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January 23, 2009
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About BarnacleBlister
I enjoy most kinds of visual media and artforms.

Chief amongst my favorite mediums are motion picture and illustration.

So, naturally, I love animation (= motion picture + illustration).

If the animation is creative and tells an engaging story, I will enjoy it. A lot of times, even if the show/movie has only one or the other, I will still enjoy it.

I don't really care where the animation originates, just so long as it is enjoyable. Obviously, I grew up on American animation. I still love Johnny Quest, Gargoyles, GI Joe, Batman: the Animated Series, X-Men, The Simpsons, Aeon Flux, Avatar, King of the Hill, and I would easily place The Maxx at the pinnacle of any animation I've ever seen.

As great as these shows are, though, they are not enough for my voracious appetite. So I turned to the tidal wave of material produced in Japan and have been trying to stay afloat since.

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minouneetzoe | 02-07-15, 10:31 AM
I don't agree with everything you said in your Eureka 7 review, but you pointed a lot of interesting issues with the anime. It is very well written.

Kaiserpingvin | 04-14-09, 3:18 PM
Oh that is full of such nostalgia and win. Shame some got pulled down, but I believe I have most of the episodes. On VHS, though, so even Youtube might be preferable, qualitywise.

Kaiserpingvin | 04-07-09, 4:44 PM
You're welcome.

So. Tintin. Apex of Western civilisation or just a comic with a darn cool captain? I'm flitting between the two myself.

EtherSword | 04-02-09, 4:17 PM
You are so right about Xam'd, your reasons are why I stopped watching it lol. Good review.

Kaiserpingvin | 04-02-09, 1:44 PM
Captain Haddock earns you 200 instant Cool Points.


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