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Favorite Anime
Strawberry Panic
Strawberry Panic add
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon add
Candy☆Boy add
El Cazador de la Bruja
El Cazador de la Bruja add
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito add

Favorite Manga
Girl Friends
Girl Friends add
Gokujou Drops
Gokujou Drops add
Strawberry Panic
Strawberry Panic add
Octave add
Shiroi Heya no Futari
Shiroi Heya no Futari add

Favorite Characters
Hanazono, Shizuma
Kumakura, Mariko
Sakurai, Kanade
Aoi, Nagisa
Oohashi, Akiko
Azuma, Hazuki
Satonaka, Kaede
Iwai, Setsuko

Favorite People
Morinaga, Milk
Morinaga, Milk
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Amano, Shuninta
Amano, Shuninta
Takemiya, Jin
Takemiya, Jin
Nishi, Uko
Nishi, Uko

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March 29, 1995
Sacramento, California
August 28, 2011
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I love Yuri. I am currently re-reading a bunch of Yuri one shots and series.

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Okruch | 03-31-14, 10:53 AM
whaa ;A; b-but.. it's sad without snow ; ; Yeah, I agree. Winter is definitely better than summer in my opinion >< I heard somewhere in my country is actually snowing, but it's kinda sunny here. It's okay, because Easter is coming! ♥ I can't wait!
and thanks ;w; I love Ame so so much ; ;

myd10oz | 03-31-14, 7:40 AM
I'm glad that someone loves my favourite touhou pairing. I've played Imperishable Night and Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower loved some music such as Love Coloured Master Spark .
Perhaps Murakami is a type of girl who loves to hide her feeling into her heart, dunno.. But it has to get some serious development between them then I'll love more.
For Citrus, I'm following its raw version reading such predictable ideas about who is who so I guess the last page-girl named Matsuri is Yuzu's childhood, sister considered friend. They've known each other for a long time. To sum up, she is the love rival of Mei. Love polygon is coming ! Himeko>Mei=Yuzu<Matsuri. Some says that Matsuri comes for developing Mei and Yuzu's relationship I hope it's like that. I don't want to see any other kisses. Their kisses are the best \o/ especially the last mutual one ;) They didn't realise that their attraction affects them one by one.
I'll look at that anime, I'm curious about it :)

myd10oz | 03-29-14, 8:47 AM
Happy B!

Okruch | 03-28-14, 4:26 PM
Weather is quite weird here owo
Sometimes sunny and warm, sometimes rainy and cold, I donno but I miss snow soo muuch ; ; I know somewhere near to my city is actually snowing but It's nothing here, meh. And your place? ;w; What weather is your favourite?

psychopuss | 03-26-14, 5:46 AM
Its Zura <3 if u have watched gintama that is :P
How did you place that background photo at your anime list? It's totally awesome ^^

myd10oz | 03-26-14, 5:17 AM
This one is my favourite :

myd10oz | 03-26-14, 5:01 AM
First of all, thank you for all of these advice :)
I'll look at your advice, they're good for my taste especially the mangaka you mentioned, its art looks better than I expect.
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito's score is low due to haters I guess. It doesn't sound so bad, I'll watch it.
For dynasty-scans, I must shyly say that it's my favourite shoujo-ai site .///. I've found it a couple weeks ago. Now, I'm addicted to it despite my limited time to read some of them. When I saw Touhou's dounjinshis (which is an old game) and totally in love with it especially this : they're canon couple in term of offical informations. If you read or play it, let me know it !
About Flag Time I can say it's a bit different from other shoujo-ai mangas but I couldn't understand why Murakami's attraction is beautiful but her behavoirs are cold but I predicted that Murakami doesn't fall in love with Moritani, she's just using her time manipulation for being beneficial to her own side which means it's a bit unromantic. Apart from this part, I don't see any problem there. No story but good art.
What about Citrus ^^ ?

Okruch | 03-25-14, 4:49 AM
yeah, my favourite! ;w; I'm glad, nothing is better than bad tho! ★

psychopuss | 03-24-14, 4:43 PM
Hey thnx for accepting me:D
Your list is very interesting.:)

myd10oz | 03-24-14, 8:08 AM
I found you as a chance. I'm intested in yuri/shoujo-ai things as well so if you don't mind I'd like you to give me your best yuri/shoujo-ai recommendations.

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