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November 11, 1980
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January 6, 2008
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kaushik17 | 09-16-14, 8:17 AM
oh and btw noticed three of ur favorite character's rivals are my favorite

kaushik17 | 09-11-14, 8:14 AM
nice LOGH review

iSuckAtWriting | 09-11-14, 7:23 AM
I could have sworn I left a reply on an old thread of yours, but the moderators saw fit to delete the new replies and now it's buried there somewhere again. O_X

coltcobana | 08-30-14, 7:27 PM
Thanks for Solanin review, really helpful

JediMindTricks | 08-25-14, 6:03 PM
hey man is that 70s-90s club still active? i have recently been wanting to learn more about that era.

bignick142 | 08-20-14, 5:38 AM
I like your Review of freesia. It perfectly Sums up my favourite manga of all time.

rainwalk | 08-06-14, 9:45 AM
Thanks for the review on legend of the galactic heroes, got me motivated to finally start it (and it's great).
Always nice to see another jojo fan.

KynoBlight | 08-01-14, 1:10 AM
Thank you for your review in Real.
Your review convince me to try that manga and now i am totally in love with that manga. So, thank you very much sir. Keep it up!

icanhazqnime | 07-26-14, 8:38 AM
Your Welcome, what you were saying about Gantz being about the ugly parts of human nature, with the bells and whistles being a sci fi story framed it really wel.

xBlitzwing | 07-23-14, 5:24 PM
Lol I just had to look at your list and it's like I've found all the anime I need to watch without even searching

icanhazqnime | 07-15-14, 4:55 PM
Hey I just wanted to say: Love reading your comments as I finish the later Chapters of Gantz!

AutumnMist1982 | 07-05-14, 1:50 PM
What do you think about the ending to Cowboy Bepop? It's nice that he has a past that haunts him, but did you really feel for the characters you didn't really get to know (Spike's girlfriend and Vicious). I did not and I felt "betrayed" that his past actually changed the ending of the anime. I know there was a main story and a side one, but the latter actually overtook the "reins" of the anime when I think it shouldn't. The past is the past and it should stay there. I really don't understand why Spike died and I can't accept it. I hope I have explained this adequately.

Flexicute | 06-09-14, 11:39 PM
That was the most thoroughly dissected review of Samurai Champloo I've ever read. I thank you for giving me and everyone else the honor of reading it.

Kazeo | 05-29-14, 2:49 PM
Yo nice MAL profile ^^

Hi-Five_Ghost | 05-29-14, 1:29 PM
I just wanna tell you that I hate reading. In my opinion it's one of the most boring things ever. I can't express that enough. But your Legend of the Galactic Heroes review is probably one of the longest on the site and I really enjoyed it. It was really insightful and gave me enough info for the show. I don't know when I'll watch it, since a part of the story was spoiled for me, but your review was excellent. Two thumbs up.

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