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01-02-15, 10:30 PM
March 6, 1992
September 4, 2012
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Time (Days) 174.5
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Time (Days) 1.8
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About BioNuclearDeath
Lets see i'm psychotic and antisocial.
I'm a NEET, lolicon, otaku and hikikomori.
I'm more connected to anime then reality.
Anime is more important then video games which is more important then eating,sleeping, and working.
I have no respect for myself or anybody.
I don't care about anything.
Yes these are my problems if you think i should fix them too bad i like my problems.

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dolamroth | 02-17-14, 5:52 AM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?

Soge_king999 | 07-24-13, 9:09 AM

Would you like to join?

carathos | 01-17-13, 4:38 AM
ofc you probably already have all those on you list

carathos | 01-17-13, 4:37 AM

go check all my new additions. I passed over ALOT that you would like, but there were some haremy romcom lolecchi stuff that i added.

carathos | 11-30-12, 10:26 PM
holy poop your profile pic is a goddess

carathos | 10-09-12, 12:34 AM
lol i just figured out at the bottom of the MAL anime info page it lists the artist and title of the OPs and EDs... that would have saved me so much time...

carathos | 10-02-12, 11:42 PM
just read a nice Tora doujin, making Taiga most recently mine.

ALso, i'm freaking bored and can't sleep, get on xbox or at least aim.

carathos | 09-16-12, 2:10 PM
last I checked, she ran away with her lover and was playing all house wifey and had fully admitted and accepted her feelings. also last I checked, that is quite untsundere like. Sir.

carathos | 09-14-12, 6:27 PM
Taiga is mine. end of argument.

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