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Favorite Anime
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion add
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell add
Macross add
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam add
Bubblegum Crisis
Bubblegum Crisis add

Favorite Manga
Genshiken add
Initial D
Initial D add
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell add
Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic! add
Bakuman. add

Favorite Characters
Spiegel, Spike
Weber, Kurz
Saeba, Ryo
Pen Pen
Pen Pen
Aznable, Char
Starwind, Gene
Madarame, Harunobu
Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede
Maxwell, Duo
Harlock, Phantom

Favorite People
Shirow, Masamune
Shirow, Masamune
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki
Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki
Kon, Satoshi
Kon, Satoshi
Anno, Hideaki
Anno, Hideaki

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June 11, 1988
Cold Lake, Alberta
April 12, 2007
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 71.1
Watching 38
Completed 285
On Hold 102
Dropped 21
Plan to Watch 26
Total Entries 472

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 17.9
Reading 40
Completed 28
On Hold 36
Dropped 3
Plan to Read 4
Total Entries 111

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Playstation Portable
06-20-07, 6:07 AM
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AJ75 | 09-23-12, 1:14 PM
Should my favorites panel just be a list of material I rated 10/10, or should it be for series I greatly enjoyed but gave lower ratings for being objectively inferior?

Zebra | 05-05-11, 7:53 PM

xblackxcreedx | 06-25-09, 10:25 PM
your absolutely welcome, so how are you? =3

xblackxcreedx | 06-25-09, 4:47 PM
lol to dp and happy be-lated birthday =3

ghirahim | 06-11-09, 10:12 AM
Happy Birthday!

Starrlightx3 | 01-31-09, 4:47 PM
lol, I know xD
My friend who's seen craploads of series gave me a list of like 500 series to watch, then the other day I went on a plan to watch spree sooo... >_<

Darkgenshii | 08-29-08, 3:13 PM
Ya, especially these last few episodes

I sense incoming epic.

Darkgenshii | 07-14-08, 8:17 PM
Ya, and each week the wait gets harder and harder

So how do you like it? Excellent show, no?

Hakazu | 06-22-08, 11:18 AM
hmmm. . . . . sorry, don't have a clu about that ^^' Just have to take a look whenever I can have a PS2

Hakazu | 06-21-08, 3:12 PM
Sound fun ^^ Where can you find it?

Hakazu | 06-21-08, 1:23 AM
Hi. On Play-Asia, huh? I didn't know they had Macross. . . but to play the game you need a PS2 from Japan right?

Zebra | 05-30-08, 8:57 PM
yay i are watching anime again!

an EVA dream got me back to watching NGE again and that got me started on other stuffs. Its all good on my new 22" monitor

but yes I'll look forward to 2009 then, let me know how otakuthon goes

Darkgenshii | 05-19-08, 4:29 PM
Ooh, somewhat high

Darkgenshii | 05-19-08, 4:16 PM
Ya, I guess I should.

Drunk_Daedalus | 05-10-08, 1:50 PM
Thanks for welcoming me! Although I'll be damned if I'm going to remember the exact dates of all my anime watchings and goings on...

( ) ( )
o(") (")

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