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If you missed it above, my website's Lotsa reviews and essays and whatnot there.

My current rating system:

1 – Actively angered me. Not just a negative experience, but one that I considered actually hurtful and a negative influence on the world.
2 – Terrible. Nothing good about it.
3 – Bad. Maybe it has one or two spots of light, but the negative heavily outweighs the positive.
4 – Mediocre. Nothing I'd recommend, and maybe just mundane, but it's either not actively inept or it has some good things mixed with bad things.
5 – Has potential. It doesn't achieve the point where I'd recommend it, but there are definitely interesting things about it. Normally pretty uneven, but clearly made by someone who has ideas.
6 – Solid. This show is a respectable version of what it is trying to do.
7 – Good. This show is noteworthy, and probably has some inspired ideas. I'd recommend it.
8 – Excellent. This show is a stellar example of its genre, and most people who share my ideas about art would find it compelling.
9 – Exemplary. This show is either a flawless execution of its genre, or it does something utterly unique and inspiring.
10 – Transcendent. Why evaluate shows like this according to some chart of aesthetics?

I actually consider my 10 a pretty broad category at this point - it's just the point where overt flaws no longer become greatly relevant when discussing a show, since the show is good enough that I can just say "this is a great work" with no real caveats. At that point, a hierarchy seems like a silly thing to apply to shows - if a show has noble goals and executes them in a pretty much flawless way, why would it matter if it is slightly more flawless or slightly more ambitious than another such show? All of them should be watched.

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simonthezhao | 06-11-14, 3:27 AM
Thanks for the response! In response to the difference in our opinion, I guess it's just the weight that we put on different aspects. Like you, I don't think NGNL brings anything too interesting to the table but it IS well done in the sense that it's fun to watch. The game battles are polished and reasonable and the plot, although simple, isn't straying and the show is staying true to it. I guess that alone is enough to let me give it a higher rating than what you would give it because I tend to give shows merit for what they try to do as a base to start off with. Yeah, the fanservice is a bit heavy though.

And to go into more detail about Haruhi, I found that it failed as a SoL because of the somewhat serious premise that the world was going to end due to Haruhi herself. Whilst being charismatic, she still felt really unnecessarily bitchy and entitled. It also failed at being something with solid plot as it never really gets anywhere with the whole god thing. There were some good inner monologues and I definitely give it credit for that, but I don't feel as if it was enough to save the show. I compare it a lot to yozakura quartet where it's a slice of life of sorts in an unnatural world, but like you say about YQ, it's very arbitrary. Disappearance was great though, no doubt about that.

simonthezhao | 06-05-14, 5:14 AM
Hey Bobduh, it's been a long time since we've talked after you added me. I'm asking the same question that migohunter did since I could't find your response or any comments from you on NGNL either. I feel that we have a pretty similar approach when it came to watching shows (except you write about it actively whereas I just post my opinion and analysis in some reddit/forum threads) and liked reading your analysis' to see where it differs from mine. I've found that we tend to collectively agree on what's really good, and what's bad, but things in my middleground really deviate from your scoring. So, what's up with your thoughts on NGNL that makes your opinion of it differ from mine. Other examples are initial D and K-ON if it helps you think of reasons that we might differ on.

migohunter | 05-13-14, 8:35 PM
Ah, I see what you mean. I'm not of fan of either genre as well.

migohunter | 05-07-14, 5:06 PM
So I noticed that No Game No Life has been getting raving reviews and a really high score on MAL. But you dropped it by the second episode and gave it a low score.

As someone curious enough to watch it due to its popularity, what made the anime bad in your eyes?

SirCalvin | 04-22-14, 9:15 AM
I really enjoy reading the episode write ups and essays on your blog. Keep it up.

Tyestor | 12-29-13, 3:26 PM
Great write up on SnK. I agreed with pretty much everything you said.

JTricks | 12-01-13, 2:29 PM
Just dropping by to say: I love your write ups and essays! I'm really lovin' your episode reviews on the currently airing anime, especially on one of my favourite shows Monogatari! You always catch something I miss during the episode xD Keep up the great work.

Phathagmas | 08-13-13, 2:12 PM
Hello friend. I enjoy your writing style and the essays that you have on your internet web blog. Our tastes are similar in some regards and different in others, although you still have interesting things to say about shows I wouldn't really watch. I wish that wordpress site was a little more organized though. Oh well. :^)

Jaytsun | 08-04-13, 1:10 PM
Will you marry me?

RediceRyan | 07-18-13, 6:34 PM
You've only seen 99 anime since 2008?

ImperialX | 03-31-13, 10:19 PM
I am the author of the GJ-Bu post. I applaude you for your fantastic comment on /r/anime, I really enjoyed the discussion thus far.

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