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11-03-12, 11:28 PM
August 22, 2012
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**Hello there!**

I'm Bikou! Well my favourites are horror, foxes, anime, manga~ I'll think of some more later!
Anywho I'm always happy to chat so feel free! I may be a tad weird once you know me but everyone knows weird isn't normal. Thus normal is everyone, weird is good!~ Meh good enough excuse.

So yeah thats me! Also I live for art so if you have any tips on drawing or anything feel free to share :3
……( ‘_’)
…./”"”"”"”"”"”"\======░ "NICE TO MEET YOU!!!"

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Romance in the air!
09-07-12, 1:02 AM
1st Blog entry~ :D
08-30-12, 12:04 AM

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Akuto | 10-23-12, 7:34 PM
hello... Helloooooooooooooooooooooo?
Is this thing even working? Hummm. Either way, come check out the Social Watchers of Anime, we are starting our watching cycles! Pretty big drama, you dont have to tell me.
'What's on the lineup?' you may ask. Dun' worry, I came prepared
First of all, your primary show (bow heads in reverence) will be Angel Beats! (!)
Monster will be a long-term one as well

Past that we have Mirai Nikki, Ano Hana, Toradora! and the legendary (read leg-en-dahr-ee) Steins;Gate


Akuto | 10-04-12, 7:13 PM
An eye is upon us. We are called to our destiny. Our fates in the balance, we must decide what is right. And what is wrong. One brave warrior, Bikou, fights for glorious justice on the battlefield that is the Social Watchers of Anime. What deserves to be watched? What deserves a chance to live; an opportunity to die? Only six shows shall triumph over all others, only to be thrown in brutal competition against each other. Some are given advantages, some are more sizeable than others, but all demand the allegiance of everyone who is anyone!

Six shows!? Yes. Times are grave and we do our best to be frugal. Yet still, in the wonderland of roses that is anime, the brave men and women of S.W.A never imagined the intensity which these chosen shows would grant to their wielder.

In the fields of judgement, this Sunday, we fight for what is truth, justice, and above all: entertaining.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the Social Watchers of Anime Main Page. Be there!


Club Page - Voting Thread

Tldr: Come to Swa by Sunday and vote for the six shows you want to watch. We hope to have 1 main show, 4 sub-main shows and 1 long show.

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Nasty001 | 09-27-12, 9:13 AM
Nice "AnoHana" review.

Kuma-Kuma | 09-03-12, 5:08 PM

Snowing | 09-02-12, 12:53 AM

Welcome to MAL. Enjoy your time on here!
What a pretty profile image. I too see drawing as a passion of mine, I can't live without it.
do you happen to have dA?

heartpunch | 09-01-12, 7:56 PM
Hello miss. Welcome to MAL. I see that you had your birthday last month! I hope you had a good one.

Saiyokuro | 09-01-12, 6:48 PM
Why thank you very much ^_^

It's a cool username, partially because so many nicknames can come out of it. It's funny i have like 5 nicknames coming from this 1 username.

Also before i forget to mention this your profile pic is quite nice ^_^

Saiyokuro | 09-01-12, 6:30 PM
Your welcome ^_^

And thats pretty cool ^_^

My username is just something i came up with and was tweaked slightly by a friend.
haha i actually never bothered to check and see if it means anything XD

xgemx | 09-01-12, 5:37 PM
hello and welcome to MAL :D

Saiyokuro | 09-01-12, 11:57 AM
Hello and welcome to mal ^_^

Please enjoy your time here and have fun ^_^

and if you need anything then feel free to ask me ^_^

Also nice username ^_^
it's quite unique ^_^

Reitsuzu | 09-01-12, 8:25 AM
Welcome to MAL, enjoy your time here.

Bikou | 09-01-12, 1:26 AM
Thanks for the welcoming Asazuki :)

Arakura | 08-31-12, 10:49 PM
dont forget to vote! we will be updating the voting regularily for the next 3-5 days so keep checking the lion link in the club description for updates.

Deleted-Profile | 08-31-12, 10:38 PM

Loyaloath | 08-25-12, 2:54 AM
welcome to MAL :)

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