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04-18-15, 8:34 PM
November 23, 1987
Australia, Sydney
April 10, 2008
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Time (Days) 86.9
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Hey, my name's Shibbu. I love watching anime, and reading manga (ahh, to think about what I've missed out on all these years...). I'll will watch anything, as long as it's good. Feel free to talk to me, or recommend me anything

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tvlookplay | 07-02-09, 11:16 AM

u better!!

tvlookplay | 07-02-09, 1:06 AM
i saw that u put in ur plan to watch crap :/

when will that be? O.o

tvlookplay | 07-01-09, 11:17 PM
that shit is top notch dude!!
go watch it!

tvlookplay | 07-01-09, 2:21 AM

livingflow | 03-31-09, 2:23 AM
What movie, I haven't seen a FMA movie !

livingflow | 03-14-09, 7:11 PM
Shutup, I haven't finished updating the list yet. i'm sure I'll get up to at least more than half of yours.

makoto09 | 12-23-08, 3:16 AM
Just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

makoto09 | 11-26-08, 11:46 PM
bro i hope your ok...i just heard of the terror attacks in India on the news. when you read this message please reply. take care man =)

makoto09 | 11-21-08, 1:56 AM
i leeched exactly 3gb of anime with my friend. he wanted to d/l toradora (im running out of ideas wif anime and trust his judgement) now we're up to date fully biggest record...all with the one account. my own..rofl (friend's acct still hasnt replenished)

happy holidays :P i have sooo many games to play and going out too XD. i might join a tennis club this summer

makoto09 | 11-17-08, 11:31 PM
nah man im in mills lecture room :P...i take it my technique works since you managed to d/l some eps capped at home right now so anything would be great XD

enjoy your trip overseas man. i'll be stuck in aus :P...the gaming front doesnt look so good this holiday (no good games out)

makoto09 | 11-17-08, 4:03 AM
heyy man! exams are goin alritee...i finish on thursday 11.30AM A.E.S.T. owww yea

man im doing a joint effort thing...getting my best friend from unsw to come on thursday and im gonna milk usyd for all its worth. See i only have a 1gb USB....dats only like a few friend has another usb as well so its gonna be sweet. my friend is supplying the anime direct d/l site...he rarely goes on MAL but he's watched at least 100 days worth of anime...might be an understatement...he told me he streams ~ 3 gb a day)...far out im capped already

i got:
1. My Free Cache
2. My Paid Cache (got like 1 buck left...lets see how far i go ey :P)
3. My Friends Free Cache (should be reset by now...its been AGES!)

Can't wait till holiday should come over someee day for some wii action or guitar hero-ing on ps3 (just bought guitar hero world tour..the whole drum set goin on)

makoto09 | 09-23-08, 1:46 AM
b4 i graduate i'll be armed wif a 40gb hard drive...XD you know the drill

makoto09 | 09-22-08, 10:35 PM
6mb a day...maximal accumulation to 40mb

makoto09 | 09-19-08, 5:38 AM
its still in defecit...i calculated 1 gb = 200 days not use-able

makoto09 | 09-19-08, 4:47 AM
nope...just proceed till completion :D i think i only had ~ 5 downloads (~ 200mb each) total 1gig

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