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02-19-15, 10:05 AM
November 11, 1980
In another life, in another dream...
January 6, 2008
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Random Thoughts of Anime & Manga I'm Watching/Reading
02-18-08, 3:14 PM Edited 01-22-15, 4:43 PM
Musings on Cowboy Bebop
12-27-14, 2:00 PM Edited 12-27-14, 2:10 PM
A guide to my scores and reviews
02-28-08, 7:33 AM Edited 12-23-14, 8:23 AM

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Tengai | 03-21-15, 8:57 AM
Nice Tropical Citron review.

Yesmo | 02-16-15, 7:47 AM
Ok. Thank you don't force yourself to remember it :D I'll probably just go with Rasen Mekyu first.

Miskude | 02-16-15, 5:33 AM
I absolutely love your reviews, thanks for your work!

Yesmo | 02-12-15, 5:51 AM
Okay Thanks. Another question, Why A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights, got rating R+ on MAL, did it has rape or sex scene on it? I plan to watch the rest LOGH installment though. Thanks in advance

Yesmo | 02-11-15, 9:18 AM
Nice review for star wars, I mean Legend of The Galactic Heroes. Say, is seirei no moribito is that good since it's the only anime I haven't heard about.

Tsukiaki | 02-10-15, 1:41 AM
Hey =D

For some reason I just keep on stumbling on your comments or reviews in quite a lot of MAL pages. At first I thought it was paranoia and since Spike is a popular character maybe there were two or three people with the same avatar, but no, it's been you all along.
Since it seems our interest are quite similar and you look like a nice person... want to be friends? :)

P.s: Sorry if i'm being to blunt ^^UUUUUUUUU

popboogie | 01-31-15, 7:59 AM
I haven't seen a lot of anime so your reviews and scores were very helpful since is difficult to find someone with a good taste. So thank you!

kaushik17 | 01-22-15, 5:54 AM
ya....canute is my fav followed by thorfinn...wbu?....i had also asked u a question before :P....can u recommend anything similar to kozure ookami

VongolaXEspada | 01-22-15, 3:05 AM
I want to watch legend of the galatic heroes, but like ugggghhh..idk. I don't personally think i'll enjoy it. What is it exactly? Give me like a general overview in your own words or like a descripation of it. :)

kaushik17 | 01-21-15, 5:09 AM
agree with you on that....are u a fan of history?

kaushik17 | 01-20-15, 9:16 AM
hello again.........i see ur reading did u find it?

VongolaXEspada | 01-20-15, 4:51 AM
:) ! Are those top 5 favorites for manga and anime correct? Because I've been planning on reading Sanctuary, but i'm so pressed for time as a pre med and biology major, that i am very picky when it comes to anime and manga I read. If it is your favorite, I just might have to check it out! I seem to like your taste in media.

VongolaXEspada | 01-19-15, 6:21 PM
You seem like a really cool dude man! Your reviews are amazing! I just felt like I needed you on my friend's list. So, i'm going to send you a friend request!

shravan | 01-17-15, 12:50 AM
I really want to thank you Beatnik. A few years back I discovered both LOGH and Sanctuary after checking your profile.
In general we have dissimilar tastes but we completely agree for both of these works. As masterpieces, they are beyond individual preferences and really transcend the medium of anime and manga.
Alas, there are few of their kind and time is flowing, cooling down the passion...

Sabinlerose | 01-14-15, 9:31 PM
You should also probably take a look at the new Ghost in the Shell OVAs. GitS: Arise.

It's quite different from SAC, and even the movies.

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