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08-22-12, 2:40 PM
April 13, 1990
Munich, Germany
July 25, 2009
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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo add
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To LOVE-Ru Darkness add
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Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou add
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Time (Days) 44.2
Watching 2
Completed 131
On Hold 11
Dropped 5
Plan to Watch 79
Total Entries 228

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 26.3
Reading 36
Completed 37
On Hold 0
Dropped 4
Plan to Read 53
Total Entries 130

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Unknown :(

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French-Indonesian hikikomori.
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Hippopotame | 04-01-11, 7:25 PM
Hey Barth,

Merci pour ton conseil, je vais y jeter un coup d'oeil !

Woldrim | 04-23-10, 7:35 AM
Salut !

Merci pour ton message :)

Je ne peux pas t'assurer de passer un agréable moment avec tous ceux que j'ai adoré !

J'espère que quelques uns te plairont au moins ;)

D'ailleurs, je vois quelques différences sur nos visionnages communs ^^

MistressRip | 02-24-10, 2:43 PM
i have no clue at all :P sometimes i click pretty pictes of users at the forums (dont get cocky now ;)) and sometimes i click on their friends, on their friends, on their friends, on......
so i really cant remember.

hot strangers? :3 haha. im shure you and the hippo have a great sexlife ^^

MistressRip | 02-20-10, 4:33 PM
sorry so not into bleach (sorry know you are)
how would you know how it looks :P dont you need to watch yourself in the mirror or something? :0

MistressRip | 02-18-10, 11:35 AM
in what way? :P
(i had to google this but...)
bankai can be a zanpakutou's final (what is that :P?) or an - A zanpakutou's final form is called Ban-Kai but ejaculating is to XD

MistressRip | 02-17-10, 7:49 AM
lol @ your photo ^^

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