greatly relevant when discussing a show, since the show is good enough that I can just say "this is a great work" with no real caveats. At that point, a hierarchy seems like a silly thing to apply to shows - if a show has noble goals and executes them in a pretty much flawless way, why would it matter if it is slightly more flawless or slightly more ambitious than another such show? All of them should be watched.

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PawnDa | 04-27-15, 9:22 PM
Just spent the last two hours reading some of the comments you've written, the Clannad ones are really funny.

I've pretty much given up on trying to rate shows accurately since my tastes have changed a lot and I haven't bothered with trying to retroactively 'fix' my ratings (also ones' perception of a show changes as time passes, you forget most of the annoying stuff and remember the profound stuff).

Anyways I decided to leave a comment because I'd really love to know what you think of Ergo Proxy, so consider this comment an incentive for starting that series.


Solumnant | 04-14-15, 2:49 PM
Looking at your top-rated shows, I'm really surprised you haven't even tried Welcome to the NHK. Have you not heard of it or are you just not interested?

ChazzU | 03-31-15, 3:25 PM
Oh, a small update -

I tried to go through my list with my own version of your idea in mind (a pre-set explanation behind each score from 1-10) and it just didn't work. Like, at all.
I joke around on my profile saying that "I attribute relatively arbitrary scores faulty of accurately representing my opinion to pieces of work people spent weeks creating. And I'm proud of it." because it was sort of true, but it has become more accurate without me realizing it.

I even tried to branch out to AniList, but scoring on 100 or with decimal points doesn't do the trick either, because it just gets too specific, and I can't compare Madoka to Barakamon, how would that even work?!

Having scores available is nice and easy, but in truth rankings are both friend and foe.

MagnaAnima | 01-15-15, 2:57 AM
Loved your essay/analysis regarding the Chimera Ant arc on your website, amazing work! It's unfortunate that Togashi is on another unpredictably long hiatus, this new arc seems very promising.

Ara_ | 12-09-14, 11:35 AM
Passing by, went through your blog. (still going through actually). Oh and wow, that scoring difference between Chuunibyou season 1 and 2. I guess I did right by not bothering with this second season.

Cosmicblaze454 | 12-08-14, 12:35 AM
Hey Bobduh! Why did you drop Black Lagoon when you have only 2 episodes to watch

henderson1147 | 12-01-14, 3:10 PM
Hi Bobduh! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your writing style and valuable discussions on your blog. I also want to introduce an anime movie series that I feel that you get something out of. I don't think the characterization is the best, but the worldbuilding, atmosphere and thematic motifs are expressed greatly in my opinion. It's called Kara no Kyoukai and is also made by ufotable.

Ghiffaris | 11-29-14, 10:13 PM
Interesting Blog.

PonPonPon | 10-23-14, 8:38 PM

I just wanted to say that your Utena notes on your blog were really interesting and a lot of fun to read. I stumbled upon them about a third of the way through the series and I've been reading them after every episode; it's been really great having a kind of reference and knowing that someone else thought the same things that I've been thinking while watching this, especially considering how oblique this anime can be. Plus, you mentioned a lot of things that I never would have caught by myself.

So yeah, just wanted to give you props n_n also, your reviews are awesome. Very thorough and well-written.

Amarrez | 10-21-14, 5:11 AM
Hey Bobduh, did you ever read Oyasumi Punpun? From what I've read of your blog it's probably right up your alley.

czxcjx | 10-20-14, 9:35 AM
Hey I just came from your site. Your reviews are pretty much the most in-depth I've ever read, especially your analysis of the White Album 2 characters. I think out of anyone on MAL yours is probably the one of those rare opinions that I can actually trust. Great work!

Now if there only was a reviewer with the pure artistry for essay-writing of say a Borges, Sontag, Lester Bangs, Orwell or David Foster Wallace. That would probably win my heart and allegiance forever.

simonthezhao | 06-11-14, 3:27 AM
Thanks for the response! In response to the difference in our opinion, I guess it's just the weight that we put on different aspects. Like you, I don't think NGNL brings anything too interesting to the table but it IS well done in the sense that it's fun to watch. The game battles are polished and reasonable and the plot, although simple, isn't straying and the show is staying true to it. I guess that alone is enough to let me give it a higher rating than what you would give it because I tend to give shows merit for what they try to do as a base to start off with. Yeah, the fanservice is a bit heavy though.

And to go into more detail about Haruhi, I found that it failed as a SoL because of the somewhat serious premise that the world was going to end due to Haruhi herself. Whilst being charismatic, she still felt really unnecessarily bitchy and entitled. It also failed at being something with solid plot as it never really gets anywhere with the whole god thing. There were some good inner monologues and I definitely give it credit for that, but I don't feel as if it was enough to save the show. I compare it a lot to yozakura quartet where it's a slice of life of sorts in an unnatural world, but like you say about YQ, it's very arbitrary. Disappearance was great though, no doubt about that.

simonthezhao | 06-05-14, 5:14 AM
Hey Bobduh, it's been a long time since we've talked after you added me. I'm asking the same question that migohunter did since I could't find your response or any comments from you on NGNL either. I feel that we have a pretty similar approach when it came to watching shows (except you write about it actively whereas I just post my opinion and analysis in some reddit/forum threads) and liked reading your analysis' to see where it differs from mine. I've found that we tend to collectively agree on what's really good, and what's bad, but things in my middleground really deviate from your scoring. So, what's up with your thoughts on NGNL that makes your opinion of it differ from mine. Other examples are initial D and K-ON if it helps you think of reasons that we might differ on.

migohunter | 05-13-14, 8:35 PM
Ah, I see what you mean. I'm not of fan of either genre as well.

migohunter | 05-07-14, 5:06 PM
So I noticed that No Game No Life has been getting raving reviews and a really high score on MAL. But you dropped it by the second episode and gave it a low score.

As someone curious enough to watch it due to its popularity, what made the anime bad in your eyes?

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