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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion add
Aru Tabibito no Nikki
Aru Tabibito no Nikki add
Mononoke add
Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu add
Mushishi Zoku Shou Special
Mushishi Zoku Shou Special add

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Gogo Monster
Gogo Monster add
Planetes add
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys add
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa add

Favorite Characters
Abriel, Lafiel
Onizuka, Eikichi
Ki El Dogra, Baka
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Suzumiya, Haruhi
Fukuyama, Kazuharu
Florence, Alicia

Favorite People
Yamamoto, Yutaka
Yamamoto, Yutaka
Blum, Steven
Blum, Steven
Fujiwara, Keiji
Fujiwara, Keiji
Yuasa, Masaaki
Yuasa, Masaaki
Nagahama, Hiroshi
Nagahama, Hiroshi
Kato, Kunio
Kato, Kunio

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Soundtrack | 09-09-14, 1:15 PM
hey bud, the main reason I haven't been logging on here is the utter lack of anime I've been watching lol. school started again two weeks ago and I still haven't really found time or the urge to keep up. definitely gonna try to catch up soon though.

how's film school going? I'm actually taking this film director class for fun this semester where we look at the works of charlie chaplin and alfred hitchcock. so far it's been a delight.

Soundtrack | 08-27-14, 8:58 PM
ping pong ost is out!!! shit is dope as expected.

lameimpaula | 08-20-14, 7:23 AM
Thanks man! I will follow your advice :)

Soundtrack | 08-14-14, 4:17 PM
Fucking Australia :( Supposedly it's releasing here in the US on October 17th, so it'll definitely be a high priority.

Ducat_Revel | 08-08-14, 8:23 PM
I'm actually really enjoying Ippo. It's a bit immature, but in the endearing boyish way. I'm reading Ashita no Joe alongside it and Ippo really is the lighter and easier experience. I'm not sold on Hyouka yet, not bad but not impressive. If you say it picks up later on, then I'll definitely give it another look.

Also, hahaha, Guilty Crown. Two episodes in and I already hate it. Angsty kids piloting mecha. I'm really done with this format.

Thanks on the complement. I like your list too. You just can't go wrong with Tatami Galaxy.

Sylveon | 08-03-14, 2:47 AM
Wasn't Boyhood incredible?

Ducat_Revel | 08-01-14, 9:38 PM
Hey man! I just finished both the anime and manga of Planetes. Woooo. What an experience that was.

This might be long so I'll keep it under spoilers. :D

tsudecimo | 07-30-14, 12:10 PM
Replied to your post in the Japan's weekly sales thread

Nidhoeggr | 07-30-14, 5:05 AM
I am just puzzled how so many Japanese people and anime fans in general do not care about quality at all.

Nidhoeggr | 07-30-14, 2:19 AM
You should give up on argue with a few people in the news now it is clear a lot of anime fans do not care for quality at all.

Excelsior | 07-25-14, 9:46 PM
Oh yeah, Roy! He's cool. It's kind of a shame that he spends so much of the middle of the series on the sidelines. One thing that bothered me about the show was his fight scenes though; I thought that was handled better in the 2003 anime. His power just doesn't allow for very exciting or creative fight scenes, I guess; the stellar animation basically made those fights.

I can't really say which I preferred, tbh. I watched the original about 7 years ago? Something like that? I do remember disliking the ending as well! Especially the horrid movie.

From what I remember though, I very much liked the 2003 version's beginning more than Brotherhood's. When they covered the same material, I thought the 2003 version was better-directed. Especially during the more poignant and affecting scenes, i.e.
I was kinda iffy towards Brotherhood's pacing, actually? Something important happened each episode, which is good, but too often, I thought it was too slow and plodding sometimes. :

qtip | 07-21-14, 6:44 PM
The emo kid inside me will never let me get over those silly feely animu tear jerkers. :( I'll never grow old.
I've definitely been super lax with ratings since I returned to cartoons so p much everything I finished in the last year or two has been 7+. (I know, i'm such a pleb)

first thing off the top of my head to rec is Angel's Egg. It's pretty awesome seeing where mamoru oshii got his start and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it whether you like it or not. I'd tell you about it but that would ruin errthing

Ducat_Revel | 07-17-14, 1:54 AM
That's a relief. I was always planning on reading the manga after the anime, but I just didn't know if I was getting basically the same thing. Seems like I got a lot to look forward to. Also, looks like the real meat of the anime is in the second half. More reason to finish it soon then. Thanks man!

qtip | 07-15-14, 11:19 PM
compat <80. :sadface:

Excelsior | 07-15-14, 12:49 PM
It had some good points to it though, I thought. So I'd say that yeah it's one of the better shounens out there, especially amongst the modern ones. The characters were pretty great; I kinda liked everyone. Who were your favorites? I was pretty fond of Alphonse, May, Scar, and OLIVIER (she's so awesome)

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